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Lee Tilghman  recipe developer + health nut based in los angeles. loves coconut butter, avocado, + running. 💌: contact through website


this bowl meets all my standards. and lemme tell ya, they're high🤤
mixed greens, avocado, yellow cauliflower, beet sauerkraut, chicken tossed in homemade pesto, roasted fennel, sautéed ghee mushrooms + watermelon radishes.
finishing up some emails and blog posts then i'm having a professional ORGANIZER come over to help me get my pantry, closet, and apartment in order. i'm so excited! organizing makes me amped. am i getting old? 🤷🏼‍♀️ #bowlsbylee #leefromamerica

can't stop mulling over how good these fresh mulberries are🙌🏻
bee lined to the kitchen after @soulcycle to make this bowl. @thecoconutcult coconut cream yogurt (my favorite flavor), local organic fresh mulberries that i picked yesterday, flax seed (good for those with PCOS), almond butter, paleo granola + a coconut fat ball (recipe on the blog)
mulberries are so good for the digestive system, and have a calming effect because of their L-theanine 💆🏼
happy monday everyone! #leefromamerica #PCOSawareness

it's all about BALANCE!
oysters, french fries and trout salad at golden hour with babe @yasminemei. today we went to an avocado festival in fallbrook, ca and i held the biggest avo i've ever seen. such a nice change up from my normal gym/meal prepping routine and to spend a full day with a friend, just enjoying life, staying present, and disconnecting for a bit. feeling refreshed and ready for the week ahead. #leefromamerica

so... i made it 6 out of 7 days of #caffeinefreeweek.
yep, i drank caffeine yesterday.
this decision to cut my challenge short was not because of the withdrawal headaches nor the ritual of my daily matcha, but because of the intense digestive issues my body faced after suddenly removing it from my diet cold turkey.
throughout the 5 days of no caffeine, come 1:00pm, i'd experience such bad leaky gut symptoms (IBS, bloat, and other digestive problems... you get the point), that i'd have a hard time getting through my day, something i havent experienced in 7+ months.
to put it short, removing caffeine put my body and mind under such stress that my digestive system went haywire. as we know, STRESS can wreak havoc on our digestive system, and this is especially true for me. as soon as i get stressed, leaky gut symptoms return.
i spoke to a functional health doctor who recommended i not remove caffeine, especially kombucha because of its beneficial effects to the gut.
the lesson i want to share here is that EVERYbody is different and we need to LISTEN to our own bodies. no 2 are alike. i'm proud of myself for listening to my body.
i'm also so glad i challenged myself and others to give our bodies a break and notice our own habits. matcha, we can be reunited again!!🍵🍵🍵🍵🍵 #leefromamerica

it's always earth day in this jungle. happy earth day, mother earth! so grateful for all that you selflessly provide. 🌍🌎🌏#LFAhome #leefromamerica #plantlady

carbs, protein, fat + good company = the perfect recipe for a saturday brunch 😎also, sweet potato fries, i've forgotten how good you are.
went to a workout @the12movement and then came to chow down at @babettesnewportbeach. hittin up all the spots with @shutthekaleup. happy saturday, friends! 👋🏻

spending the night in newport beach and i think i'll just sleep on this little pillow of @pressedjuicery freeze tonight. can we get a bunkbed, @shutthekaleup? 😏

friday mood: #cactusboobs
yesterday i upcycled 2 of my favorite ceramic matcha mugs into planters. they broke last week and i was super bummed, then i realized they'd make the most beautiful plant holders.
the nursery drilled holes at the bottom and i've now got two new friends. feeling like martha stewart over here💁🏼
just a friendly reminder to find the beauty in the broken✨ happy friday!! #leefromamerica #plantlady #zerowaste

having a thursday night pizza party over here🙋🏼
truffle pizza topped with @chobani yogurt, fried brussels sprouts, brown + shitake mushrooms, watermelon radishes, crispy fried egg and finished with truffle infused olive oil + fennel fronds. all on a almond meal pizza crust!
inspired by my amazing meal @clovernewyork.
one day, i'll get my hands on ACTUAL truffles and things will never be the same again. #leefromamerica #chosquad #believeinfood #anymushroomhuntersoutthere #sponsored

if this latte was an ocean, call me a mermaid and i’d jump right in 🌊
day 4 #caffeinefreeweek and i just wrote a midweek re-cap on the blog listing things i’ve noticed about myself so far from removing caffeine (such as being less anxious, eating slower, and being WAY more in touch with my hunger cues) and some tips to keep us going strong!💪🏻
i’m learning so much about myself but mostly, I’m realizing i often turn to a caffeinated beverage for an extra boost throughout the day and it has been empowering AF to be able to find it within myself to be productive without my matcha or afternoon booch. check out the link in my bio to read!
back to this moringa latte though🌿betcha thought it was matcha didn’t ya 😏 nope.. it’s made from moringa. moringa is a green leaf full of vitamins and is known to stabilize blood sugar, promote deep sleep AND relieve anxiety.
1 tsp moringa powder (I use @sunpotion)
1 tsp @sunpotion pine pollen *optional, I use this to stabilize hormones
1 tsp chlorella (I use @sunpotion)…so good for detoxification and for women)
2 scoops @vitalproteins marine collagen
1 tbsp coconut butter
1 tsp @bulletproof brain octane (for that extra brain boost!)
16 oz. hot water
blend on high in your vitamin for 1-2 minutes, pour into a cup. I topped mine with spirulina. #leefromamerica #PCOSawarenees

a full day of recipe testing calls for ordering in 🙌🏻 @sweetgreen to the rescue! got allll the raw toppings and baked trout + my own watermelon radishes💕 because of my sensitive digestive system i tend to stay away from their roasted veggies since it has onions/garlic (#lowfodmap) hope everyone is having an amazing wednesday! #caffeinefreeweek day 3 updates are in my stories! #leefromamerica

well this wednesday is off to a good start 🙌🏻 its the first day i feel like i have natural energy without matcha. it was also my 100th ride at @soulcycle. i’ve been soul-ling for a little over a year and it’s changed my life in so many positive ways. i love my soul community so much (lookin at you @lisamoloshok)
nowwww….onto this red velvet beetroot smoothie bowl🤤
tastes like red velvet cake batter and beets do wonders for your blood cells and and help your muscles and nervous system💪🏻
1 1/2 cups frozen beets
1/2 cup frozen zucchini
2 scoops raw cacao powder (I use @sunpotion anandamide blend)
2 scoops chocolate protein powder
1 1/4 cup hemp milk
#bowlsbylee #leefromamerica

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