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brooke lebaron taylor  wife, mom, writer, baker, maker πŸ• brookemlebaron@gmail.com #makestuffdaily


Despite having two crazies as parents, I think he's pretty happy 😊 #littleleerockwell

I love this new diaper-changing, baby-talking, nurturing side of him, and I can't wait to see it grow! We love you daddy! #littleleerockwell #fathersday

If there's anything I've learned as a new mom, it's that getting a baby to sleep is an art, not a science. But this swaddle from @theollieworld definitely helps! #littleleerockwell

"Listen up Mom, there's gonna be a few changes around here. I'm done sleeping through the night. Done. And while we're at it, I'm gonna throw off my own nap and eating schedule. And in return I'll just smile at you and melt your heart and you'll love me anyway. Deal?" Deal, little cutie. #littleleerockwell

Can you guess who we're cheering for tonight? 😏 #kingjames #littleleerockwell

Where did my newborn go!? I cannot believe how much he's changed already!! Little stink has ROCKED my world. And now he IS my world πŸ’™ #littleleerockwell

Last night's cotton candy view from our balcony. I can't wait to force Lee to watch one million sunsets with me and teach him to appreciate this beautiful earth πŸ’•

I'm officially one of those moms who jumps around like an idiot trying to get my kid to smile. He loves his crazy mama anyway! πŸ˜ŠπŸ’™ #littleleerockwell

Lazy Sunday mornings... by lazy I mean exhausting, sleepless, but full of love. #littleleerockwell

At one month Lee mostly chills, eats, sleeps and farts, his favorite spot to hang out is on his dad's chest, and his favorite song is anything mom sings 😏. He has peed, poo'd, and barfed on mom, but has yet to even spit up on dad. πŸ™„ He'll be on oxygen a bit longer while his heart gets more time to adjust to the outside world! #littleleerockwell

3 years ago we became a family of 2. Our love has grown so much, especially with Lee making us 3! NOW it's a party for sure!! Happy anniversary to our little family! πŸ’•

Hair is not washed, dishes are not done, house is not clean, dinner is not made. But I'll just stay here in this sweet moment with this sweet little boy and soak it all in. πŸ–€ #littleleerockwell

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