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Hey guys, this is a snap from a New Year’s workout! Failing to see noticeable results is a big reason why many new gym goers
with new year's resolutions don't make it past January 31st. And getting
noticeable results often boils down to NUTRITION.

Knowing what to eat and when can be confusing on a regular day, but add
training to the mix and things get even more complicated. If you're not
eating the right foods at the right time, all that effort in the gym may go
to waste.
By improving your knowledge of nutrition - and seeing better results because
of it - you'll be more likely to beat the January odds and stick with your
new workout plan.

That's why I want you to check out my new online nutrition coaching program
called leanbodycoaching.com. See the link in my bio.

Lean Body Coaching is a time-tested nutrition program that teaches you how
to quickly and easily lose fat, and you'll learn how you can keep it off for good by eating the right foods. It also offers you direct access to your
very own personal nutrition coach, who will guide you along the way, and
hold you accountable, to help you maximize your results. We're so sure that
it will work for you that it even comes with a money back guarantee. So you
don't have anything to lose... except bodyfat. See the video on
leanbodycoaching .com now, you'll be glad you did!

Hey guys come on out to World Gym, Texas City, to join Hunter and I for an in-depth training and nutrition seminar this coming Tuesday, January 8th , from 4 -7 PM. Address is 10000 Emmett F. Lowry Expressway, Texas City, TX, 77591 USA. Call 4099869675 for more information. See you there! #bodybuilding #labradanutrition #leanbodynation #worldgym #npctexas #npc

Hey guys, Lee Labrada here. What I have in my hands is the Steve Stone award for Heart of a champion, which I was recently awarded at the 2018 NPC national championships in Miami. I’m very honored and humbled to receive this, however I wanted you guys to know about the man behind the award Steve Stone himself, so that we also honor him.
Many remember Steve as the chief expediter at the Mr. Olympia, keeping the show running smoothly or as an outstanding promoter of the NPC.
But we remember Steve as a kind, hardworking and dedicated man who always gave his best to support and nurture the sport of bodybuilding.
It’s my great privilege to carry the torch forward this year, and it’s my hope that as this award is passed on we will remember and honor Steve, for he truly had the Heart of a Champion. Lee #npc #npcnationals2018 #bodybuilding

Well we don’t have any snow in Texas, so we built a snowman out of Lean Body ready to drink boxes! We’re running a Contest with lots of Lean Body prizes for those of you who send us a picture of your snowman with Lean Body! Check out the video and get all of the details on Hunter Labrada’s IG @hunterlabrada #labradanutrition #leanbodynation #leanbody

Throwback Thursday followed by Today Thursday! Here’s a couple of pictures for you. The first is one of my wife Robin and I, taken 30 years ago, when I was competing as a top IFBB Pro and Mr.Olympia contender. The second is a photo we recently took in the studio of my good friend and photographer, @jrusovich. I’m showing a few more miles these days, but Robin still knocks ME out! Love you, babe. God has blessed us.

I cannot tell you how proud I am of my son @hunterlabrada for having achieved his dream of becoming the 2018 NPC Nationals Champion. This is history in the making, as we are the first father-son to win Nationals class-Nationals Overall. I won the middleweight class at the 1985 NPC Nationals, on the same stage in Miami, 33 years ago. This past Saturday, Hunter not only won his superheavyweight class, but also the Overall title. Hunter weighed in at 240lbs, a whopping 67lbs more than I weighed when I won (I can’t stop that kid from eating! :). Despite battling a nagging biceps tendon/shoulder injury that caused excruciating pain during upper body training, Hunter persisted and toughed it out. At one point it looked like he would need surgery, but by God’s grace, he was able to work around it. I’ve seen this young man turn into a true champion, working tirelessly, eating in a disciplined fashion year round, and staying focused on his goal of being the best he can be. I am grateful to God for the blessings He has poured out on us, and for the privilege of seeing the torch passed forward to the next generation. It will be inspiring to see how far Hunter can take it in the pro ranks, and I believe that he will be a great and humble champion. Thank you all for your wonderful support and love to you all from the Labrada family. Lee #npcnationals #npc #goldenerabodybuilding #bodybuilding #labradanutrition

Hey guys! Lee here. I’m excited to announce the launch of our brand new Mint Chocolate flavor of our Ready to Drink protein shakes. I hope you guys love it as much as I do!
We are running a launch special of buy one case, get the second one (any flavor) for 30% off! PLUS free shipping. Use code MINT to apply the discount! Looking forward to hearing your feed back on the new flavor!
The link to our website is in my bio for those who want to check it out!

Checking out my son and rising future champ @hunterlabrada with his good friend and trainer Andrew Vu. Hunter is on his approach to the 2018 NPC Nationals where he will compete as a superheavyweight. Looking ripped and massive at 245lbs. Very proud of Hunter for his hard work and dedication. Expect to see an eye opening showing in Miami. Hope to see you guys there! #goldenerabodybuilding #bodybuilding #labradanutrition

Great day at the 14th annual Nutrition Depot expo and customer appreciation day, hanging with IFBB Pro and Labrada Nutrition athlete @patricktmoore and the inimitable @andyhaman aka, the Muscle Santa. Wonderful to hang out with all of our fans, and watch Andy mixing it up with all of the little kids who thought he was the coolest Santa they ever saw! #bodybuilding #labradanutrition

Here’s are a couple of recent shots taken at the Labrada Nutrition gym in Houston, Texas. We’re located near Houston Intercontinental airport and we have fans stop by for an autograph or to snap a picture with me and pick up Labrada products all the time. Thanks for following and hope you enjoy these pictures. #labradanutrition #goldenerabodybuilding #bodybuilding

Hey guys are you having trouble getting the fat off and keeping it off? If that's you, I want to tell you about my new online live coaching program called lean body coaching.com. I’ve been working on this for the last two years with Keith Klein, who is the nutritionist who helped me get into my best shape for my Mr. Olympia competitions.
When you sign up for Lean body coaching, you’ll start working one on one with our coaches to get you into your best shape ever. You’re going to learn all the tools you need to get the fat off and keep it off. We can teach you the skills that you’ll need for long-term physique success. You’ll have an encouraging online support community; 24 weeks of day by day instruction -videos, written lessons, even cooking lessons. If you want to get in the best shape of your life, go to leanbodycoaching.com and see the video today for more information and to pre-register. The program starts October 15th and there’s a limited number of spaces available in this group, so be sure to check it out now.

Hey guys! I wanted to tell you about my work with Smile Train over the last 10 years- it’s a really great cause. Smile Train helps children in poor parts of the world receive cleft palate surgery to fix their smiles. Check out the attached before and after surgery photo. Labrada Nutrition is so proud to be teaming up with Smile Train next week in honor of World Smile Day!⠀
Did you know it only costs $250 to fund an entire cleft repair operation for a child? This includes all medications, tools, hospital stay, everything. The surgeons, God bless their hearts, fly into these countries and donate their time. If it wasn’t for Smile Train and these saintly doctors, these kids might otherwise NEVER get a fair chance at a normal life.⠀ ⠀
STARTING this coming MONDAY… would you help me raise some AWARENESS for Smile Train? It’s easy and you don’t have to donate any money unless you want to… Just have fun with us and join in on our 7-day exercise challenge. We have picked 7 exercises that you and your friends/family can have some friendly competition with! (Swipe to see exercise schedule) Pick an exercise (or multiple!), video yourself on your smartphone, and upload the footage to your Instagram. Be sure to call out a friend or family member to also have them participate/donate and post on your social media using hashtag #LabradaSmiles! Visit the link in my bio to learn more about Smile Train and participate www.labrada.com/labradasmiles

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