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Laura  beavis, butthead, and 🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕

Happy birthday Chelsea! I love this sweet metal babe -- she's always got a smile on her pretty face and is always down to be my battle buddy at shows. I can't wait to celebrate with you during our Vegas adventure this weekend! 💛🍹⚡️

my ribs got crushed, i almost lost my backpack, i blew out my ear drums and i ache from my toes to my neck but seeing @metallica shred @outsidelands was worth every second of the war zone hell pit that was the front row #MetAtOSL
video 1: "battery" video 2: "master of puppets" video 3: "sanitarium" video 4: "for whom the bell tolls" video 5: "anesthesia"/Cliff Burton tribute

accurate depiction of how excited i am to see ⚡️layer tonight 😝

golden hour on the river☀️ 📸 by @stokemonster

The power of 🤘🏼Dio🤘🏼 compels you to extend your weekend hangover one more day and come to @theknockoutsf for happy hour, heavy riffs ⚡️⚡️⚡️ and 🍕Today, 6-9 pm!

I always have a shit-eating grin on my face when @whitefangsucks plays 🤣 #deathstockiii #gnarstock #budlightonmymind

Let him who hath understanding reckon the number of the Beast, for it is a human number. Its number is six hundred and sixty six 😈☠️⚡️#666 #ironfuckingmaiden

Next Tuesday!! We will all be crowned princes and princesses of darkness, united as one unholy legion empowered by hell-spawned riffs and serenaded by satan's choirs 🔥 Bring your own pigeon to participate in our bird head-chomping contest inspired by Ozzy himself! 🐦💀 Winner gets a mystery shot of @stokemonster's creation. Oh and there will probably be pizza 🍕🍺🍹

Happy 🍺beer🍺 and 💥fireworks💥 day! #sponsormepacifico

Four years later and you're still my #1 sweetest babe and my ultimate #hairgoals 💛 Happy anniversary @damert 📸 by @therockinryan

i love my parents so so much 💓 when they visit me i feel whole 😊 thanks for the photo @damert

Lightning in a Bottle kicked my ass but it was the best one yet. I'm sick with a fever and a sore throat but still wish I was already back dancing at the Woogie Stage! 🎪🌞😎💥 📸@damert

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