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Heather C  ✨Wife•Mama to 3•Cheese lover•Welly wearer•Hashtag enthusiast•Muddling through country life with my little tribe, taking pictures along the way✨


Happy #humpday folks! Whatever lies in store for you today; may your head be focused, your hands be busy and your heart be full 💛#busyhands #fullhearts #focused

✨Oh I do love to be beside the seaside ✨
Is it just me or do the ol' lungs breathe so much deeper by the ocean? I can hardly pin this on quality of air - it's pretty perfect over here in the Dales. But there's just something about standing on the shoreline, looking out to the enormity of the sea and inhaling that salty air; it's magical. And as much as I love our fields, country lanes and village life, I miss it 💛 #imisstheocean #takemeback #pembrokeshire

A whole week without this little explorer 💔. It will be her longest visit to her dads yet, and the longest we've been apart for. If I'm honest it feels like a piece of me is missing, and in a way it is; only to be made whole again when she comes home.

No one has babies with the foresight that they'll end up moving between two parents. No one puts that into their life plan. But sometimes life just... happens, in all of it's pain and it's glory. The what ifs and the frustration of pasts unresolved can chew you up from the inside if you let them. We can choose though, whatever circumstance we find ourselves in, to live our best lives. Not living in the past or dreaming of tomorrow but being present in the right now. I guess we just have to navigate each twist and turn the best we can, with kindness and gratitude; looking forward always 💛

"We'll look after Theo, mama" they said. "We'll let him choose what he wants to do" they said... Hmmmm 🙄. #bigsisters #babyinabox #givemebackmytoothbrush

Lighting it up with candlelight, sipping on Merlot and listening to what Google Home considers to be relaxing music because we're too tired to decide ourselves. What has the world come to?! I can't help but wonder if I'll ever find the brain-power to string enough words together to write a blog post anytime soon; it seems a strain to manage a successful food shop at the moment (don't ask my husband how many blunders have been made in recent months 🙈).
Whilst trying to feel my way out of the sleep deprived fog of exhaustion this space has become a sanctuary for me. It has been place to quickly pop on a picture, a moment in time or a memory made, and some rambled thoughts along with it. It has been a place where I've read about or connected with other mamas who feel the same way I'm feeling as we try to remember what sleep felt like. But ultimately it's been a place - just a small space that has been mine - just mine, in the world of motherhood where us mamas don't prioritise ourselves nearly enough. And for that I'll always be grateful 💛 #myhouseinaugust #lightitup #feelingtheinstalove

My husband is a clever goose (are geese actually that clever? 🤔). I may NEED him to make a rope knot doorstop for every room... #myhusband #theropemaker #makingahouseahome #monkeyfist

✨Travelling with kids✨
Here on Insta there's never a shortage of parental inspiration, not least of travelling as a family. You see glossy shots of children behaving impeccably in the midst of unfamiliar cultures, late nights seemingly having no impairment on their energy and pristine clothing that have somehow emerged from a week in a rucksack...
The reality is (I hope, and that it's not just us!) that travelling with littlies is not effortless or without drama; it can be knackering. Travelling for long hours can take its' toll both physically and mentally on little bodies; over excitement can lead to emotional carnage and boredom can drive everyone to the brink of losing their marbles...
But here's the thing; it's also pretty wonderful. Giving children the opportunity of new experiences is possibly one of the greatest treasures of parenthood; whether it's kayaking in the ocean, having a go at speaking a new language or even just marvelling over the 'spy glass' in the hotel bedroom 🙈. Then (and only then) does the chaos of five humans in a bedroom become completely worth it ✨

Hull, you've impressed us with your museums, art gallery, endless options of restaurants and fancy marina. You're really quite pretty and we weren't expecting that. And to top it off you gave the girls a giggle with your water fountains. City of culture 2017, we salute you 💛 #theplaceswewillgo #familyadventures

This woman is a legend. She has heroically munched on apples instead of biscuits and guzzled on water instead of sipping on wine for 8 months now. Yes she's lost a heck of a lot of weight of weight and yes she's looking bloomin' fab, but it's her grit and determination for the long haul that is nothing short of inspirational. She loves her five grandbabies fiercely and her two older babies perhaps moreso. Mama, this is for no other reason but to say... I think you're really groovy (her favourite word 🙈)!! xx #mymama #legend

In homage to today's theme of 'paint' with #myhouseinaugust here's a snap of a few hand painted lovelies that I keep on our good ol' Ikea shelving unit.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The framed flower picture was the handiwork of my clever mama and the green bowl was a homemade/painted birthday present from my girls this year (with handblown and decoupaged eggs inside 😍). The tiny little bowl has some very precious (though not painted) treasure in - if you've not been to Northumberland's Holy Island and searched for St Cuthbert's beads then you've not lived!

Happy birthday to my best friend, husband, co-adventurer, partner in crime and baby daddy 💛 #istilllikeyou #letsbeusforever #birthdayvibes

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