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Lee Hsien Loong  Prime Minister of Singapore, and leader of @PAPSingapore. This account is maintained by the Prime Minister’s Office. Updates by Mr Lee are signed LHL.


Am in Manila for the #ASEAN2017 Summit. This year marks the 50th year of the founding of ASEAN, so it is a good time to look back on how far we have progressed, as well as look forward to what we aim to accomplish in the future, as set out in the ASEAN Economic Community Blueprint 2025.

Look forward to meeting the other ASEAN leaders today. Will update with photos soon. :) – LHL (MCI Photo by LH Goh)

Visited the Founders’ Memorial Showcase at @gardensbythebay this evening. I tried out an interactive station that lets you sketch your idea of what the memorial should be like. Drawing is not my forte, but I managed to put something together with the clip art provided. :) The Showcase was set up to gather public feedback. The memorial aims to honour the values and ideals of our founding fathers, and inspire the next generation. More than 25,000 have visited the Showcase so far, and many have voted through the interactive exhibits. I hope more will do so before it ends on 30 April. I voted too!

If you miss the Showcase now, a pop-up module will be making its way across the heartlands, starting with Woodlands Regional Library on 8 May. Do visit if it comes to your neighbourhood! – LHL (Design by me)

Sat down yesterday with ‘Focus’ 《焦点》, @ch8sg’s weekly current affairs programme to talk about the late Mr Othman Wok, one of our Founding Fathers. A firm believer in multiracialism, he and his Malay @papsingapore comrades played a critical role in building today’s multiracial and multireligious Singapore.
The programme in Mandarin will air tomorrow, Thursday 27 April, at 10:30pm on Channel 8. There will also be a repeat telecast on Friday on Toggle or on Channel 8 at 10am. Hope you’ll catch it then! – LHL (MCI Photo by Betty Chua)

Got a quick refresher course on the kerb drill to cross the road safely :), and took part in the reflexes test at the Walk Cycle Ride @ AMK event this morning!
Glad residents, old and young, are keen to learn the road safety rules and code of conduct for cyclists and users of personal mobility devices. Pedestrian safety is crucial, so let’s all be gracious and considerate, to make our roads safer for everyone.
Happy at many recent improvements to the network of routes in Ang Mo Kio. Getting around on foot, bicycle or public transport is now much easier! Commuters enjoy more comfortable journeys, shorter wait times, and better connectivity to amenities. Thanks to all residents whose feedback helped us to improve things. – LHL ([1] MCI Photo by Kenji Soon; [2 & 3] Photos by me)

Mdm Chen Yueh Lun, 81, lives alone in her one room flat. She is active, exercises regularly with other seniors, but needs help to clean high areas in her flat due to age. Fortunately, she got a helping hand when we kicked off the Silver Homes programme this morning in Teck Ghee.
Silver Homes is part of Central CDC’s Silver Alliance initiative, which is looking for 10,000 volunteers to help seniors living in the Central Singapore District. Thanks to student volunteers from Teck Ghee Primary School, Raffles Institution and Autism Resource Centre Singapore / Pathlight School, Mdm Chen’s flat now has a fresh coat of paint.
I was happy to see the youthful enthusiasm and passion of the student volunteers. When the community comes together, gets involved and understands residents’ needs, we truly create a culture of caring. – LHL (MCI Photo by Betty Chua)

Got to see Mr Tan Swie Hian’s painting of my parents at the National Library Singapore yesterday. Mr Tan spent five years on this painting, inspired by a photo of my parents as students in Cambridge. He has generously presented it to NLB, so that more people can enjoy it.

Mr Tan is a multi-disciplinary artist and a Cultural Medallion winner. His exhibition “Anatomy of a Free Mind” includes paintings, sculptures, Chinese calligraphy and poetry, as well as inspirations and processes jotted down in notebooks. I wished him much success, and hope that he continues being inspired and creating great art! – LHL (MCI Photo by Fyrol)

When I ventured into Facebook and Twitter 5 years ago, I had no idea where they would take me. I didn’t know either platform very well, but I thought it would be an interesting way to reach you, hear your thoughts, and share ideas on building a better home for us all.

