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SoCal Fitness & Nutrition  πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ San Diego - LA πŸ’ͺ Strength Coach I'm all about ATHLETE PERFORMANCE ENHANCEMENT. DM ME to schedule an APPOINTMENT

I had an uplifting & enlightening #BrainstormSession with my brother Donovan Green (@mygreenliving1). We covered topics ranging from #GoalSetting, to the current state of the fitness industry, to where I'm currently at in my own career and how we are continuing to grow as individuals (mentally, physically & spiritually.) Let's face it, sustained SUCCESS in all areas of your life is the GOAL. THE TIME IS NOW!


Do you really want to win, or do you just want to look like you're winning?

I go hard in every area of my life.. not just during my workouts. I take the lessons, work ethic and intensity from the gym and apply it to every aspect of my life.

If your following me, watching my videos and reading my messages then you know my mission is to genuinely HELP you.

The goal is to help others by helping other fitness professionals elevate their game & improved their craft... Train better, market better, acquire more leads and ultimately help more people.

Head over to the link in my bio to view the whole video in it's entirety... And stay tuned on a chance to win a free pair of kicks from @niketraining for liking, sharing and commenting on the video.

Putting in some serious leg work on the #PowerPlate.

We are one of the few training facilities in San Diego with a power plate and the knowledge to effectively program using such an advanced device.

The benefits of Power Plate have been recognised by the medical profession and studies have shown an abundance of health benefits can be improved.

Power Plate applies the science behind your body’s natural response to destabilisation – as the device moves, your muscles react to stabilise your body.

You simply set the machine to create a consistent, controlled level of vibration that moves the platform up and down, forward and back and side to side.

The platform produces 25 to 50 vibrations per second, at precisely controlled amplitudes, which triggers reflexive contractions in your muscles.

On your journey they life... There will be doubters.. there will be HATERS.. YOU WILL RECEIVE both criticism & praise.

Both are worthless & helpless without your fuel.

Take them both with a grain of salt.

Keep that tunnel vision and that laser focus!

Who says you need weights to workout?!? Sometimes all you need is body weight and a little creativity... πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ

Just another day in the office!!! #SpeedKills


We are all battling something.

People are battling things that you no nothing about.

We are all on this journey called LIFE.

We go thru different seasons and different phases of being comfortable with who we are.

How we look, how we feel, or current financial situation or even your current relationship.

Approach each step you take in life with EXTREME CONFIDENCE.

There are many different types of deadlifts.

There are many different ways to perform a deadlift.

You've got Romanian.. stiff deadlifts, sumo deadlifts, hex bar deadlifts, Dumbbells.. etc.. Sometimes I train for strength, other times I train for power and other times I'll train for endurance or even metabolic conditioning.

I was blessed with long arms & long legs with a shorter torso in comparison to my limbs.

This is great for sports, but sometimes I have to modify exercises (squats, deadlifts, chest press) to my comfort level.

Everyone has their own preference and i make sure I'm lifting safely and activating the areas I'd like to focus on.

It's important to learn your body and learn what works best for you so you can lift safely and effectively for your own goals.

Ps.. shorty in the back is getting it too!!

For those who suffer from #BadKnees, here is a compound movement that will help you strengthen your legs without killing your knees.

We are focusing on 2 different movements and keep in mind, using a barbell is OPTIONAL.


The step up to reverse lunge is great because it's a closed chain movement for your lower body and gives you control of your foot placement and depth.

Using a box with moderate height in proportion to your own height will give you the opportunity to isolate your quad and glute on the step up (given you maintain a vertical angle for your shin "tibia/fibula"). The reverse lunge also give you control of your depth and range of motion by allowing you to step backwards into the movement.

This takes the pressure off the knees and puts it on the Quad and glute of the weight bearing leg.

You gotta add these!

Symmetry and balance... Both aesthetically and athletically.

My goal is to have maintain equal strength and performance for both my left and right leg. To maintain EXPLOSIVENESS and deploy power from both legs.

Unilateral deadlifts help me train for this.

Bilateral movements are also useful, but make sure you're also training unilateral strength, power and stability.

#PrimalPer4mance #AthletePerformanceEnhancement

Here's a clip from one of my leg workouts.

What I have been looking to improve on is a few things... Mobility and control of my THORACIC spine.

Internal and External rotation of my hip socket.

And lastly, mobility and control of my hamstrings.

I have got what they call "butt wink" and even though I have been able to get away with it at lighter weights, as I get heavier with weights, it does effect my lower back.

I'm just trying to get better EVERYDAY!!

#OceanViews πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ

Let the waves be your soundtrack.. 🌊🌊🌊

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