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Lea Celestine 🌻  22 years / zurich

velvet love.

Your eyes are like an ocean that every time I look at, I can’t keep myself but to drown in ✨

First time eeeeever wearing silver jewellery ✨

rare picture of smiling me. 😸

Some days are warm and bright others are cold and misty. Some days I‘ll greet you with a kind „hi“ and others I‘ll pass by silently. Some days I‘m the confidence woman and others I‘m the insecure girl. Some days I‘m dressed like a queen and others like a tramp. Some days I‘m dancing wild and free and others I‘m snuggled up in my bed. Some days I talk like nothing ever stopped me and others I‘ll surround you with my silence. Some days nothing can unsettle me and others I‘ll cry out of nothing. Some days I’m this and others I‘m that. But I hope you can love me, no matter what day it is.

isn’t it sad how the people who traumatized us and bullied us can live perfect lives without thinking twice about what they did?

I turn arround, wrapped in a cozy warm blanket and end up laying in your strong arms. As I open my eyes I see your face, happiness runs through my body. Tickling, stroking and giggling arround like youre my best friend and my lover all at once. Surrounded by your scent, your warmth and your whole appearance feels like a safe home, no matter where we are.

one of my favorite meals since ever 🥣 Advertisement | Werbung wearing @pullandbear

forget - me - not 🌿

me right now cause I just realized I have to get up at 5‘30 tomorrow morning 🙃 what is your profession?

monday mornings ☕️

don’t stare at the moon too long or else you’ll remember that nothing in this stupid fucking world makes sense