It's been an amazing journey. I discovered many heartwarming and inspiring stories, got reacquainted with old friends and formed new friendships!
To everyone who has shared your stories and views, thank you! Look forward to many more in the future. – LHL ([Clockwise from top left] Photo by me / MCI Photo by Terence Tan / Photo by me / MCI Photo by Terence Tan / MCI Photo by Chwee / MCI Photo by Chwee / [centre] MCI Photo by Terence Tan)

A wefie with young grassroots leaders from the Youth Executive Committees (YEC) and @pafrenz Youth Movement (PAYM). Met with them and many other grassroots leaders, volunteers, activists, PA community partners, and PA staff this afternoon at a reception after the PA board meeting. It was a diverse group with a common goal – they all gave of themselves and their time to help their communities, build trust and deepen understanding among Singaporeans, and make a better home for all. We are a stronger and more caring society because of your hard work and contributions. Thank you all and keep up the good work! – LHL (MCI Photo by Kenji Soon)

Tonight, we held a memorial service to remember one of Singapore’s greatest sons, Encik Othman Wok.
Encik Othman was staunchly committed to the ideal of a multi-racial and multi-religious Singapore. Had he been less steadfast, Singapore might have turned out very differently.
From 1963-1965, Singapore was part of Malaysia. Malay PAP leaders came under intense pressure to abandon multiracialism and choose race over nation. They were abused, threatened, and denounced. UMNO leaders held rallies in Singapore, and made fiery speeches personally targeting Mr Lee Kuan Yew and Encik Othman.
In 1964, racial riots broke out during a procession to mark Prophet Muhammad’s birthday. Encik Othman was there, and witnessed the violence first-hand. But he and his Malay PAP comrades stood firm. They kept the dream of a multi-racial society alive. That is why today we can say with pride, “We, the citizens of Singapore… regardless of race, language or religion.” – LHL (MCI Photo by Chwee)

Bade farewell to Encik Othman Wok at the Sultan Mosque this afternoon. Many braved the rain to pay their respects to a man who at a pivotal moment, made a critical difference. Encik Othman will always be remembered as a man whose courage and conviction helped Singapore achieve racial and religious harmony. – LHL (MCI Photo by Chwee)


Deeply saddened by the passing of Encik Othman Wok, a founding father of Singapore. He was 92.
Encik Othman was one of the signatories of the Separation Agreement. He was a courageous champion of a multi-racial, multi-religious, and meritocratic Singapore, and one of Mr Lee Kuan Yew’s closest comrades. During Singapore’s turbulent years in Malaysia, Encik Othman came under great pressure, and even threats on his life, for his convictions. But he stood firm, and that made all the difference to Singapore.
Encik Othman was Minister of Social Affairs. He put in place measures that continue to serve the Malay community today. For example, he set up the Singapore Pilgrimage Office and the system of registration for sheikh hajis and pilgrim brokers.

Encik Othman also took an active interest in the building of the first National Stadium, and also promoted motor racing in the Singapore Grand Prix years before F1 came to Singapore.

For his many contributions, Encik Othman was conferred the Order of the Nila Utama (2nd class) in 1983.

My deepest condolences to the family of Encik Othman Wok. His passing is a deep loss to Singapore. – LHL ([1] MCI Photo by Kenji Soon / [2] ST Photo © Singapore Press Holdings Limited. Reproduced with permission.)

Keeping fit is a good way to bond with family. Happy to join cheery little faces from PAP Community Foundation (PCF) schools and their families early this morning at the Ang Mo Kio GRC and Sengkang West family carnival. We hunted easter eggs, did yoga exercises, and learnt how to make healthy sandwiches.

Hope the little ones not only had fun, but learnt a thing or two about healthy eating and living. :) – LHL (PMO Video by Nurhidayah)

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