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Candace πŸ–€  γ€ŠYou know My name - not My Story》

Seeing all the new baby pictures lately, i just had to go back and look at Jeslyn's fresh out the bun photos ❣ 7 months went by way to fast ... our babygirl blessing 🌹 #stillsothankful

Improvising πŸ˜‹
*thatkenmoreisolderthenme #antique

Found these beautiful flowers that someone placed on my mommas grave, its still so hard to beleive its been 14 years on the 23rd since you left 😒 -love you always and forever ❀ #momsrestingplace #youaremissed #loveyouforever

I was amazed by this girls smartness yesterday, she knew where the coolest spot was in the house right infront of the fan 😁 she just chilled there for a good 30 mins ❀ #imnotgoingtocomplain #tryingourbesttolovetheheat #alaskasummerlife

Oh Please! not today momma, its way to hot and im getting my top teeth, turning 7 months old isnt going to good for this little lady 😏 #month7 #realphotos #oursistergirl #ohskooga

Wearing Auntie Shays Heart Shades Everytime we Drive 😍 yesterday he asked me if we are going to have to remake her ... silly! But i wish! 😣

Still trying to make sense of losing someone so special to suicide, it hurts in all possible ways.. I came across this rock outta the blue tonight and it made me feel a little better - the word Hope just stuck out to me in so many ways, Such a small but powerful word πŸ’• #holdontohope #hopeforabetterworld #hopeforthebest #thereishope #loveharder #beabetteryou

They just Adore eachother πŸ’• #mybabies #lovethis #histhebest #bigbrother #hissister

Wanted to dress baby all chic for auntie Shay one last time, she was always dressed so beautiful and always on fleek no matter what she was wearing, i also wanted to show off her cutest slippers her auntie Lynnessa made for her πŸ’– #weloveyoushay

Happy Birthday Smile just for you grandma Sheryle πŸ’• #weloveyou

Its impossible to find the best picture of this girl, she was amazingly beautiful ... so hard to choose but i love this one πŸ’– #ourbeautifulangel

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