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Here’s a nice lifestyle shot taken by the great #mikeneveux for an #ironmanmagazine photoshoot we did in the late ‘80s. My bodyweight was around 190lbs. Today I carry about 175lbs and still have single digit body fat year round. Keeping a lean body is the result of training consistently and eating clean for over 40 years. It seems like all of that effort and nutrition has conditioned my body to stay cut all the time. I don’t go hungry at all. I simply eat as much clean food as necessary to satiate my appetite. My eating regimen has become almost second nature over time. It’s not difficult. If you want my 12 week Lean Body transformation nutrition program, you can download it FREE at labrada.com. Hit the link in my bio. Stay lean! Lee

Here’s a cool composite shot that our #labradanutrition creative team made with photos from a photo shoot I did with my friend @perbernalphoto in 1995. Abs are the “link” between the legs and the upper body. In my Mr. Olympia competitions we knew the importance of having the midsection look like it was carved from rock. The ‘turtle shell’ bellies started coming in during the early ‘90’s when our sport started chasing mass at the expense of aesthetics. Thankfully, we’re starting to see tighter midsections in the pro ranks. Leading the charge however are the classic division bodybuilders- amazing things that I’m seeing there and a return to our senses. Because bodybuilding is subjective, WE decide collectively as a community what is important in a physique. Let your views be known! All the best, and pump on! Lee #labrada #bodybuilding

Big congratulations to my son @hunterlabrada on his super heavyweight and Overall win at the 2018 NPC Jr USA’s. That’s Hunter with Robin and I last night after his win. Hunter just turned 26 last Thursday so this was a great way to celebrate another year! Very proud of Hunter for his discipline, intense training and diet focus over the past year, which has resulted in an extraordinary change in his physique. His win at the Jr USA is a harbinger of a potential Pro card at the NPC Nationals later this year. Hunter weighed in at 244lbs, which makes him a full 50lbs heavier than I ever competed at in the Mr.Olympia. Amazing how much bigger men’s pro bodybuilders are than 30 years ago. And while Hunter is not yet a pro, he’s on his way. For a bodybuilder that is this big, he displays a small waist and outstanding symmetry and proportion. Great potential to stand on the Mr.Olympia stage one day. #labradanutrition

Here’s a throwback poster to the 1986 IFBB Night of the Champions in New York. This was my pro debut, which I won, and launched me into the upper levels of men’s pro bodybuilding. With the New York Pro coming up this weekend, I thought I would share this slice of 32 year old bodybuilding history with you. Bet you’ve never seen this poster before! :) I also want to wish our Labrada Nutrition athlete @patricktmoore good luck this weekend! #ifbb #ifbbpro #ifbbproleague #thisisbodybuilding #goldenerabodybuilding

Can you guys guess who the young man who won my NPC Lee Labrada Classic back in 1992 is? Hint: he’s now a very accomplished IFBB pro champion.For the answer go check out my story.
Also, check out the link in my bio to register or get tickets to this year’s show on July 28th in Stafford, Texas.#leelabradaclassic2018

Here’s my son @hunterlabrada posing with prep coach @andrew_vu87 , just 2 weeks out from the 2018 NPC Jr. USAs. Getting shredded! What do you guys think? (Looks like he might need some leg work, right? ;) #thisisbodybuilding #labradanutrition

Hey Labrada fans- just wanted to share this new video with you— I’m so proud of the job my team did with this, it’s really cool. Are you a ‘Lean Body?’ Send me your before and after pictures and I’m going to pick one to post right here on my Instagram! #leanbodynation #leanbody #labradanutrition

Hey guys - I wanted to share this post with you from our friends at @this_is_bodybuilding ・・・
Here you go, two of the very best: @officialflexwheeler and @leelabrada. Enjoy the awesomeness!
#FlexWheeler #LeeLabrada #Legends #Bodybuilding #Bodybuilder #BeTheBiggerPerson #THISisBodybuilding

Here I am ‘hanging out’ with one of my favorite historical figures, Winston Churchill.
Churchill once said, “Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.”
So true. I’ve been tempted to quit many times, but just kept going, only to reach success on the next try. Failure is just an opportunity to learn, make adjustments and go forward. Hope you have an awesome week!

It’s now years later, and I still run;
in tandem with the Holy Son
my heart is always full of love,
Poured out on me from God above.

But I knew going in this race,
That it would be no easy pace...
There’s challenges that my life poses;
It can’t be a bed of roses.

The world is harsh and you must know, to brace yourself for all its blows.
Facing taunts and ridicule,
Told being Christian is not cool. “ If you believe you must be square”
They mock and laugh, but I don’t care.
I fix my eyes upon His face,
I love Him ‘cause he took my place.
I turn my gaze upon the Cross,
and that is where I meet my boss.

He picks me up,
I hear Him say...
“Follow me, I am the Way” - Lyrics from “Run with Me”, a song from “Eternity”, my new Christian Rock album. Listen to it on Spotify and iTunes. Www.labradaband.com

Happy Easter you guys! Love and blessings, Lee
#christianity #jesus #christianmusic

Hey guys I want to tell you about my new online program called lean body coaching.com. I’ve been working on this for the last two years with Keith Klein, who is the nutritionist who helped me get into my best shape for my
Mr. Olympia competitions.
When you sign up for Lean body coaching, you’ll start working one on one with our coaches to get you into your best shape ever. You’re going to learn all the tools you need to get the fat off and keep it off. We can teach you the skills that you’ll need for long-term physique success. You’ll have an encouraging online support community; 24 weeks of day by day instruction -videos, written lessons, even cooking lessons. If you want to get in the best shape of your life, go to leanbodycoaching.com and see the video today for more information and to pre-register. The program starts
April 2nd and there’s a limited number of spaces available in this first group, so be sure to check it out now.

What’s in Lee’s lunchbox? Steelhead trout, spinach, mango salsa and steamed rice. (New Lean Body Dark Molten Chocolate MRP for low sugar dessert!) #leanbody #leanbodynation #labradanutrition #nutrition

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