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💭🤷🏼‍♀️ I’m a thinker and I’m proud of it! For my concentration lines, I was using a powerful serum that acts in the same way as Botox, by relaxing muscles that make me crinkle. I like to think but not to crink! 😂💦It worked 💯 (when I used it). The thing about serums and skincare is we have to be consistent for best results. I was and my result comparable to when I had Botox injections (from my neurologist for migraines). Here’s the deal, I’m super thankful...
1. I no longer have chronic migraines
2. I found a milder alternative that doesn’t involve needles. 💥 But...there’s always a catch! I started marathon training and am getting nailed by the sun so I have forgone my Aloe Vera based crinkle serum with Hexapeptide-8, Hyaluronic Acid, Silk Amino Acids, scientifically formulated with vitamins and botanicals to make it work...
1. To see what would happen 😖
2. Because I have been using an Aloe Vera based solution for sun damage. 💥 Here’s the thing, skin can only process so much at once in terms of ingredients, so I always advise to address the top concerns first. I took my advice but now I’m crinkled. My sun exposure has been more problematic lately, but I’m seeing my concentration lines return! 🤦🏼‍♀️🙅🏼‍♀️ Often less is more. 💥 Conclusion; I prefer pharmaceutical grade botanicals, because THEY WORK BEST, but I’m thinking 💭 and will have a lot of questions for the nurses at the event Friday!
What will you ask the nurses? If you can’t make it, I will submit your questions! Watch for our livestream. And NOOO it’s obvi not called Aloe Vera based crinkle serum 😂💦 Let me know if you want to smooth out your crinkles. We have options. 💋💋dd .
📷 @lbrialoedawn
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🐝 What’s all the buzz about....besides saving the bees?
Direct Message with your email or cell to pre-register to attend our first Game Face Friday, Meet The Nurses Event featuring the pros from Aesthetic Laser Specialists. 💥 WHY PROS NEED PROS; What to look for when choosing a cosmetic medical procedure on 10/19.
There are a lot of options and some risks with any medical procedure, so I’m thrilled to put this together for you to get all your questions answered by the best of the best! And with my instafriends 💕
What to expect:
🐝 Coffee, Coupons, and Raffle with registration (Eventbrite - it’s free)
🦋 Raffle: Laser Hair Removal (Underarm) 😮 😮 $600 Value!
🦋 Double Raffle when you bring a friend, each one (do the math 😉) 🦋 $50 Coupon 😮 toward any service 🦋 $60 for Brilliant Distinctions Card (so cool- you want this!)
🦋 Best coffee in town, so why not?
🦋 Take the train 🚊 because we’re at the Poinsettia Coaster Station 🚉 🐝 Brought to you by @districtblissevents // Carlsbad // San Diego // 💁🏼‍♀️ @lbrialoedawn 🐝 Coffee at INVITA Café @invitahq
🐝 With @@aestheticlaserspecialists and @aesthetic_rn_nicole Remember to Direct Message to get the Eventbrite ticket before you forget. Watch my stories this week for more. See you soon! 📷 @chislehurstbees 🙏🏼
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My people.
It was not too long ago when I realized I was mentoring - a whole lot - for my team, clients, younger ones, and seemed everywhere I turned! If you’ve ever had enough people counting on you for leadership, advise, and encouragement, you may have come to realize when it’s time for “the mentor” to get a mentor!
This was an ah-hah moment and while it convinced me I was in the right place at the right time, it was a time to assess. If I’ve learned anything, it’s there are always people who are smarter, wiser, who see bits of us we can’t see in ourselves.
I was blessed with many mentors as long as I can remember, and as a mentor does, mine picked up the phone after 10 years of not hearing from me. And as it should be, it was as if a day hadn’t passed when we got caught up.
Warren! A truly great human, friend, and business mentor.
I was able to run a few things by him, he had some good ideas and a lot of genuine encouragement (yay! I needed that but didn’t realize it until I got it). Not the usual “you got this girl blah-blah”, but the real stuff we can only get from someone who’s worked with us, seen us succeed and fail.
Among other things, Warren brought me up to date with the family and his daughter, who was in high school last I checked!
Long story short, Warren and Christine have wonderful kids (no surprise- they are amazing). Sara, pictured here with her dad is happily one of “my people” now too! And I’m one of hers.
Sara is a brilliant marketing whiz and a joy to work with, just like dad. I’m thrilled bringing her powerful, yet lighthearted networking organization, District Bliss, here to San Diego.
Although there are many networking groups to choose from, we have unique plans for our area. Watch my stories and livestreams for events; pop-ups, vendor socials, and business building workshops.
Our theme is, “Why professionals need professionals” and our content will bring a bit of the east coast business culture here, to the west coast.
It’s essential to have people. Lots of quality people 💕 Are you a mentor?
Direct Message for your invitation to join us for our upcoming event in Carlsbad 💋💋dd 📷 @districtblissevents

🏃🏼‍♀️ HATE when I forget these 💦 If you're racing, don't forget your pins! Where do they go anyway? 😂
✔️ Trained
✔️ Registered
✔️ Bib picked up
✔️ Garmin charged
✔️ Aloe Vera foot therapy! 📷 @lbrialoedawn
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😱 Is your slip showing? 🙄 Your bra strap? 💇🏼‍♀️ What about those roots; are your roots showing? 😂💦 How much do those things matter?

