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Aleef Mehdi 🍁🎸  20 y/o. WMT Alum. McMaster '18. Health. Bandleader and guitar for @nezqwik. "Be realistic; Plan for a miracle" ~ Osho "Regress to progress" ~ Me


These @proggermusic cats definitely did not disappoint. All killer players and, more importantly, good people. Super innovative stuff, check 'em out! #therex #toronto #torontomusic #progger #MyMicCantHandleSnareOrBassAnymore #toomanyshows

Getting ready for @proggermusic
tonight at @therex with @earthquakerdev pedals. So damn good. #progger #toronto #earthquakerdevices #pedals
#Repost @saxtjb

Ask me how I got this Strat.
Also, I'm hella sick. I'll probably post a more refined version of this when I realize how bad this is tomorrow. Til then, enjoy. Bring me soup while I noodle 🍲
#fender #strat #stratocaster #loop #pickupjazz #guitar #elixir #whammybar #tcelectronic #xotic #igotthestratjustforthewhammybar

After playing with Grammy winners and Snarky Puppy members Shaun Martin and Larnell Lewis on Thursday night, I played with my band @nezqwik on Friday in Hamilton...and gah damn, it was such an awesome show. I love music. I love playing. I love performing. I hope you guys enjoy what I do. If you've got your hands on additional videos from either night, please contact me and share!
Follow my bandmates too: @jinu_isac_jr @bissnation @saxtjb and Jaden Raso on bass. EDIT!: I'm such a bad person! Follow our badass vocalist @v.danielle.d as well!! She always slays it!

Random 10 second snippets from the show this past Friday at @clubabsinthe. So much fun. So grateful for all y'all that showed up and made some noise. Stay in touch for future shows coming up! #nezqwik #jazz #funk #hamilton #hamont #hamiltonmusic

Just tryna keep up with these heavy cats @shunwun @larnelllewismusic @jacobaylwardmusic @richthealgorithm πŸ˜– Opportunity of a lifetime, I tell ya. So much learned in one night, and so much material to take to the shed now. Gotta be better next time around. Go check out KC Roberts by the way, now that dude is a funky ass guitar player! #shaunmartin #larnelllewis #gogo #snarkypuppy #therex #toronto #pickupjazz #fbass

The @nezqwik boys.

Gig night!

Please come out to the @nezqwik gig this Saturday at the Corktown, @jinu_isac_jr only plays well for lots of people πŸ™„πŸ˜‚ Seriously though, come out!!

Sorry about the audio clipping, @dyheims23 and I couldn't contain ourselves for this unexpected horn soli in Back to Me. @thisismoonchild, you guys are absolutely disgusting. In the best of ways.

How often do y'all hang out with a 7 time Grammy winner? Stay in the loop, maybe you'll see @shunwun and I on a stage together soon πŸ™„πŸ˜‰.
Buffalo, you missed out on a great show last night. Pull through next time for a great guy and an even better musician! One shot of Jameson at a time, keep it going man.
#shaunmartin #7summers #buffalo

I only post things on Instagram when I drop a beat. So, very often. Playing with tritones and random Altered notes in Dorian. Just noodling.

Rig: F Guitar > @empress_effects Buffer+ > @xoticusa SP Compressor > @tcelectronic MojoMojo Overdrive > @fender Pro Jr.

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