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naturally brewed & naturally cooled #rainierbeer

oh darling, that's because you ARE the universe | TEASPIRATIONS

today's lesson: don't forget your jacket in the car

muddy boots & a happy heart | OFF TRAIL

positive message on a reggae vibe

thanks for getting me real high this morning pilot pete | WEST COAST SUNRISE

it took a lot of will power to not full body tackle this sand installation | LACMA

my niece has four legs 🐾

had a knotts-o bad day today

for years & years & years I have whispered the same four words to myself every time I blew out my birthday candles..."I wish for happiness"...not just for myself but for all species that inhabit this beautiful planet and in 2012 the UN decided that March 20th, my birthday, will be celebrated as the International Day of Happiness. So today I celebrate 24 years of happiness.

fulfilled my 13yr old self's dream of seeing donavon frankenreiter last night.

t i e d y e ✌️️ t u e s d a y

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