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Sami B  I’m an RN, BSN & Certified PT Ptula @ptulaactive 💜 New personal acct —> @samibossert 💕👇🏼

To a man who’s taught me to work hard for what I want, how to be patient, how to be humble, how to be honest and caring. ⠀

If there’s anyone that inspires me in this world - to appreciate every single day for my health, family and all other blessings in my life - it’s you. ♥️ ⠀

I cannot put into words how thankful I am to have you still in my life. Gonna make you proud, Daddy. ⠀

Happy Fathers Day to all of you Fathers. I hope each of you feels EVEN MORE appreciated today - of all days. ♥️⠀

#happyfathersday #fathersday #love

Intense Ab Circuit 🔥☺️⠀SOUND ON, beauties !! 💬💬💬

1️⃣ 15 reps | 3 sets (modification is 1st)⠀

2️⃣ 20 reps | 3 sets⠀

3️⃣ 12 reps each leg | 3 sets ⠀

4️⃣ 20 reps | 3 sets (modification is 1st) ⠀

5️⃣ 20 reps | 3 sets ⠀

I hope you all really try this workout! Comment below, tag friends and let me know if you’ll try it or when you perform it!! 🔥🙌🏼♥️😘⠀

Outfit is by P’tula @ptulaactive .. Coming to the Collection 😉 Veronica Sports Bra (@verofitjourney) & Mayra Leggings (@mai.mai2288) will be the names!! 🔥♥️

Remember that 40-minute lower body workout I posted a few back? Well it had me waddling for the next 2 days 😭🙈 I felt it was necessary to use the next gym session as a more “active” rest day with some specific stretches to help with the soreness. They felt soooo good !!! Hold each pose for 10-30 seconds.. Watch the clips for more deetaaillls 💪🏼😃 Give these stretches a try if you’re feeling tight in your glutes, hips and inner thighs especially !! .
Outfit by P’tula @ptulaactive #stretch #staticstretching #soremuscles #fitnessmotivation #workoutmotivation #fittcolumbus #fit

It’s Monday !! Now get movin’ ... 😛💪🏼
Outfit by P’tula —> coming soooon!! 👀🙃 Some great videos comin’ soon, everyone!! Speed rope by @crossropejumpropes 😀 #workoutmotivation #fitnessmotivation #cardio #howtoburncalories #speedrope #mondayvibes #postivevibes #mondaymotivation #justdoit

The last of the 3 going to tie the knot !! 😭💍 Her bridal shower was full of so many special women - friends, clients, family ... So much love, smiles, happiness, and new memories - thank you to all of you who made this day so special for my baby sis @leahbfitandbeauty 💕✨... @speak.k35 are you sure you’re ready to join our crazy family ?? 😉😂 .
PS : Tagged our dresses in the photo 🙃✨♥️ #theknot #bride #bridetobe #bridalshower #memories #bestfriends #familylove #familyiseverything

Suns out, buns “halfway” out ! 😎🍑 For those of you who have asked, I wear @ravishsands Brazilian Cheeky bottoms ... 👙 I usually wear my bikinis where there’s children or people not used to seeing a ton of skin and prefer to cover my backside at least a little.... 😂😛 So if you are like me, choose the Brazilian cheekiesss!! #bikinis #swimsuits #ravishsands #florida #tgif #fridayvibes #weekendvibes

Yesterday was a special workout!! Not only did I have a legday partner, but also had a video footage helper!! 🙌🏼🤩 Thanks babessss 💕😘 .
We did some of our favorite machines and some of our favorite moves to really target the quads, hamstrings, glutes, lower back and calves (sorry guys, we didn’t take footage of the calf exercises 🙈😭)... .
No bells and whistles - just raw footage of this workout busting my 🍑🍑!! Perform 10-12 reps of each exercise | 5 sets each | increase weight by 5-15 lbs with every set.. And notice how slow I’m going in these moves today.. Mind-muscle connection is no joke! .
Outfit is by ... 🧐💕#ptulaactive #legday #glutes #hamstrings #workoutmotivation #fitnessmotivation #fitness #fitnessvideos

This morning I woke up feeling ...⠀
uncomfortable (oh yes it happens to all of us) ⠀

- I ate more salt last night than I’m used to while watching the #nbafinals —> sometimes I handle it ok and other times not so much 😖⠀

- TMI but it’s TTOTM .. The first 1-2 days, I hold onto excess water and this morning cramps came in like a wrecking ball 😫 ⠀

- Yesterday’s workout was amazinggg but left my lower back pretty sore and tender 🙁⠀

There were several reasons why I could’ve opted out of my workout this morning. Didn’t exactly feel like my motivated self and truly felt my TOTM would get the best of me.⠀

