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Lee Hsien Loong  Prime Minister of Singapore, and leader of @PAPSingapore. This account is maintained by the Prime Minister’s Office. Updates by Mr Lee are signed LHL.

"I cannot define the real problem, therefore I suspect there's no real problem, but I'm not sure there's no real problem." This was how the late Nobel Laureate and physicist Richard Feynman described the paradoxes of the challenges in quantum mechanics, the theory that describes the behaviour of the tiniest objects in our universe.

Got a refresher on this subject over dinner with mathematical physicist Professor Robbert Dijkgraaf. He is in town for a centennial conference organised by @ntu_sg Institute of Advanced Studies to celebrate Feynman’s contributions in physics and beyond.

We talked about quantum physics and string theory, and recent scientific breakthroughs such as the discovery of gravitational waves. We will never find all the answers, but there is a sense of wonder in the search for clarity in explaining the phenomenon we see.

If you’re interested in learning more about Feynman, you can visit the ArtScience Museum’s new exhibition “All Possible Paths: Richard Feynman’s Curious Life”, which runs till 3 March 2019, or visit http://www.richardfeynman.com/. – LHL (MCI Photo by Fyrol)

Every one of us has something to contribute, no matter who we are, where we are from, or what abilities we are born with.

We are committed to building a more inclusive Singapore, with ample opportunities for everyone to do their part to shape a better home. All of us, regardless of abilities, can help make Singapore special.
The annual @purpleparade will be back this Saturday, 27 October at Suntec City from 3pm to 7pm. This meaningful event promotes awareness of and celebrates the abilities of persons with special needs. I hope you will show your support by dressing in purple and joining in the fun activities on that day. – LHL

#PurpleParadeSG (MCI Photo by Fyrol)

Eight years ago, in 2010, Singapore organised the inaugural @youtholympics, so young athletes like Tamara Ong would have the opportunity to compete, hone their craft, gain confidence, and equally important, make friends with other young athletes from around the world.

Delighted that the YOG spirit continues to thrive in the 2018 games! Our young @teamsingapore athletes performed well against tough competition in Buenos Aires. And I hope this experience has helped them to develop and mature as athletes.

Please get some well deserved rest before you start training again. Continue to work hard, do your best, and keep the flag flying high! :) – LHL

#OneTeamSG (Photo by Singapore National Olympic Council)

The Gothic cathedral is a distinctive and immediately recognisable landmark of many European cities. The church in the distance, Saint-Antoine de Padoue (St. Anthony of Padua) is one of many that dot the city of Brussels.
Saint-Antoine was actually a Portuguese priest. There was no concept of a unified ‘Europe’ during the Middle Ages when he lived. But his journey from his birthplace in Lisbon to Padua in Italy where he died tells us that from even from early times, people travelled all over the European continent, interacted with one another and exchanged ideas. – LHL

#viewfromhotel (Photo by me)

Glad to be home from the ASEM Summit!

For more than 70 years, since WWII, multilateralism has been an important basis for international cooperation. But this framework is under severe stress. Some countries are resorting to unilateral actions, and even explicitly repudiating multilateral approaches and institutions.
We can’t go back to the old days, but we can’t do away with multilateralism either. In the plenary session, I spoke about the need to update and strengthen WTO rules. The rules must deal with new issues like technology transfer and e-commerce. They must also reflect the changed balance in the world economy, to be seen as fair and politically sustainable.

Glad that many Asian and European countries have affirmed their commitment to multilateralism, through words and deeds. Some countries are liberalising their economies and reforming outdated practices. Several are working on major regional FTAs, e.g. the RCEP and the CPTPP.

At the EU-ASEAN Leaders’ Meeting, we discussed ways to strengthen the relationship. We are close to an ambitious EU-ASEAN Comprehensive Air Transport Agreement, which will enhance connectivity between our two regions. We are also exploring resuming negotiations for an ASEAN-EU FTA.

As a small country, Singapore feels more acutely than most the need for a strong multilateral system, but it actually benefits all countries big and small. We will continue to work with like-minded partners to strengthen multilateralism, and grow and prosper in peace together. – LHL ([1, 2, 4] MCI Photos by Chwee; [3] MFA Photo)

Gave a short interview on BBC Radio 4 yesterday morning.

