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Leah Chavez  The LORD is my Shepherd; I shall not want Psalm 23

Truly, the sweetest joy to experience life with @____fonso____ in pursuit of God’s kingdom. I’m wholly and undoubtedly thankful for the character, leadership, humility, and pursuit that falls nothing short of the example of Christ 😌

And a huge congrats to the happy couple, @jessica.michelle___ & @geeovanky πŸ’ I already see the grace of God flourish in your relationship and I pray for all the more in your marriage. I’m so privileged of coming alongside you guys and experiencing the wonderful gifts that truly come from our good GOOD Father. Let the wedding planning begin!! πŸ€—

πŸ’­ My prayer for you:
You know what I see in many people and even what I often times see in myself? It's the need to know truth. Truth about what our purpose is in this life or to know why all this was created for. I believe that if more people knew that truth, they'd be more receptive to change. Truth is not relative nor is it possible to have multiple truths. Truth has to be absolute in order for it to stand by its entitlement. I believe that truth has the power to change someone because I myself have encountered that truth and experienced that miraculous change. Here is something you must know, God is a God of love and He longs to reunite Himself with His creation and has already bridged the gap between God and man through His Son, Jesus Christ. He Himself carried out the promises to redeem and restore what humanity continuously destroys. If it isn't for the love of God pursuing humanity, we'd be in a place we rightly deserve to be in.. YET, it's that same love that saves and makes a person see what was long forgotten or misunderstood. From beginning to end, the scriptures communicate a story of redemption and has been told over and over again in order for us to understand the heart of God. This truth embodies the very nature and character of Christ, Who willingly died for us that while we didn't care to save ourselves, He still did in an unimaginable way. This truth is worth living and dying for because it's the very truth that molds purpose, identity, and worth into a person. Many can't accept this and I pray that God would reveal His true self to whoever it is one day, but the love of God still remains. Still, even at our worst, God seeks relationship with everyone regardless of what path a person may stumble upon. He chooses to love simply because He is that very embodiment of love and it's free grace for all who believe this truth. I pray that you believe and encounter the truth that sets all men and women free.

Gosh, this is ridiculously late but I couldn't go without saying that I was very grateful to attend this proud moment of yours! 😊 It's a privilege to watch you succeed and an incredible blessing to have you in the family! But this is it, you're done! Here's to the accomplishments and God's good grace in your life πŸŽˆπŸŽ‰

Mold me,
Shape me,
Transform me,
Help me grow in grace,
In boldness,
In faith,
In patience,
In humility,
In wisdom,
In purity,
In servitude,
In forgiveness;
And let me only boast in my weakness.
Flood my heart with Your presence God.
Continue to reveal to me Your unrelenting love and mercy.
And give my heart only one desire,
To know You deeper πŸ’­

Looks like I'm having the most peaceful walk of my life πŸ˜‚ but truly, I was just walking to my car after leaving class a few weeks ago. I wanted to share this scripture hoping it'd bring hope to those who need it and reassurance to those who need to be reminded. God is good. God is sovereign. God is the ultimate source of peace and redemption. All glory belongs to Him Who is faithful to those who are near Him. God bless! πŸ’š #HesthegreatIAm 🎢Broken Vessels by Hillsong Worship

Who is this king of glory? Let me tell you. Jesus Christ endured the condemnation of man so that you would have a right standing with God. He endured the fury of God so that you might be saved. He endured the shame and guilt of being crucified on the cross to carry out the will of the Father. He endured betrayal and absolute loneliness for the sake of all humanity. You would imagine that this would be the worst pain that anyone may ever go through, but nothing on this earth even came close to the pain of being separated from God, the Father. Christ was more afraid of being separated from His Father than to be inhumanely tortured. Jesus Christ endured the most horrific times ever recorded in all of human history, but understand that he did that for you. Why so, when man is so wicked in all his ways? We are too prideful and self-righteously devoted to admit that we are sinfully corrupt. We care more about our self image than to bow down before an alter. We are too selfish to devote our time and energy to serve a sovereign Lord. We don't care to forgive or show compassion where we ought to. We refuse to give up our fleshy desires for our own convenience. We unjustly put our riches and sensuality on a pedestal rather than a living God. The word became flesh and served you because He loves you, not because you deserved it. Because He knew He was the only One who could carry out the will of the Father. And indeed, God was pleased to bestow His cup of wrath upon His begotten Son. Jesus knew He was the only one worthy of that sacrifice. He knew it would only bring the perfect salvation needed to enter the kingdom of God. He knew that no sin would be greater than the cross. He knew that through his sacrifice, we would then be blameless and pure before our God. We are the only creation ever made by God that disobeys and has overflowing mercy on regardless of our sinful nature. His goodness astounds me in ways that are honestly unfathomable. Not even the angels understand, but are in awe of the glorious plans He has set for humanity. My heart overflows with joy and my eyes with tears to know that God shows me mercy every day. It is an honor to serve the living God πŸ™ŒπŸΌ

Has the Lord been so kind to me as to give me a genuine, humble, compassionate, encouraging, forgiving, and selfless man? Yes.. yes He certainly has πŸ’š #blessedbeyondmeasure

Currently enjoying a night of worship, praise, and surrender to the one true king. A greater love that knows my name. @karijobe @rendcollective @urbanrescue @hillsongworship w/ @___fonso___ β™₯️

Can't wait to meet you Lily! Ahhh πŸΌπŸ‘ΆπŸΌπŸ’•

Taken yesterday before heading to @heartandsoul209 and just so amazed by God's presence filling up the room last night and so incredibly grateful for last night's message. Such joy it brings to my heart to see God move in so many hearts.
P.S. Ignore the random Starbucks drink. I obviously chose this filter for the great lighting! Lol

This is something I used to struggle with and failed to realize in times of sorrow. There were times I felt like when I fell into sin or fell short in anything, which I so often do, I foolishly felt like the Lord couldn't see past my mistakes and I tended to give myself a hard time as if God was only here to condemn me. In this, I distort my relationship with God, distracts me from His amazing grace, and diminishes my walk with Christ. In my moment of distress, God speaks. He snaps His fingers and I immediately snap out of doubt, fear, and insecurity. I feel like the reason He does this is to show me that I can't do it on my own and I need His sovereignty in all that I do. For me to realize how imperfect I was, and definitely still am, gives Him that much more glory to His name. When I wasn't looking towards the cross and identified myself as a woman and follower of Christ, I failed to realize that He isn't a God of condemnation (ultimately), but of love and mercy. Though we all sin against Him, His love and mercy will never ever perish and will continuously pursue you, whoever you are, regardless of your nature. It is surely demeaning to believe otherwise. Whether you walk the road less traveled by, or not, His love for humanity will continuously pursue them and everyone is certainly invited to feast at the table of the Lord. #HisYokeIsEasy (Two thumbs up to you if you read this far πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ)

Although it looks like ya'll are riding off to go get married, you guys look so adorably breathtaking! Lol Hope you guys have tons of fun tonight and have a memorable night filled with laughter, dancing, and awesomeness! #prom2016 @saulcinho @crystallinda9gonzalez

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