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FRIDGE CLEAN OUT FRIDAY 🙏🏻 no feeling like going into the weekend with a clean and organized fridge!🏄🏼‍♀️ 🌊🤸🏻‍♀️
i did a step by step tutorial on stories showing how you can clean + organize your fridge to send you guys into a productive, cleansing memorial day weekend! i clean my fridge out once a month to keep it looking (and functioning) 💯i usually end up donating a lot of food or giving it to friends and it feels so good to make space!
important fridge notes:
•switch to glass tupperware NOW. throw out all your plastic containers- they're worth the investment, last longer, and are better for us + the earth. i like Glasslock.
•i keep all my nuts + seeds in the fridge so they don't spoil. this includes coconut, hemp, chia, flax, and ALL nut butters
•avocados last longer if you refrigerate them.
•always use a nontoxic cleaner when cleaning out your fridge as you'll be putting that cleaner into your body as it will inevitably touch your foods. i use a DIY nontoxic cleaner: 1/3 lemon peel concentrate with 1 cup distilled white vinegar and 2 cups water. •in an effort to use less plastic, i've been experimenting with @theswagusa to keep my produce crisp so i don't have to keep my veggies in plastic. not sponsored, just wanna share the goodness!
have a wonderful weekend!

this cauliflower cacao smoothie is the one. 🤤
this baby is banana free, fruit free, and full of healthy PHATZ! 💯it's so rich and creamy, and cacao isn’t just to eat after dinner, it’s rich in iron + magnesium (2 minerals many people are deficient in) and raw cacao has more calcium than cow's milk 😱
to make, combine:
1 serving chocolate protein powder
2 T raw cacao powder
2 T raw cacao nibs
1 tsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp himalayan salt
1 T ground flax
1.5 cups frozen cauliflower
1/4 frozen avocado
1 cup hemp milk
1 cup water
and blend on high for 2 minutes. pour it up and enjoy! HAPPY FRIDAY!!!

hey bowls.. i was gone for a minute but i'm back now🙋🏼
its a goal of mine to eat as many colors as i can at any given meal. theres a reason they look so pretty: our bodies CRAVE colors because those are where the nutrients are at!
today's @cleanprogram approved lunch (yep- doing a 7 day reset) is a bed of baby spinach tossed in olive oil, lemon, + nutritional yeast topped with roasted yellow + candy cane beets, beet sauerkraut, micro arugula, broiled wild caught salmon, purple radishes, avocado and my cumin black bean dip (recipe on the blog- just search black bean dip) garnished with dulse seaweed, sesame seeds, chili flakes + excitement. I always garnish my bowls with seeds and herbs to give it flavor + crunch. happy thursday! #bowlsbylee #leefromamerica

new blog post: best herbs + adaptogens for regulating PCOS + balancing hormones 🙏🏻 adaptogens get their name from their ability to help us “adapt” to any stressful situation, and if you've struggled with PCOS or any hormonal imbalance, then you know stress wreaks havoc on our endocrine system and worsens our symptoms ⚡️ i struggled with PCOS for well over a year and one of the biggest things I did to regulate it (on top of diet) was incorporating herbs into my life. so whether you struggle with PCOS, missing periods, daily stress or any other kind of hormonal imbalance, adaptogens may be something you should get into! head over to the blog (link in bio) to read the full story. #leefromamerica #PCOSawareness

where all the magic happens ✨
all the feels to be back home in LA and in my little kitchen. today i’m giving you a tour of my apartment over on @apartmenttherapy's blog.
your home is more than just a place to sleep and hold your shoes - it has a really strong effect on your wellbeing and energy. i’d say my approach to home decor is minimal and functional, with a side of plants 😂 link to the tour is in my bio: hope everyone is having a beautiful wednesday! #LFAhome #leefromamerica

it's breakfast salad season again💯💃🏻
breakfast salads are one of my favorite things to eat in the warmer summer months🌞throw together any greens you have on hand, leftover veggies, some bacon, top it with a perfectly poached BEET egg and you've got yourself one HECKOFA breaky. plus, eating a salad for breakfast is the best ways to jumpstart the day on a good note💪🏻🌱and keep your blood sugar levels stable throughout the day 💁🏼 i added swiss chard, roasted cauli, radish and avocado to mine. this bowl is in partnership with the @IncredibleEgg to help show you guys that all the different ways eggs can be enjoyed. happy wednesday, friends!✨ #leefromamerica #partner #bowlsbylee

do you gain energy from spending time alone or with others? after this week's solo travels i was reminded of the power of independence and what solo time does for the soul.
as an extroverted introvert, i LOVE being around people, but the only way for me to recharge is to spend some QT with myself. i get drained if i'm spending too much time with other people and just knowing this about myself has been a gamechanger in my maintaining a balanced, fluid lifestyle.
this balance also allows me to keep it 💯 and be fully present when i do spend time with people.
solo time makes me feel grounded, centered, strong and in touch with my most authentic self. so much so that i love takin' myself on dates: food, facials, walks in the rain 😂
also, shoutout to @capbeautydaily for the best solo nontoxic facial date of my LIFE.
#leefromamerica #lfatravels #introvertAF

if this bowl had a tinder, i'd swipe right and probably stalk it on google. c'mon, we've all done it.🙋🏼
but really though, the poached egg tuna salad with herby pesto and GF buttery bread from @gotannyc was so fresh and tasty. the herby pesto was the highlight (that green tho🌿) and i kind of want a second one for the plane ride home tonight 🤷🏼‍♀️just a few more hours in this magical city left! #LFAtravels #leefromamerica

okay tacos, now let's get in formation, you slay. 🌮🌮🌮
chipotle pork carnitas tacos with KIMCHI APPLE, pickled cabbage and avocado crema. this flavor combo was insane. the kimchi apple situation was kind of a big deal. also not pictured: a mountain of cauliflower hummus that was quickly devoured before it was on camera 🤷🏼‍♀️#LFAtravels #leefromamerica

i mean. this plate may be the key to my heart. 🔑➡️❤
avocado smash on 2 pieces of seeded GF bread, topped with fluffy egg scramble, beet hummus and smoked salmon. it's really all i needed after this morning's @soulcycle class and to fuel me up for a walk around the city, even in the 🌧 #LFAtravels #leefromamerica

things i like: millennial pink, manis that are fresh AF, matcha in cute cups, and monday mornings in nyc.
happy monday! #LFAtravels #leefromamerica

how to be resourceful: wear a dress to a wedding one night and layer it over a teeshirt the next day 🙃
enjoying this gorgeous afternoon in my old city with the sister, @chachamatcha matcha and walks along the river. hope everyone's having a rad sunday!
dress by @topshop, shirt by @madewell. #LFAtravels #leefromamerica

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