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Layla Kaisi Collection  | For the Lovers and Dreamers of fine jewellery Step back into intentional design. Handcrafted | Worldwide delivery #laylakaisicollection #LKCbespoke

Always give compassion and love, especially to yourself.

You are a living, breathing miracle.

Image via @shopaquariansoul

#laylakaisicollection | Handcrafted in NZ | Conflict-free diamonds

You are one of life's anomalies // #laylakaisicollection #LKCbespoke | Handcrafted in NZ | Conflict-free diamonds

LKC has been thinking long and hard about the best ways to actually make a difference with what happened on Friday.
We don't want to use this horrendous situation to increase sales, or promote our brand.
But we wanted to use our platform to give everything we can.
So here is what we are thinking: From now - until the 3 week anniversary or the terror attack, we will donate ALL PROFITS - everything - to the Christchurch fund.
From today March 15th until April 5th, every new order from a lover working with us will have the entirety of the profits from their order sent to Christchurch.
All we will take is the barebones to keep a roof over our business, and pay our incredible jewellers and precious stone suppliers - I as the founder won't even be taking a wage.
It doesn't matter how many or few orders we get, none of it will go towards our own growth in this time.
Hell, I think our accountant will scream. But this is what feels right at this moment. Money comes and goes but helping our Muslim brothers and sisters in Christchurch is more important than anything to me right now.
Join us in the next 3 weeks for an all-profits donation. From us, to Christchurch - we stand together.
Everyone is welcome and we refuse to have anything but love and generosity be our direction.
Love, LKC x

This world can hold so much pain sometimes. My heart is heavy.

Today, be extra gentle with one another and yourselves. You are precious, a life, a blessing.

Pray for those angels we have lost. Love your friends, and even your strangers that little bit more.

Spread love in every corner of darkness. . LKC x

I crave a love so deep, the ocean would get jealous // Art by @timothygoodman

#laylakaisicollection | Handcrafted in NZ | Conflict-free diamonds

Collaboration // With you, we want to write stories in precious metal; to cement moments in design.
We are here to start a change in what it means to wear jewellery. One by one, each person we work with is starting a revolution with us. We are building a movement of LKC wearers. Let's turn design on its head, challenge us.
Come with us into the centre of what it means to be part of our culture.

#laylakaisicollection #LKCbespoke | Handcrafted in NZ | Conflict-free diamonds

There is you and you.
This is a relationship.
This is the most important relationship.

#laylakaisicollection | Handcrafted in NZ | Conflict-free diamonds

The universe took its time on you. // pear cut diamond, hugged by an aquamarine, sapphire and small diamond round.

#laylakaisicollection #LKCbespoke | Handcrafted in NZ | Conflict-free diamonds

2019 will continue to be the year you know your self worth 🔥

Via @sarashakeel

#laylakaisicollection | Handcrafted in NZ | Conflict-free diamonds

The epitome of elegance in simplicity // #laylakaisicollection #LKCbespoke | Handcrafted in NZ | Conflict-free diamonds

Hello beautiful || Latest design going home at LKC featuring an octagonal cut Ruby, paired with a baguette cut diamond; set in 9ct yellow gold. --- Side note: I wanted to personally thank everyone who has joined us on our journey with LKC, knowing these designs are going out into the world is the most humbling feeling.

We will work everyday to make sure LKC is a brand you can be proud to wear 🙌

#laylakaisicollection #LKCbespoke | Handcrafted in NZ | Conflict-free diamonds

If you got any more beautiful,
The sun would leave its place
And come for you.

#laylakaisicollection #LKCbespoke | Handcrafted in NZ | Conflict-free diamonds

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