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21-19 April Singapore Oichid Show at Botanic Garden, many more大大小小unique品种的oichid会展出,爱花人士 Maituliao.... 昨日因为下着雨,又要拿伞,又要拿DSLR拍摄,所以只能随意拿手机,随意随意地拍几张和大家分享。。。



30km差不多一路紧跟我们Champion Serene Tan的背后,能跟多紧就多紧,不轻易放掉,谢谢你帮我挡风,虽然挡得不多,哈哈哈!我尽量弯低低地躲在你背后了, Kenny Ng因手还有些伤就骑MTB来一起拼, NNM也一起Hoot ka ping ping piang piang, 在旁喊不要慢不要慢,Lay Na去前面pull, Ronny Chan去前面 pull ,really NNM 两个老的和两个小的,就这样在Seletar一路拼到底。。。。 Happy at the end of the ride, 气 is good, 力 is good, Heart rate is good, everything good good good, Thanks all for the GOOO ride.

去吃早餐等红绿灯途中,遇见好可爱的一家三口骑着单车,I offer to take a shot with their handphone as a memorable memories to keep with their little ones, and a shot with me for NNM to keep as a sweet memories...
What a beautiful and sweet morning

便是我对父母给我生命最好的回报。。。 #HuaweiP20Pro

Good morning Singapore...
Woke up 6am when sky is still dark, strong six sense that is going to be a beautiful sunrise, rush out with my bike through the dark and YES is indeed a very very beautiful sunrise... 美丽美好的人生靠自己追寻。 #HuaweiP20Pro


Very rare after landing in Changi Airport we had to walk down the steps and took a bus to arrival Hall, I consider as a blessing, so we could took this rare shot in our home ground and the bus drove us directly to the arrival hall doorstep, early early our airport so busy, it show樟宜机场Jin Jia生意兴隆, Huat啊!!!

Stunning shot just a click with司马台夜长城behind... we fight through the whole day rain and the cold, Jerry Tang fight through his fear of height and 大姐 fight through every tough step to get up there, I'm truly glad I rush to get this phone just before a few hours to take off to Beijing, it made our today fight worthwhile.. Although after a tough day, 会通宵不眠post更多stunning shots of 夜色的古北水镇和高峰上的夜长城 to share and get stun together. #HuaweiP20pro


我真的不是Huawei的Spy and is not cheaper to buy in China than Singapore , buy liao sure regret Coz many apps can't download... Sister and Friends我真的真的不是Huawei的Spy... Wahaha...

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