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Leigh  Appreciator of beauty. Nature lover. Happy wife. Mom to five boys. Maker of things. SLC ➡️ SF Bay Area. Help my sister adopt a baby ⬇️


1. We also saw this beautiful church 2. that Ansel Adams photographed. 3. And yes, we were in Bodega Bay where 4. The Birds was filmed. Totally my thing. Loved today. 💚

Dan and I escaped for the weekend (thanks to my mom who is watching the kids). I’ve been wanting to come here ever since moving back to the Bay Area. Anyone know where we are? #leighlovescalifornia

Sorting is oddly satisfying to me. Also, why can’t I get rid of colored pencils? This isn’t even all of them and I threw A LOT away!

This kid is all kinds of amazing. You can tell by his sandwich making skills. #sammoyammo

Henry is a list-maker after my own heart. We have instituted a new rule over here where you have to spend some time doing reading, creating, and brother time BEFORE the TV goes on (and that can only happen AFTER 5:00). Some have revolted and rebelled, but Henry makes his list and checks things off. I’m SO grateful to get to be his mom. 💙 On his list is exercise, making, clean, reading, and brother time. (Cleaning gets allowance $).

The start of something new! I mentioned that I’m starting a new business this year and can you believe it? It has to do with fabric. And flowers. And art. Pretty much the 3 things I enjoy most. More to come soon!

TWO lemons from the tree we planted last spring!! 💛💛 #leighlovescalifornia

Orange and yellow birthday tulips are some of my favorite flowers! My birthday was a few days ago and I felt really loved. Flowers and lunch from a few friends, lots of texts and calls, a painting class, and a few visits from friends with chocolates made for a busy day! Dan is taking me out for my favorite food (seafood paella) tonight and that will pretty much be the end of birthday week for me! 💛🧡

This made me happy. Dan went for a walk in the woods today and brought me back this video and photos. ❤️ #leighlovesdan

Today was good. We love @ouiouimacaron !

My 15 yo Sam MADE THIS CHESS SET. What an amazing guy! This is his uncle Carl, the recipient of the gift. He likes it I think. #sammoyammo @ham.samsen

Why yes, I AM eating my feelings right now. And my feelings taste pretty good! And you know what else? Being a parent is freakin hard! And I’m just going to go all in on a pity party today. (And also - that’s fudge in case you were unsure).

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