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Nuramalina Ghakashah  Your Sailormoon 🌙 / I dont do paid review

F.F.F | by @yunnamirull


Alahai bitter. This is not a real yoyo. It cant even roll. You can use any finger to roll it if youre comfortable, jari kaki pun boleh kalau nak. I use this finger when i play this during my childhood days. If thats a problem then the next post gonna be a pic of me rolling yoyo using my finger toes. LOL

Hi sorry I went missing.

And I told them I invented Times New Roman used to be my favourite song.

I miss the old me but i can’t stop myself from growing.

Just some lorong i found in Ipoh.

Back in 2013. Masa ni selalu berkepit dengan @emaneous .

Turn your face to the sun and the shadows fall behind you.


My aesthetic is pretty classic.


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