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Queer AF  ~ANY~ Ash-?/poly🐙 ~SHE/HER~ K-queer🌵 Mel-poly🍕 Ava-bi👻 Vivi-pan💋 ~HE/THEM~ Chris-nb/poly/demi🌈

In honor of my parents reminding me again that I'm going through a phase.
Besides that my day was good and I hope you are all okay. ~Mel

My period gives me a lot of dysphoria and I sort of feel awful -ash #lgbtqia #gender #trans #genderless #agender #queer

Why do I find this so amusing -👻

THIS IS WHAT I LOOK LIKE. AYE (also have fun shipping, mel and I are dating in real life) -ash

This should be interesting -ash

I h8 Crocs


-ash #queer

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