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Lazy Sunday mornings... by lazy I mean exhausting, sleepless, but full of love.

At one month Lee mostly chills, eats, sleeps and farts, his favorite spot to hang out is on his dad's chest, and his favorite song is anything mom sings 😏. He has peed, poo'd, and barfed on mom, but has yet to even spit up on dad. πŸ™„ He'll be on oxygen a bit longer while his heart gets more time to adjust to the outside world! #littleleerockwell

3 years ago we became a family of 2. Our love has grown so much, especially with Lee making us 3! NOW it's a party for sure!! Happy anniversary to our little family! πŸ’•

Hair is not washed, dishes are not done, house is not clean, dinner is not made. But I'll just stay here in this sweet moment with this sweet little boy and soak it all in. πŸ–€ #littleleerockwell

Before I had Lee, everyone told me that when he was born I would have this overwhelming feeling of a Mother's love, something I wouldn't be able to understand before I had my own children.
What I didn't expect was to be overwhelmed with a greater appreciation for my own mom. I loved her before, but holy cow, how my appreciation has GROWN! NOBODY WARNED ME ABOUT THIS! 😭Her love for me is perfect, unwavering, and unconditional. I only hope I can give my children the same! πŸ’›

Lee does this thing when he's completely happy where he yawns the biggest yawn then let's out the most innocent little sigh. In that moment he completely melts me and I am convinced he can never do me wrong πŸ˜πŸ’™ #littleleerockwell

4 Years ago we were just babies falling in love, and now we have our own little babe who we are madly in love with. These last weeks have been the hardest of my life - physically, emotionally and mentally - but I picked the right person to go through it with, that's for sure. πŸ’•

Tomorrow we see the doctor for more tests to see if Lee can get rid of these tubes for good! I've been praying for his little body to be strong!

I can't help but lie here awake anxious and nervous for tomorrow. I want him to be healthy! Then I realized no matter what happens tomorrow I'll probably be worrying about him for the rest of my life πŸ˜‚ ...mom stuff, huh? #littleleerockwell

At 11 days old his favorite activities are passing gas, pulling off his oxygen, showing us his massive wing span, and pulling off his oxygen. Can't wait till next week when this thing (hopefully 😬) comes off!!!! #littleleerockwell

Welcome home baby Lee! #littleleerockwell

Still happy, still (pretty much) healthy! He's still in the NICU for some minor things. We're not worried but we hope to get him out and home soon! 🀞🏼#kbcute #littleleerockwell

Our little buddy is here! He came at the stroke of midnight (Tuesday morning) April 18th. 9lbs 2.5 oz and 22 inches long! He's been in the NICU for blood sugar stuff, but other than that he's completely healthy. WE LOVE HIM SO SO MUCH! #littleleerockwell

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