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Leanne Johnston  I'm Leanne - a modern hippie mama with three kiddos - two bio and one adopted - minister, and pastor wife. I love chocolate chip cookies and theology.

Happy Father’s Day from three of the greatest kids ever!

I am so proud of this little dancing teddy bear. She loved her dance classes this year and was such a doll on stage. No fears at all!

I’m also so proud of my big kid for going with the flow and sitting through Eloise’s recital with no complaints!


She asked me to take a picture of her eating an ice cream cone. Then she made this face when the French fries made her pretend sing at dinner.
If you’ve been around here for any length of time you know this girl is spicy. She’s has personality to spare. She is fierce and sassy and loyal and independent and kind and funny.
4 years ago we were waiting for her arrival. It was the most unknown. We relied heavily on patience and grace that could only come from God. I was anxious and overwhelmed and did my best to trust.
During that season a dear friend gifted me a verse. Luke 1:45. Happy is she who believed that the Lord would fulfill the promises he made to her.
4 year. ❤️❤️❤️ #adoption #johnston5

This is a cute picture of a baby playing with our pups. This is not a picture of my day. Lest you think I am a model mama with angelic children, let me paint you a picture of my afternoon.
I decided I could handle taking all three kids to the neighborhood pool alone. It was great. The kids played and two of them listened. For a few minutes i sat in the shade with the baby while the big kids played in the baby pool. It was refreshing.
Then it was time to leave.
This is always the hardest time. It took some convincing but I got two kids loaded up and got myself put back together. Imagine a huge double stroller, a big pool bag, a 6 year in the stroller, and me: swimsuit, running shorts, socks, tennis shoes, wearing a baby. Oh, and Eloise. Yes. She’s still in the pool and WILL.NOT.GET.OUT.
I tried pretending to leave without her. I tried ultimatums. I tried the fierce mom eyes and deep, low voice.
Eloise was laughing and running around in the pool.
So I kicked off my shoes, took my socks off, and climbed in the pool. Wearing the baby. Chased the girl around, she was screaming of course. I grabbed her and placed her in the stroller and put my shoes back on.
Then we walked out. She screamed the whole way home.
The mental picture of what that must have looked like to the precious suburban families at the pool today will make me laugh.
I know I’m a good mama. I know i have the worlds greatest kids ever. I know it’s not always easy. I also know I have no idea what I’m doing and I make decisions on the fly and that ends up with me walking thru the baby pool in shorts. ❤️

This afternoon we went for a little walk. 3 kids. 3 vehicles. 1 mama. Wes drove the Jeep, Ellie rode the big wheel in a pink dress, purse, and pink shoes. Thomas took his very first trip out on the trike. ❤️❤️❤️ About an hour later we made tie dyed shirts. I was killing it. We wore gloves. We compromised on 4 colors. I cleaned everything up and found one of my children with more dye. Said child mixed the dye with water unsupervised. 🤦🏻‍♀️ Unrelated: I ate a lot of ice cream today. #momlife #johnston5

When big bubba and sister have swim class, Thomas and I chill at the pool. His swimsuit kills me. His little flip flops are the greatest. I forgot his hat at home so we tried to stay mostly in the shade. Because #ginger. This guy is losing his baby and becoming a little toddler. He’s awesome. #johnston5

This girl. Can we add to our already chaotic lives? Should we get a dog? How is this going to go?
Well... she’s my dog. She loves me. She loves that the kids are always sticky and taste like food. She wants to play at 2am and she doesn’t understand leashes.
She’s stinking cute. I’m not sure which one of us loves her the most. But I know the cats are not fans... 😂

Ellie dressed herself.
Short pants. ✅
Unicorn shirt. ✅
Flip flops. ✅
Wool hat. ✅

Wesley’s training for American Ninja Warrior. ❤️❤️❤️ @theliturgynerd

Phoebe is shy and timid but I think she’s warmed up to us nicely in just a few hours. She likes the boys because they are quiet and move slowly. She is apprehensive of Eloise because...Eloise. She knows Jarrod is going to play with her and she knows mama wants to snuggle.
Welcome to the chaos, Phoebe.

The many faces of Eloise. Not only did she wear a raccoon hat, sunglasses, and floaties but when I asked her to take them off she came back with a peach flowered headband and red velvet purse.
And she picked her outfit today. It includes her @fumcburleson shirt and Christmas leggings with a pink bow and pink shoes. You can see evidence of the original ensemble in the middle of a fit at @target.
Furthermore, she came in wearing the raccoon outfit saying, “Diana is picking me up. I look fabulous.” Who is Diana? Who knows.
This is Eloise.

This kid turned 11 months old yesterday. He is so funny, loves his family, and is good with chaos. We moved this month and he started sharing a room with big brother. He’s eating food like a champion and is generally the happiest kid ever. He’s always on the move - walking, trying to run, or crawling.
I cannot believe we will be celebrating his first birthday next month. He’s our miracle surprise that we never imagined. He’s the most perfect addition to our family. We couldn’t love him more.

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