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reposting the amazing @cleowade because I could not have said it any better. Happy mums day to all the mums, new mums, mums to be and to the ones who are looking above us all and a very special one to my sister who just became a new mother!!! So proud of you @mariamkagramanian 💕 #mums

I disconnected for a little while. I thought it would just make my problems disappear or make me feel better when in fact it just deepened the sorrow I was feeling (which I guess was necessary and needed). This entire time I've been preaching about needing to keep around good company and letting go of those with bad energies, until I realized I am not truly practicing what I preach. These past few years, I've lost so many friendships that I thought would last a lifetime. It made me angry, resentful, confused, it really brought my self-esteem down. Until one day, I figured out that is also necessary for me to grow, to take them as learning experiences instead of thinking I'm the problem of why people leave. It's so easy getting caught up with these toxic energies that deceive you and distract you from growing, but when you get to the point where you no longer want/need to surround yourself with people who are only here for their own satisfaction, for their own convenience; when you stop distracting yourself with whatever it is you do and allow yourself to grow, you stop caring to fight for relationships that never actually made you feel good... you know, those ones that feel one-sided, like you're constantly reaching out to someone who isn't reaching back. I don't know?? maybe I decided to start sticking up for myself, not allowing others and situations to make me feel any less than what and who I am. I feel better keeping in my life individuals that are constantly showing support, love, positivity, empathy, and strength, not only towards me but towards their everyday lives. The company you keep is so important. The energy you emit is so important. #foodforthought #whativelearnedthesepastfewweeks #lolz

tell me who you loyal to? is it money? is it fame? is it weed? is it drink?

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