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LaMere Cornelius  🌴LA 🦍6'1 205lbs @LuxureSauvage Ambassador @Veniceball Strength Coach @HiTrainer Master Coach ⬇️ Build a Physique like Mine ⬇️

if God's making you wait, then be prepared for more than what you asked for.

life is going to get hard sometimes.

So get up and get your shit together!

You're either a PUDDLE or an OCEAN!

DON'T BE A PUDDLE! People walk thru puddles.

BE AN OCEAN! Deep, calm, unpredictable. Oceans destroy cities.

Enlightenment is when a WAVE realizes its an OCEAN!

let them ride your wave!


A few days ago I was asked what my biggest success story for a female client.

This brings me back to my first days in ATLANTA. I was fortunate to train with @bertshowbert. (His voice is extremely powerful in radio & had a reputation of launching careers just by an endorsement.) Bert produced a YouTube series for me & @dexflex1 called "60 Days To Summer Sexy" with @thebertshow. He believed in me and gave me a shot to train one of his female listeners named Ghazal.

Long story short, she dropped 32lbs and 7 sizes in 60 days.

Bert put me on the radio show at 7am, by the time I got back to the gym at 9am I had over 100 emails wanting to train with me.

I walked into @heatatlanta as an independent trainer with a FULL CLIENT load and NEVER LOOKED BACK!

Fast forward 6 years later and here we are.


Opportunities only come once in a lifetime. Be PREPARED. Luck is when preparation meets opportunity. Will you be ready? When someone gives you a SHOT, will you knock it out the park or will you let them down?

Bert BELIEVED in me. He took a shot with the new kid in the gym from Oklahoma. He trusted me enough to put me on air in front of hundreds of thousands of listeners.

Click the link in my bio to checkout the article.

My goal has always been to INSPIRE greatness in those around me!

My goal was never to be the “Best Personal Trainer”... It never had anything to do with working out, counting reps or measuring food.

I’ve only wanted to INSPIRE people with my #ATTITUDE & my #ACTIONS.

Someone who LEADs by example EVERYDAY. Someone who doesn’t just TALK, TALK, TALK, but rather DISPLAYS the DAILY DISCIPLINE necessary to continue to EVOLVE before your eyes.

You have seen me go from 145lbs with NO LEGS, to 185lbs with NO FAT to 200lbs, to 220lbs all the way down to my current weight of 210lbs.

You ask how I do it. You DEBATE which of my body types you prefer..(either shredded or swole) but don’t miss he fact that I’ve Nonchalantly TRANSFORMED my body right before your eyes in an effort to MOTIVATE & INSPIRE.

Hopefully my JOURNEY motivates you!

This is how I spend my #SundayFunday 🙈🙊🙉

🔥 Front Loaded Hip POWER🔥 •

Landmine Hip thrusters aka "Man makers" are going to help your quickness & power.

So when you're planting and cutting, whether that's taking off for base-stealing, juking on the football field or performing a crossover dribble.

This is also going to help generate hip power and stability, which will help increase throwing power, punching power, increased golf swing as well as hitting power.

Tag an athlete looking to build agility, explosiveness and train #CoreInEveryExercise.

Click link in bio for more awesome exercises!

People always ask me, how to build their upper chest, or even how to build their lower pec (man boobs) or even how to correct muscular imbalances.

Well, I use a variety of different methods to target my chest without overtraining my shoulders, without forcing internal rotation of the shoulder girdle (hunchback) & not burning out my triceps.

Methods like this "Dual Grip Landmine Press" really help me target my upper chest based on a few things:

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Well, I’m a #TAURUS: passionate, aggressive. DOMINANT! Reliable , practical, ambitious and sensual. I have always had an eye for beauty & view my body as ART. I view my passion towards fitness as art and it feels like POETRY when I’m working out.

Almost like an artist performing because I know people are watching in the gym. I PERFECT my movement and my body because I know all eyes are on me.

Why the WREATH?

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The wreath fits the natural curvature my body and caps off my lower abs.

IT ALSO GIVES ME ADDED MOTIVATION TO KEEP AN 8-PACK for the rest of my life. (Might as well motivate myself to stay ripped when I’m 60 years old.

I’m my own competition. 🤫

Hey Youngblood.. Let me teach you a little something about patience.

Let me show you how patience and paying attention to detail can take you a long way.

It’s a concept called #TimeUnderTension.

The goal is to keep the muscle under constant tension as long as possible creating multiple micro tears in the muscle and sparking growth.


Don’t forget that! The goal is to get the muscle to FAIL within your desired rep range.

Pay attention to detail.

Notice I rotate my wrist at the top of each curl. WHY DO I DO THIS?

Easy! The biceps insert at the Radial/Ulna joint and are responsible for rotating the wrist as well as flexing the elbow.

Rotating my wrist allows me to kill two birds with one stone and really add those extra inches to PEAK my biceps & tighten my T-shirt sleeves.

What the ordinary man may overlook, the calculated lifter will notice these simple changes. You will see why my body has a symmetrical and balanced appearance that is strong and powerful while remaining lean, sculpted balanced and proportional.

This look allows you the ability to hang a tailored suit, well fitted black tee, tank top, polo shirt or even go shirtless at the pool party or beach with confidence.

You will also be able to perform many dynamic exercises because you have full, powerful biceps and forearms.

Train like me. I got you the CHEAT CODES.

My first photoshoot in ATL with my brother @israeljacobs.

I've known my brother since we were 10yrs old. Grew up in the same town.. dirt poor.

My older brother dated his older sister, and when my bro came over he brought me to kick it with Izzy.

We been tight ever since and when I touched down in ATL.. he put me in the game.

Stay loyal to those who put you in the game!



This flyer may look recent, however it's actually from 7 years ago.

This was Before IG was popping (Literally had only a Facebook page). This was before Nike Training, before IG videos..before any of the clout and nonsense.

Before they renovated the store, we had Lennon Mall rocking every Wednesday.

All of this was within less than a year of relocating from OKC to ATL.. and no knowing a soul.

Real Recognizes Real. This legend has been growing for awhile now.



🔥Been had that HEAT in ATLANTA..

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