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Leah Robinson  MELBOURNE photographer Children | Families | Dancers | Workshops {Family art workshops} www.horizonwithin.com

💛💛💛 Miah 💛💛💛
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When you go to the beach for the VERY FIRST TIME for a photo shoot to celebrate your first birthday, that could be a disaster. As you can see with Daisy here, it was the opposite. Miss Beach babe 2035 here she comes (omg did I just write 2035????? The last time I wrote that was a sci-fi futuristic piece in high school 😳)

Miss Sharnika, aka “Brave” ♥️

When you're just casually minding your own business reading "Groovicorns" in Target, and someone sneaks up on you 😆 🦄
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This is my sister Kathryn, and her daughter, Dellah. 20 years ago, my sister was told she has Multiple Sclerosis. Huge by anyone’s standards. A disease that will, inevitably, not only take away a persons ability to carry out the day to day functions that we all take for granted, but for all intents and purposes leave a persons brain, spirit and soul trapped inside a useless shell. At first, changes were barely noticeable - not to anyone other than Kathryn, of course. Until now it is at the point that every time I see her my heart breaks at what this disease is doing to her. What it is taking from her.
For those who know my sister Kathryn, you will know how hard she has fought this disease. She has had EVERY. SINGLE. TREATMENT. available to her here in Australia, all with no positive result. In fact, the majority of them have resulted in her having the side effect that are generally limited to the 1-5% of those undergoing treatment.
And those who know her will also attest that my little sister is a bloody stubborn mare who doesn’t take kindly to any help or assistance, instead choosing to do things that others would balk at doing, quietly and uncomplainingly on her own.
Last week, she received the news that she has been accepted to a treatment program in Russia to undergo stem cell treatment. This is a lengthy, expensive and invasive endeavour to HOPEFULLY halt the MS in its tracks. She leaves in a little over 5 weeks.
Kathryn is brave beyond measure, and I am so proud of her on so many levels. Her independence, integrity, resilience and strength put most people I know to shame. I am praying and hoping with all that’s in me that this is successful, for the sake of her, and for her daughter Dellah. ♥️🙏🏻

Angel face #dollcakevintage

Respect women in sport.
Respect women.
Athleticism, dedication, perfection and drive don’t just belong to men.
Women are incredible and capable of hella amazing things. Sorry if it makes you feel inadequate 💁‍♀️
(Photo on left copyright Michael Wilson AFL photographer)
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Ah sure...for the day that’s in it.
Happy St Patrick’s day, to all my Irish friends, both near and far ☘️♥️☘️♥️

Last shot of the day at our last Horizon Within workshop in Sydney. Barely any light left, ISO pumped up high. Everybody exhausted, but on a high from the day it was.
Worth it, and then some ❤️

The dance is a poem of which each movement is a word {Mata Hari}
@suvannah.hunter ♥️

City chic

He sprinkled me in pixie dust and told me to believe;
Believe in him, and believe in me {lost boy}
I enjoy being inspired to put together outfits and looks for her performances. Once this one was complete, I HAD to take her photo, I loved it so much
It’s my favourite @abvocalcoach, pretty pleased with this one 😉

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