But... I chose my cutest and most comfortable workout outfit, took 2 Motrin, and sucked it up.. and here’s what happened... ⠀

30 minutes later - my endorphins (and motrin) kicked in and left me with minimal pain. Please note - I’m not recommending meds here, just being truthful - sometimes I need it in these circumstances). ⠀

I was starting to feel tighter and leaner, sweating as the workout continued. My energy levels were increasing and my mood was improving .. Hello, a soon-to-be positive and productive day !! ♥️⠀

The purpose of this post is just a reminder that there’s so many beautiful benefits of exercise - outside of the typical “aesthetics” you see here on Instagram and other social media platforms... ⠀

Don’t forget the small benefits you receive from just 20-30 minutes of exercise a few days a week... It doesn’t mean opting out is a BAD thing at times - but sometimes exercise will help even if you think it may not.... It’s totally worth it and one of the BEST things you can do for yourself! 💙✨ ⠀

Happy Thursday, everyone!! ⠀

Outfit is by P’tula . The new Veronica and new Mayra’s will be debuting later this summer ... 💙🤩 ⠀

#ptulaactive #ptula100K

DISCLAIMER: We all have differences of opinion & different experiences with our own LIFE. Don’t take this as advice as it may not work for you. These are MY experiences. I love you all and only want the best for you. And if you are still reading this - you’re the fricken best !! 💕💕 Video credit —> Scott caught me in the act of “posing” for you all 🙈😂 Tried to play it off. How did I do? Haha

You all have been asking about more treadmill-based workouts so I put this one together for you!!! ⠀


[Follow the routine below for 5 minutes. Repeat 3 more times]⠀



CLIP 3 : PERFORM 3 SPRINTS BACK TO BACK ⠀( 30 seconds ON / 30 seconds OFF ORRRR 45 seconds ON / 15 seconds OFF) ⠀
Be light on your feet, keep your core tight, go as fast as you can SAFELY !! ⠀

Now go get your sweat on, lovesss! ⠀

Outfit is by P’tula @ptulaactive 💙

Beginning my “Busy Girls’ Guide” with this beautiful, quick snack that’s absolutely perfect for summer!! 😃🍅🌱⠀

Not only are these an amazing snack, but this would be a delicious, quick dish to bring to any graduation party, family shindig, vacation, etc .. ⠀

Ingredients: ⠀

🍅 Cherry Tomatoes ⠀

✨ Part Skim Mozzarella Stick (cut up) ⠀

🌱 Fresh Basil ⠀

✨ Toothpicks ⠀

For those of you not counting your macronutrients, great! For those who are, here’s the details.... ⠀

For 3 skewers (compiled like the photo): ⠀
P = 7 grams, C = 4 grams, F = 4 grams.. Calories = 77 .... ⠀

If you want to see more “Busy Girls Guide“ recipes, comment below !! Anddd tell me what you want to see!! ♥️💕♥️ ⠀

Love you all so much!!! ⠀

BBY inspired ✨ #busygirlsguide #ptulaactive #fresh #snacks #healthyeating #cleaneats

Time for a BOOTY LIFTING routine today!!! ⠀

4 MOVES. Grab a weight, a plate or perform body weight :) ⠀

Clip 1: 12 reps | 4 sets ⠀

Clip 2: 15 reps on each leg | 4 sets ⠀

Clip 3: 8-15 reps (depending on your experience level with bench jumps) | 4 sets ⠀

Clip 4: 20 squats total (10 side lunges on each side) | 4 sets total ⠀


💙 Keep an eye on your feet position —> this is true ANYTIME your stepping up or jumping up onto a platform⠀

💙 Push up with your heels during the step up moves ⠀

💙 You can go as slow or as fast as you want! Switch it up to activate both slow twitch AND fast twitch muscle fibers !! ⠀

Outfit is by P’tula. Not available yet but coming soon 👀💙 @ptulaactive #workoutmotivation #mondaymotivation #motivate #fitnessmotivation #legday #squats @gymglutes

Anyone else feel like you push yourself even more if you’re pressed for time during your workout?? 🤩🙌🏼 This week my workouts have been between 30-45 minutes and not every day. Hey, sometimes other areas of life take priorityyyy 🤪 Never feel defeated if you can’t follow your routine to a T every week. Just go with it - because if you’re dedicated to working out, you’ll get back to your routine in no time .. ☺️💙 .
I performed these 4 moves (clips 2 & 3 are the same just a different angle)... This workout focused on all areas of the upper thighs (front, sides and back) 😛 Complete all 4 exercises back to back with 15 reps each . Complete 4 sets. #BBYinspired #hiit #buttworkout #ptulaactive #positivevibes #fitnessmotivation #workoutmotivation

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