Brexit is on the minds of many in the UK and continent. Was asked if the EU-Singapore Free Trade Agreement could still apply to the UK after Brexit. I said yes – we are prepared to continue to do with the UK what we have agreed to do with the EU, as if the UK were still inside it. This will give us time to work out some better long term arrangements. I had discussed this with PM @theresamay during our meeting. – LHL (PMO Photo)

Delighted to sign the EU-Singapore Free Trade Agreement (EUSFTA) with President of the European Council @donaldtusk, President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker, and and Austrian Chancellor @sebastiankurz (whose country currently holds the rotating presidency of the EU)! We started negotiating this in 2010 and we have reached this milestone today. Look forward to its ratification by next year.

Also witnessed the signing of the EU-Singapore Partnership and Cooperation Agreement (ESPCA) by @vivianbalakrishnan and his counterpart, and the EU-Singapore Investment Protection Agreement (EUSIPA) by @s.iswaran and his counterpart.

The EU is our largest investor and third largest trading partner. This FTA will give Singapore companies greater market access to all EU member states, and the Agreements will boost confidence for investors and entrepreneurs.

My thanks to all whose hard work over the years contributed to the fruition of this project! – LHL (MCI Photo by Chwee)

Brussels is bustling! Around 50 heads of government or their representatives have gathered here for the Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) summit. It is a great opportunity to touch base with the other leaders.

Before the summit started, I had bilateral meetings with German @bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel and UK PM @theresamay. Glad to reaffirm our strong ties with Germany and Britain, and discuss regional developments with them. Also met Portuguese PM António Costa for the first time.

Had more opportunities to catch up with friends and meet new faces as we mingled before the opening ceremony. Today, I will speak at the plenary session on strengthening the multilateral system, and working together on global issues like climate change. – LHL (MCI Photos by Chwee)

Went on a short #jalanjalan before dinner to take in the beautiful architecture of Vienna. Made my way to the imposing St. Stephen’s Cathedral and then down Kärntner Strasse (the local version of Orchard Road). The mild autumn weather was very pleasant, so there were a lot people out and about - shopping, sitting in outdoor cafes, and also street vendors plying their wares.

One of the distinctive things you immediately notice in the city centre is the fiaker - the horse-drawn carriage rides. The horses wear blinders, but they are so used to being around people and traffic that they don’t react at all when you approach them. – LHL (Photos by me)

Glad to meet Chancellor @sebastiankurz again to continue the discussions we had when he visited Singapore in August.

Singapore and Austria share similar perspectives, embracing openness, free trade, multilateralism, and the rule of law. We both rely heavily on human talent, and thus both aim to cultivate a culture of innovation and productivity.

Austria has consistently and strongly supported the FTA between the EU and Singapore. It will strengthen economic links between Singapore and Austria when it comes into force. Fortuitously, right now Austria is holding the Presidency of the EU Council and Singapore is Chair of ASEAN. We can certainly do more to enhance collaboration between our respective regions.
I thanked the Chancellor for his warm welcome and gracious hospitality, and offered my congratulations to the people and government of Austria on the 100th anniversary of their Republic’s founding this year! – LHL (PMO Video by Chiez How)

Hallo from Vienna, the world's most livable city!

Vienna topped the 2018 Global Liveability Index by the Economist Intelligence Unit. They scored full marks in education, healthcare, infrastructure, and stability. With Austria’s rich heritage of arts and music, this charming city also ranked highly in culture.

There is much we can learn here, and certainly more we can do with Austria. Look forward to meeting Chancellor @sebastiankurz and Austrian business leaders during my brief visit. – LHL (The Vienna City hall at Rathausplatz is the official seat of the mayor and also houses some offices of the municipal administration. / MCI Photo by Chwee)

Met Kyai Haji Ma'ruf Amin today. He is the Chairman of the Indonesia Ulama Council (MUI) and former Supreme Leader of the Nahdlatul Ulama.

He will be delivering the RSIS Distinguished Public Lecture titled “The Emergence of Wasatiyyah Islam: Promoting ‘Middle-Way’ Islam and Socio-Economic Equality in Indonesia” tomorrow.

He is also President @jokowi’s VP running mate in the Presidential election. We discussed how our two countries can maintain our strong relations, and work together for mutual benefit. I wished him a successful lecture tomorrow and all the best for his campaign preparations. – LHL (MCI Photo by Betty Chua)

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