Who else has difficulty revealing your WHY? Good, bad, or indifferent the realities of women in business are changing because of social media. So, how do you feel about this?
What's your reason for putting every extra ounce of energy into doing what you are doing, right now - sometimes from your home in your pajamas because you hit the ground running and didn’t have time to get dressed?!? I LOVE hearing these stories, because behind every WHY, or reason for living, is a STORY. Behind every line, smile line, frown line, and scar is a STORY. It’s both amazing and mystifying we don’t ask men what their WHY is. Or do we?

My WHY evolves! It’s a bit slippery, but so is life. It's been interesting to pin this down and to adapt from the corporate world to network marketing, and I know I am not alone. 🍾 I am interested to hear your raison d'etre 👩‍🎤 💋💋dd 📷 @lbrialoedawn
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Advise??? So I've been ”training” for my upcoming races in the pool. My feet and legs are extremely tanned, even though I'm fully immersed (4’6”). Found a long-sleeved rash guard with a mock turtleneck and diving gloves to protect the rest. Of course I always wear hats and UV protection sunnies. The upside is no one will recognize me, the downside is no one will recognize me 😂💦 Since i have been out there, fully exposed for 2-2 1/2 hours at a time in the pool, I’m getting toasted! Not sure what I’m going to wear for the 10K event on Sunday. The Surfing Madonna Beach Run is held on the beach, and I’ve always done this one barefoot. I really don’t like to wear a lot of coverage because it gets so hot in the afternoon sun! As it turns out, I may not be able to go barefoot because of the beach conditions from the hurricane. Decisions, decisions. Shoes or no shoes? 📷 @lbrialoedawn
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Our dreamy pink puffball trees are dropping petals and lining the village roads with pink. That’s fall in our charming Carlsbad Village 🌸 🍂 Are you seeing signs of autumn in your hood? 📷 @lbrialoedawn
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It’s all in the details 💨 and in the whispers. Are you listening? Listen to the wind, listen during the quieter moments. That’s when messages can resound and vibrate our very being. What do you think? Do you have a quiet space? Quiet time? Any tips to share about getting quiet in a loud world? LOVE hearing from you! 💋💋dd 📷 @lbrialoedawn
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Too sweet not to share AND this is also me looking forward to what I plan to be doing the moment it gets dark tonight! 🌚 How are you all adapting to the loss of daylight!?! Although it’s our typical 72° here, I feel a chill in the air this time of year. 🍂 💨 brrrrrrrr. Who’s chillin tonight? 📷 @sunshineinmynest 🙏🏼 All Rights Reserved

Yay for autumn 🍂 but.....HOLD ON A SEC! Don’t put away your sunscreen just yet! Our skin and eyes require UV protection year-round. Even though I cover up like a nun when I’m out for my runs, you can see I have tan lines. It’s unavoidable here in SoCal, but when there is moisture in the air during these beautiful crisp autumn days, that moisture reflects sunlight, so keep your sunnies, screens, and Aloe Vera on hand as the days get cool and crisp. 🌸🙄💦It’s our ordinary 72 and sunny here. What’s your weather like today? Can you feel the changes coming?!? Stay tuned for how I’m going to handle my sun damaged skin. You won’t want to miss out 😎 Happy First Day of Fall! 💋💋dd 📷 @lbrialoedawn
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🙌🏽 What does this mean to you? I realized I was living with more purpose after I became a 💁🏼‍♀️ Skincare Specialist.
At first I immersed myself in the science 🔬 and knowledge with hopes of helping as many as humanly possible - with skin health. I did exactly that! This has been incredibly rewarding, but that is just the beginning.
I soon realized I had taken on a mentorship role with those who grabbed my hand to help reach even more in need.
Now I’m in the most rewarding phase of this journey; I’m helping others build the life of their dreams simply by serving others and sharing unique and remarkable solutions from the inside - out! Solutions that don’t compare to anything else, and come with a community of committed women. Women committed to doing WELL whilst doing GOOD.
If you are looking for deeper fulfillment, being the healthiest version of yourself (mentally and physically), and taking control of your future- we should talk. Ask yourself today; am I feeling fulfilled? Would I be thrilled if I were in the same place 5 years from now? 📷 @lbrialoedawn
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