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Stacey  Just another artist trying to figure out life in my twenties! Meanwhile losing some weight & getting in shape! Spartan Race junkie / 40lbs down πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦

I've really been neglecting running lately. I can whip out a bunch of excuses about time, being busy, work, learning to box..and especially blame the snow & ice covered sidewalks..but alas..no excuses. It's not like we don't have treadmills here in Canada. Anyyyhoo, I dragged my ass to the gym after work and managed a quick 3 mile jog followed by a brief ab circuit. There's worse ways to spend a Saturday. Hitting the pool tomorrow after work for some more cardio!

Jan 23 - Feb 6 - Feb 20

This mornings photo is on the far right. We have no make-up and hella menstrual bloat happening. Anddd to continue down the choo-choo train of excuses..last night was my first back at the gym since Thursday. I've been out with a cold. -

Yeah I cracked. I busted out the damn scale and weighed myself. More like tortured myself. I DID NOT want to do this today. I was scared. The scale confirmed that since the last two weeks..that NO matter how hard I've been training..that fucking scale showed gains! Well over 5lbs since the first photo on the left. Then I felt heavy, swollen and too large. Ashamed of myself and discouraged. I have been boxing for almost four weeks now, eating damn good and staying hydrated. I've been feeling strong and optimistic about my training. Then one step on the scale, and my strong turns to soft and my glass is now half empty.

I'm learning what 'works' for me. And it isn't a number. I'm glad I decided to give these 'too small skinny jeans' a try on today. I needed it.
I still have a long ways to go and some tummy trimming to do. But I'll be back to training tonight with a smile on my face and spite. A whole lot of spite to show that scale.
#weightlossjourney #training #beforeandafter #boxing #OCR #fitness #endurance #strong #healthy #active #fit #weightloss #spartan #motivation

Left: Stacey v22.6
Right: Stacey v27.2

Renewing the ol' passport. Age has definitely settled on my face since 2013. But I'm a healthier, slimmer and happier woman who doesn't binge drink and cut her own bangs anymore. Look at me now passport Canada! Wooo!!! Mailing this bad boy out and gearing up for a visit to SoCal in April πŸ–€

#weightloss #aging #healthy #active #happy

My turn. I love THIS one. He feeds me and embraces my inner derp. -
Even if 'Valentines Day' was invented by 'the card and candy companies' and you're not only a non-conforming rebel anarchist and just single as fuck...who cares? Take a few moments today to show the people you love that you do. You don't need to do it with a generic card or expensive gifts. Bake me some damn cookies or send some kind words over. πŸ–€#valentinesday #reallydigthosecookiesthough

Where I dwell.

Tuesday - 23/01/18 VS Tuesday - 06/02/18------ Two weeks ago I put away my scale. It hasn't been kind to me. I hit up a thrift shop and scored a pair of 'too small' skinny jeans. You know...when you need to jump around, wiggle your but and reallllllly suck it in to button them up while contemplating the functionality of butter. The plan is to try them on every second Tuesday morning. I will use these bad boys to track my progress. So, here's check in one! ---
I was pleasantly surprised this morning when I didn't have to hop around and do a Zumba routine to get them over my hind quarters. There's not a whole lot of change, it's only been two weeks. But it feels good to feel and SEE my hard work pay off. I've been eating MORE (more of the good stuff here, slow your cinnamon rolls amigos) I kicked it off with a week of cardio and HIIT. Week two? Well you know, I joined a boxing club! 5 one hour classes in the books. I signed up for a membership, got some shiny gloves to call my own on the way and I am thrilled to see where this new journey will take me! I feel strong, I feel healthy, and in another two weeks..I hope I report with good news again and show that mother fucking scale what is up!
#weightloss #fitnessjourney #beforeandafter #health #active #OCR #Boxing #Training #Spartan #gym #gainingmuscle #Ihope #weightlossjourney #skinnyjeans #workforit

I was tagged in wedding photos and my friends said we looked nice! 😏
Haha story time as we rewindddddd-----to my plane landing from Canada, late the night before. Then we wake-up early to drive up a mountain to Big Bear..a few hours before the wedding we RAN a @spartanrace as fast as we could to make it to this wedding! We had a blast, completed our race and can thank Spartans cold pressure hose and a dark chipotle parking lot for getting us wedding ready!
We showed up looking sharp, a little late with a little missed mud from Spartan behind my ears.

Sore from the race, ditched the trail runners for high-heels and we danced the night away. This is how I know I found the one. @spartanrace brought us together, and we're still at it ❀πŸ’ͺ #spartan #spartanrace #fitness #health #OCR #race #exercise #weightlossjourney #lifestyle #love #dunkwall #muddy

Once upon a time Saturday nights were for coping with my troubles by binge drinking and indulging in any sort of self-destructive shenanigan. Nowadays I'd rather be at the gym or tying up my kicks and running out the PTSD and depressive episodes. I started out my fitness journey to lose weight, now I exercise to not just be fit..but to heal my mind and heart. Tonight is a rough one again. But instead of turning to booze, food or random reckless abandon...I'm laying in my bed, cozy fucking pyjamas and just looking forward to hitting the bags after work tomorrow and climbing some ropes.
I'll beat this by being strong πŸ–€πŸ€œπŸ» #wellness #mentalhealth #depression #PTSD #recovery #weightloss #fitness #healing #health #bodyandsoul #trying #selflove

Boxing: Day 3
Status: Complete

Initial Thoughts? ...I don't know if I hurt more than I stink...or if I stink more than I hurt?

Progress: Advanced from a basic to a boxer skip. Three reps of three minutes is still painful. My calves are on fire.
What's new: Incorporated burpees into our routine today..MY TIME TO SHINEEEEEE!

Overall Summary:
Who knew punching things would make me so happy?

Any of you guys have any tips you can.."throw".. my way?
#boxing #green #newbie #weightlossjourney #fitness #active #training #health #rockemsockem #strong #learning #growing #changing

New things. That feeling you get when you rediscover that with the right conditioning, and when you treat your body right..you CAN do anything. It's an amazing feeling.

Last night I tried something that I've always wanted to do. Something that I buried and assumed I could never do. I went in green, never having picked up a boxing glove until then..and had an incredible and exhilarating work-out! I'm sore, my knuckles hurt, my shoulders hurt and I feel..incredible! Powerful and driven to dive into this sport.
I feel really, really good about this.
A huge shout-out to Sweet Science Boxing, their team and everybody in the class. You were all so welcoming and helpful!
Spartan Racing? Heck yeah, of course you'll still see me on a course. Hopefully with a little better upper body strength by the time my next race comes around.

Don't limit yourself. Do the things you want to do, even if they scare you. Find the things that drive you, and embrace them!
#weightlossjourney #fitness #health #active #gym #boxing #training #weightloss #fitnessjourney #ocr #fit #youcandoitrock #motivation #lifestyle #fitwomen #trysomethingnew

Another one in the offensive t-shirt collection! Thanks @wickedclothes

Let me be real here...most of my post work-out selfies are Grade A Derp Approved! With a capital D for extra derp as I try to figure out what's up with my hair and at which rep of what it decided to rebel against my head.
Give it all during your work-out, don't worry about how you look or if your hair is doing a thing..just go into beast mode and make the most of your routine! When I'm a sweaty mess a of woman, red faced and tired but strong limbs..that's when I really feel 'pretty'.
#weightlosstransformation #fitness #active #gym #health #OCR #training #spartanrace #fitwomen #weightloss #derp #sweatymess #HIIT

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