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LebaneseAutismSociety  The Lebanese Autism Society (LAS) is a non-governmental organization. LAS's mission is to advocate for the rights of individuals with Autism.

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ما في حدود
أرسل رسالة إلى 1004 للتبرع بـ$1 للجمعيّة اللبنانيّة للتوحّد حتى 30 نيسان

On the occasion of the World Autism Awareness Month we had the pleasure of receiving the visit from Collège Notre Dame des Frères - Furn El Chebbak at LAS premises in Gemmayzeh #ClassesForChildrenwithAutism French section #AutismSocialIntegration #AutismAcceptance #AprilisAutismAwarenessMonth #LebaneseAutismSociety

Samuel during the sensory workshop #Autism #LebaneseAutismSociety #LASCAIR

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شوفني من قلبك
وحبني قد ما بحبك!

أرسل رسالة إلى 1004 للتبرع بـ$1 للجمعيّة اللبنانيّة للتوحّد حتى 30 نيسان

Join the Lebanese Autism Society for the 18th Fun Day @thebeiruthippodrome on April 28th from 3 pm 🎨🐴🌳🍡🍦🍪🌿🎪🌈🥁
Games, fun, dance, crafts, food & drinks, horses...
Entrance 15000 lbp (includes snacks and drinks)
For more info: 01-449988/03-752068
All proceeds will benefit the Lebanese Autism Society services💙💙💙

Meet us tomorrow, April 14th #LeMarchéSaifi from 11 am to 7 pm where we will be hosted by @exhalebeirut with our bake sale of delicious treats and goods to indulge in 🍰🍪🍥☀🍩🍹🌈💙

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During #AutismAwarenessMonth help them explore their beautiful mind's potential & support the @lebaneseautismsociety through #Alfa4Life by donating $1 via an SMS to 1004
أرسل رسالة إلى 1004 للتبرع بـ$1 للجمعيّة اللبنانيّة للتوحّد حتى 30 نيسان

Doing Good & having fun go hand in hand @lebaneseautismsociety

LAS’s annual themed Bash: Cocktails & Dreams is going to be fun laid back and full of Good Vibes & surprises

We want you with us!

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April is Autism Awareness Month and we will be donating 20% of this month’s sales to the Lebanese Autism Society
A- Always
U- Unique
T- Totally
I- Interesting
S- Sometimes
M- Mysterious

You all wondered but also guessed as well , why i stood for AUTISM today.
Well, It's because of this man first.Leo my brother.
My story with autism started in 1997 when this guy was born. I was the eldest. We didnt know back then what was Autism...
Few years later, that little guy was "diagnosed"with a strange spectrum called AUTISM. Strange thing tho, because nothing showed that, physically was all fine, and even clinical exams were great.
Autism indeed is strange, because it makes the diagnosed person a total stranger to the world around him. "Tawa7od" Sort of not being able to communicate or create links with people.Its a mutual sort of seeing each others as strangers. That's autism. We cant know it but we can feel it. Yes autism is all about feelings and very dense feelings.
Can i lie and say that the post diagnose was all fine and happily ever after? 🙃 Well, i can't do this because it's not! Should i skip the whole processus of questionnin life again and again etc..? I can't again because its a bunch of thoughts that will continually hunt ur mind through the years.
But what i can do is glorifiyin what a post questionnin was. In fact, questionnin things is always in our lives but actual acting is what really matters. When we stopped listennin to our shitty thoughts and we started to listen to his thoughts , here we started loving autism. When we started to understood him before trying to understand life issues , well the answers were all here 😅 Maybe u wont understand all of this , yeah it may seem strange but its real..
For me, personnaly, Leo makes me see the world differently. When i say that i need to learn more of him than he needs to learn from us , i mean it. I see a true soul in him and all autistic ppl, while i cant see it thru others.
Today i stand in blue for Autism , for u Leo.💙
Blue that soft and safe color like ur peaceful mind.Blue for the sea and ur love of the sea, for the smile that never leaves ur face when u see it and swim in it.Blue for the sky that ur eyes always look at.Blue for these blueshorts that ur addicted to,U even wear under ur pants! But thats U and u happy that way.
Nobody can fuckin judge you!
Leo my color💙

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The United Nations has recognized today, April 2, as World Autism Awareness Day to encourage member states to raise awareness about people with autism throughout the world. Blue has been adopted as the official color for this day. Great people are working in my country and the region to raise awareness. Most of them are women. Today, I salute them...you are making all the difference! #autism #autismawareness #worldautismawarenessday #womenfromlebanon #womenempowerment #governmentlife #pmo #un #unitednations #diplowomen #LIUB #autismlove

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