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Three photos/ three stages of playing in snow:
1. So fun! Yay!
2. This stuff is cold I’m over it.
3. No seriously GET ME INSIDE.

Over the years of studying The Book of Mormon, I’ve often found myself stopping and thinking, “Wait, what the heck is happening right now?” For some reason I’ve always struggled to keep timelines, plots, and people straight. My goal this year is to improve on that. This wide-margin book from @courtneycasper.letters (with BEAUTIFUL lettered scriptures) has helped because I can take notes right there in the margins! Does anyone else struggle with this? What do you do to help you study more than just the principles? #NOTsponsored #justloveit #thebookofmormon

First pic: Lee turning it on for the camera.
Second pic: Lee jumping out of my arms because he won’t sit still for 2 seconds anymore 😂 crawling. HELP.

💖 GALENTINES!! 💖 Every year I look forward to celebrating this special holiday. I just posted about what we did last year when I was SUPER (swipe) pregnant! Link in my profile! .
#galentines #galentinesday2017 #galentinesday #party #makestuffdaily #plantsofinstagram

GOALS! Resolutions! Everybody’s doing it. This year I've decided on three theme words & just put up a post all about it! So you have a word for the year? What is it? Are you a goal-person? Resolutions? Or is it all overrated?

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One of our favorite things about Lee is that he somehow manages to be SO happy all the time no matter what is going on around him. I hope he keeps that with him throughout his life! We had some big things happen this year, but he is by far THE BEST 🙌🏼

Just a few totally candid mom moments from today. ✨ is it weird for anyone else to see photos of themselves WITH their baby? Haha. I’m MOSTLY on the other side of the camera! Shoutout to @nedge for capturing my rad mom life.

Today was a really good day. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

Real talk 😂. We’re losing our minds, our money, and our self control for sweets. Who else is ready to relax and enjoy some family time this weekend 🙋🏻‍♀️.

This kid is moving NON-STOP. Scooting, rolling, and almost crawling. This morning I found him chewing on a piece of gum??? No clue where he got it, but it can only mean one thing: TIME TO BABY PROOF. #littleleerockwell

Okay first off, @saltyanneco designed our card this year and I couldn’t be happier about it! I know we all keep pretty updated with each other via social media, but I still think it’s special to have a tangible reminder of loved ones around the holidays. This tradition has quickly become one of my all-time favorite. HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE! ♥️

He doesn’t fall asleep in my arms anymore. Although I don’t LOVE when he wakes me up throughout the night (his cold is going on 3 weeks now 👎🏼), I’m secretly loving the times I get to hold him when he’s calm, cuddly, and comfy close to momma.

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