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Just signed up for an Italian Cooking Class in Amalfi Coast, Italy. I look forward to seeing the sunset whilst rolling out fresh pasta and holding a glass of wine to my nose, smelling its riches and bold fruits. 🌻
When you travel, what is your favorite type of activity to learn more about the country you’re visiting?
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A wall I photographed on film in Italy when I was in high school. At the time I thought it was a message to a lover and stopped dead in my tracks, blushed that maybe that message could be for me. Obviously not, but at the time I was yearning for someone to care about me the way I could of them. Glad I have him now and we get to travel to Italy together at the end of August. Write your recommendations to Amalfi Coast if you’ve been!👇🏽

👋🏼Only dropping in to say I’m leaving again. Spent some time road tripping with my favorite. We looped through Canada to get to Illinois and we’ve made a decision to drive from Milan to Amalfi coast in Italy in a month. It started reminding me of all the smiles made when we get to leave the country together - like this one in England 🙌🏼🙃❤️ are you a last minute traveler or like to plan?

Back to the days I didn’t have bangs // thoughts on body image & personality // I’ve heard from time to time that I can be “too much” of something. Too happy, too grumpy, too free spirited, too reserved. Everyone had a comment and opinion on how I needed to be for them in their life. And what did I do? Soaked it up and conformed Because there was this constant desire to be wanted by other people. I learned what FOMO was the other day (promise I’m a millennial) and realized that I had that way before it became an acronym. What was so conflicting was my desire to be myself which was constantly vocalized as “I don’t give a shit what people think, imma do me.” But I did care and I didn’t always show up as myself! The years of over plucking eyebrows, the need to straighten my hair because I felt it was sexier, the urge to photoshop my body to look more appealing, too many minutes in front of the mirror sucking it in, muting myself in class or making outlandish comments for attention. I was playing tug of war with my personality and my looks and it was me against the world. But now as time seems to go faster ever since passing 18, I don’t want to spend any more days feeling conflicted or tormented by the opinion of my peers, unless it’s meant to save me from something, and I definitely want to feel comfortable in the body I’m in. So here is to being too much 🙌🏼 especially on a Tuesday morning #BEHOLDLIFE 📸 by @kokosnest

#fridayintroductions Leah here 👋🏼 if you’re like “who the hell is this chick?” I’m the inconsistent social media poster who goes through waves of “yeah imma curate the shit outta of this feed” to “meh, who cares” on the daily. Aside from that I’m a Panamanian Millennial who values time and fears the waste of it. Im notorious for picking up and going. I’ve spent all my life being tied to the Army - so I’ve lived in some kickass places. Germany is my second home ( I will be at @wundergartendc wearing my dirndl cheering on the game tomorrow ) and Australia 🇦🇺 is my cultural spirit animal. Spanish was my first language until I moved to the States because my little gringo classmates picked on my accent. I always say I’m “Americanized” versus truly American. So needless to say Spanglish is where I’m at and I still suck at US History. I’m known to be animated when I talk and hella upfront, so you’ll continue to see my candidness here and on stories. All in all - I’ve come a long way to stand here and say YASSSSSS to life and YASSSSSS to my perseverance to find new ways to enjoy it. Until next time ✌🏼

One of my things this year is to smile more. I realized that Instagram wasn’t my space to smile or feel joy. I felt indirect pressure to showcase my work in a certain way which always made me question my identity. I felt like it became more and more difficult to stand out on such a saturated platform. I judged myself too much and suffered more than I ever needed to. So my feed has taken an obvious shift. I wanted this to be a space to hold me accountable on the things I love and enjoy and of course make me smile. I also wanted to share advice that has helped me as an artist overcome certain battles with health both physically and mentally. The one thing I want to spend less time on is trying to be someone I’m not. My photography work may never be unique, but there is only one version of me and I want to be present with my best self. ✌🏼

Notes on Love & partnership // Find someone who will forever make you a better person // I met my person four years ago on a plane. Something I didn’t think could happen in real life. I can’t tell you the amount of boyfriends I have had, and each one taught me a lesson for sure. It got to a point where I believed that I was going to settle - a word that makes my teeth cringe, but I was struggling with thinking there would be someone for me. I don’t believe everyone has a soul mate; there are people who rock it on their own. But for those who do want a companion and seek for one...stop. Looking is distracting and exhausting. On top of that, for me, I always thought I was “ready” or I had enough “me time” and life was meant to receive that message and deliver me someone. But because I was actively wanting and looking I just ran into people that weren’t meant to be. It was when I finally believed what I needed, started learning to love myself, and stopped throwing myself in front of people, that I accidentally sat next to the love of my life.

✌🏼Sunday reminders // take care of your feet! // as someone who spends a lot of time on my feet I forget how important it is to take care of them. There’s the battle with looking professional and being comfortable. I’ve had plenty of photog friends who share their endless feet problems because they didn’t baby them years ago. Depending on your style I really like working with @madewell shoes. I have a pair of wedges if I’m doing some small and wanting to look cute or some leather slip shoes I found at @nordstromrack that are getting a beating but are so squishy and feel like pillows. Bunions are a real thing and not something that waits on age!!!

Last day at @latelagallery. It’s been wonderful learning new things and having dedicated mornings to sit, reflect, and slow down.

H A P P Y feet 🌻 what are you excited about this weekend ?

Peace out New York - you’ve been fine and humid. PS found a Japanese speakeasy around the corner from where I was working. Anyone been to Tomi Jazz?

I woke up and felt shaken. Tired. Greasy. Bloated. Couldn’t figure out the shower here in NY and decided to wash in the sink. I look exhausted, but I’m here right? I am practicing writing out my worries on paper and then following up with a separate paragraph acknowledging my strengths and worthiness. I’m ready now. I am awake. I am worthy.

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