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LEAH  CPT🖤 I do not compete. I'm weird🤗 MICHIGAN. Twitter/snap: leahjfitness🐥👻 LaBoomLife - LEAH for 50% off!! ⬇️All workout plans!⬇️


Hope y'all have a good Memorial Day weekend! 💙 I have a few days off for once haha. Don't forget all my plans are 20% off with the code MEMORIAL through Tuesday 🤗

What do I do when I accidentally get to work 45 mins early on a nice ass day?? Go outside and take selfies duh!! Here's 3 pics of my face in case you forgot what I look like up close. Still a no makeup wearin ass bish🤷🏽‍♀️well yanno besides my eyebrows, mascara and bronzer. But those aren't considered makeup in my book. More like necessities

Instagram engagement is trash lately 🚮 I had more engagement last year when I had 5k followers, and I post more informative shit now than I did back then 🙄
•Stiff leg deadlifts
•Reverse lunges. Don't mind Mario cluelessly walking into my video bc he didn't realize I was recording lol. His butt tho.
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#ljsldl #ljreverselunge #ljfsquat

Mario was in the window behind my phone mocking everything I did while I was taking these 🙂 also I fink my hamstrings are dead from doing legs just now. I'll post a video tomorrow when I feel like putting it together 🙂 HAVE A GOOD NIGHT Y'ALL
Shirt and pants are lulu

I’ve been tagged numerous times to do 10-15 non fitness facts about myself, but I’ve already done that before. So I thought I’d switch it up and do something different and raw. So here are some things I haven’t even told most people about. This is just me being transparent which is pretty uncomfortable lol.
•I went to a private school up until high school. I almost switched schools numerous times bc there were only about 9 girls in my grade (including me) and they were all so damn mean to me. I came home crying to my mom countless times bc they always discluded me from everything.
•I always got teased for being fat when I was younger. Older girls would call me fat as I was riding my bike around my subdivision. I’d go home crying and my parents were livid.
•My private school had a fair every summer and everyone went. In 5th grade I tried making myself throw up a week before bc I wanted to look skinny for it. I couldn’t do it, but I kept trying to.
•When I went to Hawaii in 2015 I wanted to be as skinny as possible since I would be in a bikini every day. I would start to eat things, feel guilty, and then spit it out. Then I started chewing things and spitting them out just so I could get the taste of it without actually eating it.
•In high school and for a few years after I graduated, I drank a decent amount. On days that I knew I was going to be drinking, I’d eat as little as possible. That way I could get drunk quicker without drinking a lot of calories and looking super bloated from the drinks.
•When I first got into lifting all I wanted was to have a perfect set of abs. I have IBS so I deal with constant bloat. I would take laxatives the night before I knew I had a day off work/school, in hopes of losing weight from that.
••THESE ARE ALL THINGS I HAVE NEVER SHARED WITH ANYONE. Why am I sharing this for 30k+ people to read? Bc this shit is fucking real. People out there struggle with things like this daily. You’re not alone. You can get away from it. You can be healthy mentally and physically. I promise.
I’m healthy. I’m happy. I don’t let my past consume me. Here’s to #TransparentlyMovingForward 💙

Back and biiii's from last night.
•Single arm pullovers aka my favorite as y'all can probably tell by now
•Single arm rows. Thanks @monsterintraining34 and @johnsmith212113 for recording me while Mario was 🙂
•Cross body cable curls
•Incline db curls
••All training programs on my site 💙
#ljsinglearmpull #ljseatedrow #ljcrossbodycurl #ljinclinecurl

Rain drop, drop top, this is the first time Leah's ever worn a crop top 🙂
"Omg what you're into fitness you have to wear crops all the time?!" GUESS AGAIN!!! I hate my stomach and do everything I can to cover it up. So here's to trying to get past that 😅 off to the gym I go ttyl
Outfit is tagged!

•Thick thighs • Thin patience•
If that ain't me 🤷🏽‍♀️ also I can confirm that my waist is actually not this small?? So idk optical illusion?? Gotcha bitch

I am sore af today 😅 but just a reminder: you don't have to be sore after every workout to be making progress!! I'm not sore 7 days a week!! Just bc you're not sore doesn't mean you didn't do anything!! You actually shouldn't be sore every single time!! Ok cool!!
•Pulse SLDL's
•Landmine squats. I stand far away from the bar and have my feet wide bc that's how I feel it most.
•Split squats on smith. Notice my range of motion isn't huge. Get your feet pretttyyy far out, that way you'll really feel it in your glutes.
•Banded glute bridges. Just did these as a superset with hip thrusts.
••All training programs are on my site 💙

This is what happens when I try to take creative pics outside 🙄 I'm obviously a great singer and this is sped up too, I swear I don't talk this fast lol

Lil cahhhhdio circuit I did the other day bc lawd knows it never stays THAT nice in Michigan for more than a day 🙂 did this circuit 5-6 times and was dripping sweat so I guess it does something beneficial.
•Step ups
•Box jumps? Stair jumps? Just jump ok.
•High knees
•Burpees. F these things
Song: Go for broke-Machine Gun Kelly

It's shitty af today and rainy but my hair looked good so0o0o of course I had to selfie 🤷🏽‍♀️ maxi dresses are my obsession bc so comfy and easy and cute.
Also lemme tell ya that last night my mom made me put my @laboomlife on her bc she's so pale. This morning she was so excited about how tan she is 😂 This is the last month to use my code LEAH for 50% off! Next month it'll be 30% so make sure you get datttt☀️

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