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Lee Tilghman  recipe developer • fitness lover • holistic lifestyle • balancing hormones • plant lady 🌿los angeles, california 💌: contact through website


5 minute dinner idea: take some leftover roasted chicken, shred it up with your fingers, place it inside some boston lettuce (also called butter lettuce or buttercrunch) cups and boom! top it with pesto, fresh tomatoes, radish, cucumbers and microgreens and you're getting mostly salad but in taco form 😍 such a quick and easy monday night. i call it the lazy healthy person taco💓 #leefromamerica

my little slice of monday morning workspace heaven🌿
starting the week with a clear desk for a fresh week ahead -it's just how i roll.
simply spending 20 minutes clearing countertops, coffee tables, and desk tops of clutter can make a HUGE impact on your mental wellbeing. when we see clutter, our mind starts to clutter as well, and that trickles into every area of our lives.
i did a little #LFAhome apartment tour on stories to show you guys how i decorate and organize my small space with a minimalist style. i hope you guys enjoy!
wishing everyone a productive, clutter-free week! #leefromamerica

post workout smoothie bowl of a mostly veggie based smoothie with a little bit of fruit. we did so many squats today in class, this bowl was gone way too fast 😭
i’ve made it a habit to always steam my veggies before freezing them for smoothies. it’s much easier on the digestive system and reduces that bloat that we get from eating too much raw kale/rough veggies. i get asked a lot if steaming takes away nutrients, and my answer is that i’m more concerned over my own personal comfort and wellbeing than some veggies losing some freakin nutrients. thats just me though. to make this bowl:
1 cup steamed then frozen cauliflower
1 cube of steamed then frozen kale
1/3 cup frozen blueberries
1/4 frozen avocado
1 tbsp flax seed
1 tbsp chia seed
1 tbsp cashew butter
2 scoops @alohamoment vanilla protein
1 tsp cinnamon
1 1/2 cups water
blend then top with @paleonola, cacao nibs, and more chia for garnish!
happy sunday everyone! #leefromamerica #bowlsbylee

you know the day was good... when it ends in some cupping kisses.
cupping helps eases tension, loosens muscles, relieves stagnant energy, and feels dang good while doing it. you can see the marks are darkest around my neck and shoulders, where I hold much of my tension between driving around LA and hunching over my computer/cell phone.
because cups aren't just for morning matcha 🌝🌻🌙

saturday morning fat bowl! 💥
@thecocontcult cream yogurt, almond butter, cacao nibs, brown flax seeds, @paleonola, one of my coconut fat balls, and a few organic strawberries from the farmer’s market.
i'm doing accupuncture today for the 2nd time ever. i wasn't a fan of my first experience 2 years ago but i am so willing and excited to give it another try! #leefromamerica

an armpit mask? wtf lee….right?
before you dismiss it, read on. putting this DIY clay mask on your armpits takes literally 30 seconds and can help:
•naturally reduce odor
•soothe rashes, razor burn, and irritation from shaving/using natural deoderant
•pull out toxins from your pits!
👉🏻your pits house your lymph nodes, which are a major part of the immune system. using toxic deodorant brands disrupts your endocrine system, putting your precious pits in harm and leaving your hormones way out of wack! but even if you're using natural deodorant, sometimes your pits just need some extra love.
👉🏻soo…if you’re not already, first get yourself some natural deodorant and try an armpit mask this weekend.
👇🏻to make,
simply mix 2 tbsp bentonite clay with 1 tbsp water or apple cider vinegar together and apply to armpits. leave on for 1-2 hours until dry then gently wash off.
and remember..dont ever take urself too seriously. ESPECIALLY when doing a pit mask. #leefromamerica

avocado toast, poached eggs, and sister time at @thebutchersdaughter_official 🥑bspending the day with my sister before she hops on a flight back to new york. 👯🌊🌞these moments are so precious since we are on opposite coasts so i'm soaking in every minute. hope everyone is having a good friday! #leefromamerica

got a lovely evening of netflix, chocolate, and a lavender epsom salt bath lined up-but first, i’m giving my skin some TLC before i spend time in the sun this weekend 🌞 2 of my favorite new products are i've been using lately are @korres.skincare’s greek yoghurt cleanser to wash my face and cool/calm red skin + inflammation. then i lather on some @origins ginzing moisturizer straight after to get that good glow ☀️ using natural products is a big part of my health routine. happy thursday night, bbs! cc: @sephora #leefromamerica #ad

i have not weighed my body in a year.
i used to weigh my body 1st thing every day, and if i was a POUND above my ‘ideal’ number… the whole day would be ruined.
fast forward to today.. i have broken FREE of this habit. i genuinely have no desire to know my body weight. all i care about is that i FEEL good. high energy, positive mind, motivated to do the things i love, and with the ability to think clearly and creatively. when you feel 💯 it radiates outward into all aspects of your life.
the scale is a vicious cycle. you know you shouldn’t be doing it, but you are addicted.
its not until i held myself accountable, took a deep, hard look at myself and realized i was ready to begin the journey to self healing that i broke the habit.
the journey to self love is a life-long one, but making these sorts of decisions are huge and powerful. and a big a$$ step in the right direction, if you ask me.
#chuckthescale #leefromamerica #EDrecovery

hello, beautiful!
a bed of mixed greens topped with.. well, what is this bowl NOT topped with?😂
ghee roasted broccoli, roasted zucchini, sweet potato fries, radish, avocado, sauerkraut, broiled salmon fillet, my black bean dip, zucchini, and arugula sprouts. this hit the spot. it always does. 🤤 #leefromamerica #bowlsbylee

i struggled with hormonal acne around my neck, jawline, and chin for 4+ years.
i was told it was from sweaty workouts, bacteria, stress, bla bla bla. but the ONLY thing that really changed my skin for good was shifting my diet. this was during the height of my PCOS and it really effected my self esteem. i couldn’t leave the house without coverup and nothing was helping.
everybody’s skin and genetics are different, but what worked for me was doing a 21 day elimination diet to figure out what my triggers were. i cut out coffee, processed sugar, gluten, alcohol, dairy, soy and high carbohydrate fructose like bananas/mangoes/pineapple and my skin cleared up pretty quickly. now, i pretty much avoid all those foods to keep my skin looking and feeling 💯
i continue to use DIET to balance out my hormones and that helped me gain a sense of confidence and knowledge that i have more control over my body than i once thought. I hope this post helps give hope to those who might also be struggling with hormonal acne..and remember, you have the power to change your skin! #hormonalacne #PCOSawareness

smoked TROUT salad with toasted almonds🤤
tossed some butter lettuce in lime, olive oil, salt and pepper, then threw in toasted sprouted almonds, roasted brussels tomatoes for my ovulation phase, truffle dill chèvre from @kitehillfoods, avocado, and hormone-free smoked trout from @365bywholefoods.
topped with sprouts and sesame seeds cuz 💯🙌🏻
smoked fish is one of my favorite indulgences, and with the heat we've been having its been the perfect addition to my bowls + salads.
this salad is inspired by my favorite dish at
@LEoysterbar here in LA.
#leefromamerica #bowlsbylee #cyclesyncing

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