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Dub  Our mission is to help grow lacrosse by limiting the barriers of cost, and access. If a kid wants to play, we want to put a stick in their hand.


I like to think that every stick given was and is the right decision. There have been a few times I've had borderline feelings... Like is this kid getting over on us? I'm not trusting by nature. Well, this is how you know for sure you made the right choice. This is the type of kid I like seeing play lacrosse. Brought a smile to my face and maybe a (small) tear to my eye. #onestickatatime #planttheseed

A young man goes to bed this evening not knowing tomorrow his life will never be the same. We are outfitting him almost completely. I've apologize, I've not kept up with documenting the amazing things that have been happening this year... I've also been trying to come up with creative way to do this. To really honor these folks... It was going to happen during a podcast... But I got to emotional. So..... I decided tonight is the night. I'd like to publicly welcome 3 people into the LaxSeeds family... Listing them in order that they have been waiting for me to make this announcement. First is @schap02 -he has been working with me to behind the scenes since LaxCon on many cogs of this machine. Next is @laxsmoke26 - like Lew and Dave, Taylor will be stringing sticks and handing them out in his area under the LaxSeeds banner/name. great stringer and has been supportive since we started. And lastly @laxtractive has agreed to come aboard to help us expand into giving away woman's equipment. LaxSeeds is now hexad of generous, yet flawed, laxers planting the seed to grow game, one stick at a time.

Our founder, Dub, has just posted the latest episode of his podcast... And it's about the Journey that led to founding LaxSeeds. Link is in HIS bio.
#Rensta #Repost: @dubiliciouscarolina via @renstapp ···
“ Though my intentions were to talk just about LaxSeeds...I felt the story needed context. Thus...I give you the raw story. I became overwhelmed, and cut it short... So this is just part one. My hope is that it isn't boring, and I capture what it's like to sit and chop it up with me. Complete with a silly impromptu ad-libbed commercial. Link is in bio, or you can just head to fromdub.com ”

Thanks to @stringologylax for the package of mesh, we'll put it to good use. #onestickatatime

Shout out to @gcampbell32 for collecting donations at his school's alumni game. Three big boxes arrived yesterday. #onestickatatime

Available now, LaxSeeds.com

They are here! To help cover the cost of shipping, pursuing our non-profit status, etc, we are selling these extremely cool @natureboylacrosse Kraken complete mini sticks. Currently we are selling them strung with mesh, or unstrung. They will be available this Sunday. By buying one, you are helping us grow the game. #ten

Not as good as "the right thing to do is always the right thing to do", but it works. #ten #therightthing

When he isn't creating art on lacrosse heads, @dubiliciouscarolina is stringing. Making a dent in massive shipment heading out this month to @danishlacrosse . When we hand a kid a stick, it's strung with care, and game ready. "I treat every stick like I'm stringing for my own son for the biggest game he's ever played." -dub. If you, or someone you know needs a new twig, head over to LaxSeeds.com and nominate a kid to receive a full stick. #dubStrung #onestickatatime

Big week here at LaxSeeds... It's our busy season after all. As we near the end of our 6 month long equipment drive for @danishlacrosse . Here are a few of the big boxes we've received. I see lots of stringing in our future. When I pack up the boxes to send, I'll run down what's heading over, and as many people that contributed as I can.

Had to spoil him in his birthday. Thanks to @dubiliciouscarolina for the dye and @lumberlax for the crazy cool shaft. #onestickatatime

This #dubStrung set of beauties is enjoying a little face time before being packed up with the rest and shipped over seas to help grow the game in Denmark. Strung with all @stringersshack materials. #onestickatatime #onebigboxofsticksthistime

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