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We learn more from failure than we do from success.

Carnival fun

Sometimes all it takes is new perspectives to build the old and create the new.

Individually, everyone is on a different journey. With the same goal in mind, you can all reach the same destination together.

To be a true leader you will inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more. Not with your power, but your ability to empower.

What makes you come alive is what the world needs. Make it happen!

There are no shortcuts. Learn from your failures and work hard to achieve your goals. Dreams don't work unless you do.

This is a risky post for me. And very different from what I normally share. I've been wrestling with something this week and I'd like your opinion. Please know I feel very nervous even posting this, but also convicted that I should.

Many leaders/entrepreneurs/creatives I know and myself have struggled with self doubt/anxiety/depression, etc. These are very successful people and they are in no way weak or failing, but are hurting and struggling. I have seen lives of those I care about crushed and even lost to this struggle.

Often I see this swept under the rug, especially with those seen as leaders. Maybe it's because we want to appear strong, communicate how well we're doing, not take the risk of sharing, etc. I get that.

Overcoming any struggle is a key to of sustained success, but not all struggles are easy to work through alone. This is why we have a community. And community should care. I commit that I, and any community in which I hold a leadership role, will care.

I read earlier this week that encouraging those who are struggling to reach out isn't enough. We--I--need to reach out to them. This is my (possibly very feeble) attempt to do so.

I believe one of the true keys to authentic communication and leadership is vulnerability. To be clear, I'm not saying I believe we should all going around complaining, wringing our hands, or spraying emotional responses everywhere we go.
That said, I DO believe it is important that we're able to discuss, or at least acknowledge these issues in the light of day and not cause others to feel 'less than' for having the courage to share.

My company is named Leaders Must Lead for a reason. If I believe something, I believe I should be willing to lead with that belief. To that end, after discussion with a few friends, I'm considering hosting a FB live or Instagram live to open the discussion and share some of the ways in which I and others I'm close with have dealt with these challenges. I am uncertain if this is the right path. I understand if do this, it is entirely possible nobody will show up and engage. But, if there are even a few, then we stand in the gap for many. What do you think?

A good idea becomes a great idea when you let it out.

After a loss, set yourself up for success! How did I learn that? (See our FB page for the extended version)

They say the hardest part of any journey is the first few steps, you just need to find the strength to begin.

Radio interviews are fun! I love and appreciate the opportunity to share how Leaders Must Lead is making a difference for Creatives and entrepreneurs and how this is continuing to increase with the launch of our Leaders Must Learn monthly platform. #lucyannlance #lucyannlanceshow #creatives #leadership #success #training #coaching #entrepreneurs #leaders #interview #leadersmustlead #leadersmustlearn

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