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LEAH  I do not compete. I'm weird🤗 MICHIGAN. Twitter/snap: leahjfitness🐥👻 LaBoomLife - LEAH for 50% off!! ⬇️TRAINING PROGRAMS!⬇️


Back and bi's and Mario annoying me for once 🙄
‼️My training programs are still 15% off til Sunday!! Link in bio. Just use code LOVE15 at checkout!‼️
•Single arm cable pulls
•Single arm cable pullovers (one of my favorites if you couldn't tell lol)
•Hammer curls / SS / DB bicep curls (ow)
•Straight arm pulldowns
#ljcablepullin #ljcablepullsingle #ljdbhammer #ljdbcurl #ljstraightarm

*puts weights down*
*thinks of brilliant idea to annoy him*
*executes idea*

Chest and triiii's🙄🙄🙄
•Cable flyes
•Banded dips
•V-bar pushdown dropset
#ljcablefly #ljbandeddip #ljvbar

GOOD MORNING LOVES. So, since my website is brannnnddd new I decided to do a promotion for all of you first time buyers🤑
The coupon code LOVE15 will get you 15% off any of my plans on my site! TODAY ONLY. It will expire tomorrow so gooo! I still have a few spots left for my customized plans sooo get on it if ya wanna train with me😘
I also fixed up the mobile version so it looks better now.
Click on the plan you want to read the full description of what is included.
As long as it lets you check out, that means you got a spot in the customized training. If not, it'll say out of stock!
The booty and upper body programs are unlimited.
All plans can be done whether you're beginner, intermediate, or advanced.
If you have any other questions, feel free to email me or message me!💙
Link in bio0o0o0o!
Here's just a video of me moving around 🤷🏽‍♀️

Welllllll...I have a website!!! Spent all day finishing everything and getting everything perfected🤗 looks 1000x better on your desktop so please don't only use your phone lol.
I have a total of 15 spots open for the customized training! I'll add more as I get plans sent out. I just don't wanna overwhelm myself right away and want to be able to really spend time working on those plans for y'all😊if you're able to buy it, that means it's still available! If there's no spots left it will say out of stock.
Just click on the program for a detailed explanation of what's included!
GO LOOK!!!! IM SO DAMN EXCITED!!!!💙💙 #leahjfitness

I appreciate my hamstrings🤙🏽
•Stiff leg deads on the smith
•Single leg stiff leg deads (that's a mouthful of words)
•Close to wide stance jumping leg press
#ljsldl #ljsinglesldl #ljclosewideleg

YOU GUYSSSS I PICKED UP THE PAPERS FOR MY LLC TODAY (if you watch my stories you'd already know this) SO I AM OFFICIALLY IN BUSINESS!!!! LEAH J FITNESS LLC IS REAL💙💙 Tomorrow will be spent finalizing everything on my website and then I'll publish it within the next week!!!! Here's the plans I'm finishing up to put on there:
•6 week customized program
•4 week customized program
-These will be specifically made for YOU to fit your goals.
•Leg/booty plan
•Upper body plan
-These will be workouts you can add into your current routine at your convenience.
•At home booty plan
🤗Lemme know if there is anything you want me to make in the future! I will be adding new programs all the time.
Also can we appreciate that @laboomlife tan😏

Had this song on repeat last night🤗
•Front raises on incline bench
•Presses with ez bar
•Face pulls with rope
#ljinclinefront #ljezpress #ljfacepull

So freaking tired when I got home from work today that I ended up falling asleep on Mario. As I was about to change for the gym 🤷🏽‍♀️ but I got up and got my lil ass here. Annnndd this is why I complain about always getting home so late 🙃 now I'm just dying on the stairmaster HAPPY MONDAY

How to get a good picture 101👉🏽Swipe to see!!!! (I know the suspense is probably killing you)

I am so happy I stopped tracking macros a while back. I no longer see food as numbers, and know how to listen to my own hunger cues. I no longer skip out on dinners with friends/family bc I didn't know if I'd find anything to "fit" into my macros. I no longer tell my coworkers that I'm "not hungry" when they bring food to work. When in reality, I just got anxiety over not knowing the macros on it.
I no longer eat just to "hit my numbers", or restrict myself for going over them. I eat when I'm hungry. I eat mostly healthy, but I also eat things that are unhealthy without feeling guilty about it. Food is not the enemy. Tracking macros made me think it was.
YOU DON'T HAVE TO TRACK JUST BC YOU'RE INTO FITNESS. If you do, that's great! But it is not for everyone. There's no one size fits all with this shit.
I'm posting this since I get so many people asking how to track, what they should eat, etc. I DO NOT TRACK. YOU DO NOT "HAVE TO" EITHER.
Tan by LaBoom. Use code LEAH to get 50% off I SWEAR BY THIS SHIIIIT

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