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Deborah Alter-Rasche  Melbourne Mum of two & primary school teacher. Living, teaching, playing, travelling & learning... always learning. #learnwithplay

Beautiful student artworks on display in the gardens of my children’s school. The painted rock swirl and recycled bottle cap insects add a gorgeous pop of colour that draws you in to have a closer look. The children proudly pointing out their individual contributions to equally proud parents is the best part though. #primaryschool #childrensart #artforkids #artdisplay #reducereuserecycle #recycledart

Here’s a cool idea for some art. This one was done at school by my 9y/o. #artforkids #kidsart #create

A Saturday morning without sport on!? What is this miracle? Making the most of it and hitting up the library to stock up for the upcoming holidays. 🙌🏻 📚 #readabook #readeveryday #loveyourlibrary #booksforkids

Classic painting with marbles is the hit of the sensory table at the moment. Not content with just the primary colours mixing on the page (which had been my idea), the other day students also went about mixing up their own colours. This took a fair amount of experimentation (and paint), but the excitement when they finally achieved their desired colours was most certainly worth it. This is why our morning session is called “investigations”. It allows children to discover and learn for themselves at their own pace and off their own back.
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Making the most of my day off to help save some lives. 💪🏻 Did you know that it’s National Blood Donor Week? What better excuse to find your local blood bank and help out if you can. #nationalblooddonorweek #donateblood #savelives #friendsofryder #australianredcross

Delicious frittatas made by my preps in their kitchen class today. Complete with freshly picked greens and herbs from the school garden, and a selection of other yummy ingredients they could choose to add. So fun watching many of them crack an egg open independently for the first time. It was also wonderful to witness how many of them were willing to try new things. #kitchengarden #sakg #kitchengardenprogram #primaryschool #iteachprep #cookingwithkids #instayum #frittata #classroomshare #melbourneteacher #aussieteachertribe

The waterbead lifecycle. From mini beads, to full grown, to mush. They’ve been a hit in my classroom lately. The first lot of beads all resulted in a very quick load of goo, and the children learnt how gently they had to be treated. They then went the other way, caring for and growing their own precious individual beads. (So cute). Marvelling at the changes as they grew. Carefully finding and testing waterproof containers that they could raise their “babies” in and take home. Now we have a huge tub full of full-sized beads and the students are treating them quite differently as they love them staying whole, bouncing them, rolling them around, looking through them to see the world upside down, and just generally revelling in their wonder. I thought we’d do an alphabet goo with the big tub full, but the class have voted and decided they want to divide them out between the class and keep them instead. (So sweet). So, looks like no goo. #sensoryplay #learnwithplay #prepteacher #iteachprep #melbourneteacher

When there’s an odd number for partner games, teddy loves to take up the challenge! She’s very good at maths though, so kids need to be on their toes. #intheclassroom #maths #melbourneteacher #iteachprep #prepteacher #aussieteachertribe

I’ve been looking forward to studying the letter ‘w’ in more depth with my class, mainly so that I could bring along water beads for the sensory table. 👌 They won’t last as spheres for too long with my class, so check back in later in the week to see the mush transformed into alphabet goo! I’m bringing in a sample before my students “grow” some themselves, and of course my own kids just can’t resist having a play and making up some of their own. #sensoryplay #learnwithplay #iteachprep #waterbeads #investigations #melbourneteacher #classroomresources

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