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Samara, 16, Australian  LYD IS TRYING HER BEST I draw on a 3DS because I like to suffer Personal - @leech_sucks Tumblr - @leech-sph


Here's (late teens/before he started taking testosterone) cassius, he had a weird emo phase, he also dyed his hair pink, it was just a bad scene ngl #myart #cactusmancassius

Cassius doesn't know why his conversations with his dad are so one-sided

I admit that I've been slacking a ton with improving my art lately, so I'm gonna try and make more quality draws and maybe delete some old messy crap if y'all fine with that #myart #traditionalart

Ma bud @boden_monks suggested I draw grump heads and how??? Could I say no??? They were so fun to draw and I recommend it y'all (I wish I could answer more this crush responses rn but I can only fit 9 images per post sorry aa) #myart #myocs #cactusmancassius #gamegrumps #grumphead



Cassius with short hair is the most frightening thing I've eve drawn in my life

Rewatching game grumps play poker (mostly to revisit pineapple dan) #gamegrumps #danavidan #rossodonovan

Live stream inside joke from like 3 days ago #cactusmancassius #myart #traditionalart

No promises that I'm gonna stop drawing gamegrumps sorry, I never get into fandoms but game grumps got me #myart #egoraptor #arinhanson #gamegrumps

Cassius and an old oc of mine, she likes to do things without thinking and can't keep a relationship going for longer than 2 weeks #myart #myocs #cactusmancassius

Danny's plotting murder while arin tries his best to suck less (also this crush responses because I miss talking to you guys ily) #myart #art #gamegrumps #egoraptor #dannysexbang #arinhanson #danavidan

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