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Leigh  Appreciator of beauty - especially in nature. Happy wife. Mom to five boys. Maker of things. SLC ➡️ SF Bay Area. Help my sister adopt a baby ⬇️


He hasn't cleaned his room for days, but can I really complain if he's reading voluntarily? No. Not really. Summer is killing me you guys. #lukedeeduke

My cute sister and her husband are ready to adopt a baby. I'm putting the link in my profile. Pass the word along and help them get a baby!

I can't believe this guy is 17! Where has the time gone? Excuse me while I go cry my eyes out. And all the the other true clichés about kids growing up too fast. 😭😭😭Happy birthday to my first born - I love you lots. #jackatola

Just taking my piano apart tonight. The sostenuto pedal wasn't working right so I looked up online how to fix it and figured it out! 🙌🏼 (There might have been some yelling - maybe some swears. 😬)

Sometimes I make pretty food. I feel the need to document this since we've been eating McDonald's, corn dogs, and mac and cheese since summer started.

Morning walks. 💚 #leighlovescalifornia

I mentioned that I love blue flowers a few months ago and a cute friend surprised me with a huge potted hydrangea for my front porch! 💙

I'd just been complaining about how ugly Nevada was when we came up on this huge valley with the best fields and the best clouds all around. There is beauty everywhere. Even in Nevada.

Jack doesn't like me to take pictures of him, but I think it's so awesome that he loves music and likes to learn. Kim taught him how to play dueling banjos and then she taught him how to play and read banjo music. #jackatola

There are not enough Hawaiian prints in this photo. #thehenryhen

I am not even finished with this book but it is SO GOOD! The best book I have EVER read. I recommend it to everyone! (It does have a little bit of swearing, if that bothers you, but it's worth it to hear all the valuable lessons in here, in my opinion.)

Dan made his first smoked ribs and they were GOOD.

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