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Even though he is extremely sleepy from a very rough couple weeks at work. He still manages to look completely adorable..I am in love with this man. Falling in love is easy. I didn't fall but I walked with both eyes open. Knowing full well what I was getting into. I am very thankful he is in my life. Every day is a blessing waking up and knowing I'm well looked after. #headoverheels #loveislove #perfectineveryway

Because I am so good at making everyone hungry all the time, here are the ribs that I made for dinner tonight. With thai basil, brown sugar, onion powder, salt and pepper and a touch of cumin. Finished off with some Carolina Bbq sauce. They were out of this world. Didn't grill them but by the time they came outta the oven. I couldn't wait any longer. #absolutelyfabulous #fingerlicking #foodporn #summerfoods #meatfordays #clearlynotavegetarian

Who knew turning 26 would feel this monumental, and yet. So totally unassuming at the same exact time. I have been through so much in my life that turning a year older only feels different the day after. "Like, Hey guys, I survived another year" Surviving is what I do best. I survive for my friends, my family, but most importantly. I survive for myself. If there's one thing my mom taught me. It was to stay vigilant. Enjoy every single second like it's your last, and don't for one second think that you can't do whatever you put your mind to. I plan on doing exactly that this year...Thank you for taking this journey with me <3 #love #Birthdaygirl #26now #ageisjustanumber #strengthinnumbers #livingmybestlife

My breakfast the other day. Gluten free pancakes wity bacon and sausage. Didn't realize how out of actual pancake mix I was lol. #whoops #glutenfreepancakes #expecttheunexpected #breakfastforever

Giant jenga last weekend was a lot of fun. Me and Sean were playing for two hours until I was done and someone else knocked it down. A very fun night to kick off an even better summer. ^^ #summer2018 #giantjenga #summerfun

The super easy and super tasty seafood pasta for dinner last night. Thanks to a bag of mixed seafood. Delicious and super easy. ^^ #seafoodlover #foodporn #athomecooking #sogood

The spinks family added the cutest kitten in the whole wide world. Her name is Murphy. She likes to run across the basement, pounce and play. Then comes to me to cuddle ^^ Never thought I would say this but for certain cats, I am a cat person. #Kittenlove #tinybutmighty #littlelioness

The start to the summer that I needed. Met new people and hung with friends who I haven't seen in a long time. I can't wait to keep the momentum going. I look forward to the challenges coming up. Knowing I'm strong enough now to handle just about everything is a comforting thought for once. ,#summer2018 #goodmorning #goodfriends #greattimes #icanfeelachange #positivevibes #Lakehangs

My dinner for the evening. Breakfast bowl full of sausage eggs and hashbrowns with an English muffin. Delicious and easy because I couldn't order take out...#foodporn #breakfastfordinner #bedpicnic #livingmybestlife #protein and #carbsfordays

Bought these flowers for the mother whose in heaven. The one who seems to be keeping a closer eye on me more then anyone else. The one who makes sure I know how good of a job I'm doing. And the one I miss every single day. This is for you mom. Trying to live everyday for you. In memory of you. Keeping a smile on my face is sometimes the hardest thing to do. But I know it's what you want. #MissingYou #mothersday #hardesttimeofmylife #smilesovertearsanyday

No matter how Monday goes, get out and enjoy the fact that for the first day in months it's not freezing. Gorgeous day despite it being Monday. Keep your head up everybody. #smilesfordays #water #sunnydaysfinally #blueskies #allblackallday #darkhairdontcare #browneyes #paleasaghost #needtotan

Despite the fact that today was Monday and probably one of the slowest days at work, I had a pretty good Monday. Got up, saw a gorgeous sky, enjoyed the gorgeous weather when I had the chance. Had an amazing cowowker do my hair, then I celebrated my successes with donuts that I wasn't able to get yesterday. My future is looking brighter then ever. I can't wait to see what's next. ^^ #sunsets #donuts #sunrises #gorgeousscenery #darkhairdontcare #skeletonhoodies #hottopic #flair #forever

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