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Do you "workout"...? Or do you TRAIN?

Are you in the gym going thru the motions? Do you have a FOCUSED direction when you're in the gym?

Are you LOCKED IN?

People always ask about my training style.

The Most commonly asked questions are always funny...(I never thought people would come up and ask me that)

What sport do you play?

Who do you play for?
And when asked, "What ARE YOU TRAINING FOR"? I tell em ..."LIFE"! Stop going thru the motions. Put your fucking phone down. Chill. Stop the selfies. Focus. CRANK YOUR MUSIC UP and go to your special place. Zone out and use your workout to HEAL and ENERGIZE.

ATHLETES don't diet and exercise.


Sports are played by transitioning thru all planes of movement.


2⃣ Sagittal.

3⃣ Transverse.

It's important to know that 75% of sports related injuries occur within the #TransversePlane.

Many athletes only train within the frontal and Sagittal planes of movement and neglect to address the transverse plane.

Many athletic movements such as rotations, pivots and turns need to be trained in order to have an immediate sports specific transfer into your respective sport.

This Tornado Jump lunge will condition your body to react and excel thru all 3 planes of movement as your working unilateral, laterally and also rotating through your core in order to complete the movement .

Train like an athlete and you will look and perform like an athlete.

What's up fit fam?

I'm looking for 4 Sprinters to join me at IHRSA 2018 Trade Show with @HiTrainer & @PowerSystems in San Diego, CA March 21-24.

#Tag a sprinter who you think my like an opportunity for exposure and get paid to have fun and run!


Here are five areas that I focus on when building and designing systems to help people improve their workouts and ultimately improve their overall #QUALITYofLIFE.

Are you eating for the body you want? Not, "are you eating clean"..not, "are you eating healthy".. not "are you eating bad"... BUT, Are you eating for the body you desire and more importantly for the PERFORMANCE that you require!

Are you doing the most effective cardio for the body that you desire? Do you even need to be doing large amounts of cardio at all? Is the cardio you're currently doing sabotaging your gainz?

Are you doing the most effective workouts to build the body you desire? The best exercises?? The correct form?? Are you targeting the right muscle groups? Utilizing the correct resting time between sets? The appropriate rep range? The most efficient training splits? YOU COULD BE WASTING HOURS OF TIME IN THE GYM AND DOING IT ALL WRONG!

Do you use supplementation as additional support to your nutrition? Do you know the most effective supplements to take in order to sustain the body you want and the performance you desire? Let's face it supplements are useful in your ability to sustain your goals using supplements correctly will quickly help you reach your goal and sustain your goal over time.

Do you have the right motivation the right support group and the right amount of guidance to help you reach your goal and ultimately sustain your goal for the rest of your life?? your motivation will keep you accountable on the days that you do not feel like working out your motivation will help you push through those plateaus and keep fighting.

IM ONLY AN EMAIL OR DIRECT MESSAGE me or click the link in my bio !!! USE ME... Take the first step!

Here's a little #MorningMotivation to start your weekend off RIGHT!

Positive energy and mental toughness is the way to keep moving in the right direction.

Whether it's in the gym pushing for personal records, trying difficult exercises or simply in life in general, Faith and FEAR can't coexist!! KEEP PUSHING!

and keep moving VERTICAL!

#tag 2 friends looking to be inspired or #Share with someone who has crazy HOPS!!

Hey everyone please take a moment to follow my "SHOOTER" @cmpltvsn !! Los Angeles, Atlanta and traveling all over the globe making people look good! Capturing the moments you want to live forever! @cmpltvsn

We're all a work in progress! Growing more and more everyday. Remember, you're only human. Don't get caught up in comparing your "behind-the-scenes" to someone else's HIGHLIGHT REEL!

That time your boy went 60inches high. Kinda felt like flying🐰

🌞Whatever makes you feel the SUN from the inside out, CHASE THAT!🌞 👌🏾💫✨⚡️Inner PEACE is the new SUCCESS✨🌟💫👌🏾

People always have excuses to why they can't make it to the gym.. #Tag a gym buddy that's always coming up with the craziest excuses 😂😂😂😂

The reasons your clients start with you are different than the reasons that they STAY with you.

Humble yourself and take a moment to listen to feedback from your clients.

Use this DATA to improve and get better. 💡 Share this with someone who could benefit from hearing the message! 💡

Sky ABOVE me.. FIRE within me. Earth BELOW me! Stay humble.. stay hungry. STAY FOCUSED! #HappySundayFunday 💯

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