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Laylah • 🇨🇦  you'll never find me where you left me.

driving just to watch the sunset with my bro (sorry for the dirty windshield). blessed for all the people in my life I'm lucky enough to call family ✨🌄

nothing better than indulging in some treats and laughter with my ball of sunshine

took bae (myself) out for a late Valentines Day dinner. I love me 💖

splattering paint is fun 😎

starting my day off with a chocolate croissant(s) before getting cavities filled this morning 🤑

I'm a thunderstorm and you're afraid of lightning.

I lava you so matcha

get that dirt off your shoulder.

as I woke up with my heart feeling heavy and frustrated with all that's going on in this hectic world, I thought this day was going to turn out horrible but it turned around... genuine thanks to all the kind strangers out there making peoples tough days tolerable.
lesson #1 of the day: showing a little kindness and and care can go a long way. 🌍☮️


darker than the ocean, deeper than the sea

I love you so freakin much