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Dan Watson  📷Photographer, videographer, engineer, musician🎸 Inspired by photos and the people that take them Latest review of the Sony 135mm 1.8 GM is live!!!!

For every one of these moments I get to spend out in these amazing scenes, capturing some awesome content, and testing out cool gear, there is usually a week (or two in this case!) spent in the office doing backups, building a new PC, painting walls, and spending way too much time assembling Ikea furniture lol. This has absolutely been one of those weeks for me and I know you can relate! POLL: how many of you got to spend the week doing something awesome and how many of you were project bound at home or in the office??? Either way the end result has been AMAZING and I have a ton of new stuff I am so crazy excited to share really soon!

What better way to celebrate #internationalwomensday than with an image of this amazing, strong, and absolutely talented woman who also happens to be my freaking awesome wife!!! @mrssallywatson, you are an inspiration to me in so many ways!
#sonyAR7III #California #sonyimages

It’s absolutely crazy just how busy NYC is even late at night. Hand held at 1/10 sec thanks to that good old in body stabilization on my Sony A7III. And you know it’s good if I can pull off an image like this with my coffee infused hands!!!
#nyc #sonyA7III

Had to throw on my @polarpro quartzline ND and pull out the tripod for this! But it was all worth it for a 5 sec exposure of the last bit of light overlooking the Potomac River in DC.

BOKEH!!! Using some lights and snow to show off the extremely shallow DOF and compression from a lens like this 135mm 1.8. I absolutely love these longer focal lengths when you have the room. Still dreaming for a Sony 105mm F1.4 though!
#sonya7riii #135mm #gmaster #sonyalpha
FT @furmanjulie &  @good_vibes_janelle_

First time shooting in the snow and it was absolutely EPIC!!! And in case you missed it, this is the intro from the newest video and you know how I love these! Everything was shot on the new Sony 135mm 1.8 GM with the A7RIII. Oh, and if you want to see what my camera looked like after just 5 minutes in the snow, check out my last image...which is why weather sealing is a must
#sonya7riii #135mm #gmaster #sonyalpha @lern.g

Giving the new Sony 135mm F1.8 #gmaster the reception it deserves!!! New video review on this lens just went live on the channel so go give it some love!
#sonya7riii #135mm #sonyalpha #sonygm

One of the things I appreciate most about photography is getting to capture the fleeting moments in life. Time passes quickly but there are sooo many memories and adventures that will now last forever. Now I just need the time to go through all these thousands of images I took last month!
#sonyalpha #sonya7iii #longexposure

Big shoutout to the birds that helped make this image a bit more epic!!! Considering this was shot on a fast moving boat I'd say my button clicking skills are on point as well! Oh, and a completely unrelated video just went live on the channel which all you videographers should definitely check out
#24mm #gmaster #sonyalpha #sonya7riii #lensflare

It's intro time again!!! This one is from our Canon EOS RP review that just went live and was 100% shot on that camera. The feedback on the RP has been all over the map but you can't argue with the stunning quality you can get from a $1300 camera!
#canoneosrp, #eosrp, #canoneos

This is the new Canon EOS RP!!! Our full hands on review just went live so ABSOLUTELY go check it out and give some love (link in bio). The price of this camera is insane, the build & compactness of the RP is insane, the features are...well...not bad lol. Is that a good enough combo to get you to hit buy? Oh, and those new lenses are insane too!!! What are your thoughts on the new EOS RP???
#canoneosrp, eosrp, #canoneos

Which is the most AWESOME mirrorless camera??? I want to know your favorite and why you think it’s so amazing. I’ll let you know my personal picks next week but feel free to spoil it for everyone and wager a guess!

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