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Aside from Breakfast your #postworkoutmeal is THE most important! You need to give your muscles the nutrients they need from all the hard work in the gym! My personal goal is to make sure I get in the perfect amount of carbs and protein into my body within 30 minutes after my workout! Make sure you are doing the same! #loveleelifestyle #BeTheReason #16weekchallenge #LifeInAnOstomy

Let's make yesterday jealously! What are your plans for today? #BeTheReason #loveleelifestyle

Had so much fun last night doing our online live #16WeekChallenge event! It feels so good to be back doing what I'm passionate about, Helping people become healthier and loving themselves in the process! If you missed out last night and want to know more just let me know! #passionmeetspurpose #LoveLeeLifestyle #BeTheReason

Today I am cleansing however I want to talk about mindful eating! I am a picker meaning if food is in front of me I will keep picking at it until someone takes it away lol. So since committing to competing in Vegas in November and joining along in the #16WeekChallenge I've really had to work on stepping away from the food!!!! It's not easy when you're mindlessly doing it! Anyone else feel me?? #mindfuleating

Getting more and more comfortable with my body, working out with a sports bra and shorts outside with my cover showing! #LifeInAnOstomy #lifeinacolostomy #survivor #loveleelifestyle #dontcare #BeTheReason #16WeekChallenge #17WeeksUntilVegas

It's baaaaaack .... this shake is so refreshing , perfect for the summer heat AND jammed backed with 11 amino acids, probiotics and 24 grams of undenatured whey protein! (Limited edition)
If you're not a current customer I will be placing orders for these tonight! Let me know if you'd like one!! #yummy #healthyeating *for current customers / associates wholesale orders only!

10 years!!!! You're not just my friend, you're my love.
You're not just my love, you're my heart.
You're not just my heart, you're my life.
You're not just my life, you're my everything.
Happy anniversary Johnny Boy! I thank God everyday for bringing us together. I love you!!!!! #anniversary #10years

Mindfulness is the key to a healthy lifestyle. It has taken me YEARS of practice and I still work on it on the daily! Especially when it comes to when I am working. It is key to shut everything else down and focus on one thing at a time, one conversation at a time. I am constantly reminding myself to stay in the exact moment. You get more out of life that way!
How can YOU make mindfulness a habit? #mindfulness #loveleelifestyle

Let the wind catch your hair, put a fierce face on and go tackle this Monday! Never forget YOUR goals, YOUR dreams and know YOU have the ability to make it happen! #loveleelifestyle #BeTheReason

Yeeehaw!!! Down 7 pounds in 2 weeks! #16WeekChallenge #18WeeksuntilVegas

Happy 18 month anniversary IVAN!!! 18 months ago TODAY I was wheeled into surgery,
18 months ago TODAY Dr. Joga Ivatury got the "f'er" out! Yes that is what I called the tumor when I woke up!
18 months ago TODAY I woke up from surgery with my life forever changed!
18 months ago TODAY I was given a second chance at life!
I am forever grateful and truly blessed! Lord I thank you!!! #cancerfree #lifeinacolostomy #lifeversion2

"It's the reviews you give yourself that matter" - Carrie Bradshaw. Always remember this when you look in the mirror, listen to someone else's opinion or the thoughts in your head. You are amazing don't let anyone, especially yourself tell you differently. #sexandthecityquotes #sexandthecity #BeTheReason #loveleelifestyle

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