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Leaelui FP🌸  Thrilling contents😊 ⚫ Just daily dose of leaelui👑 ⚫ 140K+ lovelies🙈💞 🖤🖤🖤

Where are you going this summer!? Am going to Netherlands 😁@leaelui.ly #teamlea girl:@stinakayy

The love I have for this girl is unconditionally, her name itself makes me smile 😃😊 @leaelui.ly #teamlea #confidentforlea song: taste by tyga

How is saying NO rude 😑 @leaelui.ly #teamlea #confidentforlea c:@bruhmusicals

Haha😆it’s for fun😄😁@leaelui.ly #teamlea #confidentforlea #pink #reaction #trending (my haters too gotta admit this edit is good)

“She has nothing” “she photoshops” “she is half naked” bitch where is the photoshop in the video! Is she half naked?! Not everyone is like you🙄 behind that pretty pic is a good angle and pose that you don’t have😍 @leaelui @leaelui.ly #teamlea #confidentforlea

Let’s have alittle competition, Comment “👩🏻” if you are a girl and “👦🏻” if you are a boy @leaelui.ly #teamlea #girl #boy

Dance of 2018 @babynezza | Tag someone to make their day with this dance :) @leaelui.ly #teamlea #inmyfeelings #trend #trending

She will be verified soon😊 @leaelui @leaelui.ly #teamlea #confidentforlea (love the lightening in this video😍)

This is the first video am talking about that I viewed for a couple of time and took me to @leaelui ‘s account😆 @leaelui.ly #teamlea #confidentforlea (check the post before this to see what am talking about)

Get your hot chocolates ready fellas ... coz you about to read a long paragraph😁it all started on 11 July 2017 when I was surfing Instagram just looking at random pics and videos but one in particular got my eyes🤩 I viewed for a couple of time falling in love with it😍I searched for her name and found this beautiful lady called @leaelui moving her hips and belly so perfectly🤯I then decided that I wanna support her by making a fan page🤗In this one year duration I found that not only is she pretty outside but also inside😘She is a girl with potential, she is inspiring motivating and dream chaser❤️ she is like a chocolate cake with frosting 😋 meaning too much to handle once😆 people just see her as a girl dancing from a screen but I see a girl ready to conquer tomorrow’s Society or even today’s✨when I first looked at her for the first time I was like bruhh this girl got a lot of talent😻 and y’all better hear me out now they will be a lot of good things that will happen to lea once she moves to LA🤗@leaelui is like my family now which I look up to her so much😭In this fanpage I realized a lot of things, people will do bad to you but @lea.eluig showed me that you do good to them 😌I met amazing accounts all thanks to my babe @leaelui❤️ I was in #teamlea from 40K to 5M+😱THANK YOU @leaelui for this journey💋Enough with the crying, @lea.eluig please come to BELGIUM ASAP so we can meet😁 Also thank you to the people who watch my posts and take the time to like and comment😚 I highly appreciate it💞💞

Yay it’s my one year anniversary on this fandom😁😁 I will post later in the evening on my experience on this account🎉🥂it’s 2:15a.m where I live so I need to go back to sleep💤 @leaelui.ly @leaelui #teamlea #confidentforlea (btw I randomly woke up at that time lol maybe it’s the excitement😆)

Adidas or puma or nike?! @leaelui.ly #teamlea #confidentforlea

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