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Leigh  Appreciator of beauty - especially in nature. Happy wife. Mom to five boys. Maker of things. I'm a Mormon. SLC ➑️ SF Bay Area.


Best tile floor ever.

Another day - another pretty walk. πŸ’š It's John Muir's birthday today and I so appreciate everything he did to preserve beautiful, wild places. I don't think I could ever pick a favorite place - I have too many. Maybe some place with trees, or green grass, or brown grass and deserts? Really any landscape outside. #lessismuir

I've woken up 2 days in a row with headaches, so right now I'm just thinking about the prettiest walk in the rain yesterday. πŸ’š

Henry is star of the week this week. He brought this poster home and filled it out entirely by himself with no help. Swipe left to see everything he drew and wrote about himself. ❀️ 1. Henry 2. My portrait (looks just like him). 3. Favorite subjects: p.e., music, computers. 4. I want to be a circus guy. 5. I'm really good at flying kites. 6. Favorite sport: swimming. 7. Makes me laugh when mom tickles me. 8. I love mom and dad. 9. I look forward to home. ❀️ #thehenryhen He *might be my favorite.

Happy Easters. This week I spent some time preparing to teach a lesson at church about Jesus. It has been a nice review and check in of what I really believe. "And now, after the many testimonies which have been given of him, this is the testimony, last of all, which we give of him: That he lives!" I'm changing the link in my profile to lds.org, where there is a beautiful (and short) Easter video - Prince of Peace (which has the MOST beautiful cello playing). ❀️

Hair combed βœ…. Eyebrows perfect βœ…. Tooth missing βœ…. It's good to be 6.

Watch this mom. πŸ˜‚ #thehenryhen

I made a tiny sweater last week for a new baby! I love knitting baby things. Pattern is "in threes: a baby cardigan" by Kelly herdrich. #inthreescardigan

It was a gorgeous day today! This is looking out to the SF Bay from the Berkeley hills. πŸ’šπŸ’™

I had an errand in the city today and what do you know - it was right around the corner from Britex Fabrics. A lucky coincidence.

We also had the top of a double decker tour bus all to ourselves because it was raining and we were the only ones brave (?) enough to be up there.

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