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Layla Alt  Snap: badgers98 @layla_and_madi_photography •always stay humble and kind•

Who doesn’t love some good old cringy pics @the lake😆

Pic creds @kaylaklotz4 and @tawniklotz 📷

Well thx Minocqua for...

Soooo many big bites🙄, sunburns, almost witnessing a man get bucked off a horse, only being able to catch microscopic fish, and kinda sorta accidentally feeding the fish a little shrew that was gone in seconds☹️(RIP lil guy). But most importantly thx Minocqua for making our family continuously laugh until it hurts!

Ohhh ya also my grandpa almost or did break 3 of his toes trying to show us how to do a banana jump dive thingy then I tried and almost drowned.🤦🏽‍♀️

Both our mama’s r wondering how long these knee pads r gonna stay this white🤣

•oh and hey don’t mind the last pic that contains our bomb coach✌🏼

All I need this summer is oversized shirts, pools and don’t forget the pigtails‼️🤪

There’s always a reason to smile, you just have to find it... btw my room is the reason for my huge smile😆

Smiling, but sad inside bc Georgia didn’t show up 😅

Gonna miss y’all next year! 😥❤️

Happy Mother’s Day!!❤️

Thx sm for always being there for me and showing me how to be my best. Words can’t describe how much I want to thank u... But most of all thx for always staying strong through the hard times and showing us how to be a strong, independent, and positive women.❤️

Trust me, she’s not as innocent as she looks😇💞


"I never liked that song until I danced to it with you." — Chelsea Stark

Everyday is one step closer to summer 🙃

All we wanna do is make our home town proud #gameday

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