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K. F. O.  Former laxer living life & forgetting how old I am.... I have the coolest little family. I plan, I letter, and I document my life.

A few more 70% off finds for today!
These are all birthday gifts for other kiddos. I can’t ever pass up cheap Melissa & Doug. And I absolutely HATE paying full price for stupid Num Noms. 🤣
#targetclearance #allthingstarget #neverpayretail

70% off Toy and Sporting Good Clearance!
#targetclearance #allthingstarget #neverpayretail

My life is a mess right now.

I need to spend my day off (...and by that I mean the 1 day this week I am stuck home taking care of 3 sicks kids and NOT at work...) getting my planners for 2018 setup.

Need to track work schedules (two for me - one for Blade), school schedules (two kids at two different schools), budget annnnnd bills.
It needs to be simple, portable annnnnd FUNCTIONAL - so less cutesy than normal cause I just don’t have the time anymore.

Sidenote: the new Happy Planner stuff... what the heck. I saw them at JoAnn’s and I get they’re cute, but they spent A LOT of time being cute and not a ton on being functional. I bought the new Deluxe Metal Disc for strength, not because it had a weird knock-off Holly Nichols sketch. I don’t need stickers with pseudo clothing designs and super skinny well dressed women, I need stickers for bills and PTO fundraisers. lol
#plannercommunity #plannerinneed #planningcommunity #happyplanner #meandmybigideas

Until justice rolls down like waters
And righteousness like a mighty stream....
#martinlutherkingjr #mayalin

Um.... $8 for stickerbooks!? I’m headed to Michaels in the morning. 😂
#happyplanner #mambi #meandmybigideas #stickeraddict

Spent $98.xx on over $300 worth of toys.
Birthday gift closet = restocked

I found them...
But then realized:
I don’t NEED them.
I dunno.
They’re less exciting in person - for me that is.
None of them are ones I desperately need or use enough to justify buying.
Instead, I bought a Rhodia square shape dot pad because Michaels now carries them! 😍

Today was one of those really hard days as a parent of a “special needs” child...

Ducati really wants to snowboard.

In the fall he started longboarding and the rest of the family already snowboards. It’s the favorite of his older 9 year old sister who started when she was 2. So, naturally he wants to do what the rest of the family loves.
But because of his sensory issues, nonverbal status and overall autistic quirks... it’s hard.
Today we went and he was totally stoked.
But the socks were not his preferred type, these were too tight and too long. Then he was too excited and got snow in his shoe, making his socks wet and extra uncomfortable. The lodge was crowded, loud and overwhelming. Then the boots were too tight. The snowpants were bunching up too much.
It was a battle.
Every single teeny tiny aspect of snowboarding seemed to go against his sensory comfort zone. Every step was a struggle that became a meltdown. Which then exhausted him, embarrassed him and made him more upset.
At every step, once he calmed down, we would ask if he wanted to go home. Every time he said no. He still wanted to snowboard.
It took over 3.5 hours, but he did it.
He got the boots on, the helmet, the goggles, the gloves, and the snowboard. He made it up the magic carpet with his sister and dad. He did a single run.
Yes, one run.
Because a glove fell off,
His helmet slipped,
The goggles got twisted,
And he was so exhausted from overcoming all his meltdowns from the day.
But he did it.
We all did it.
We all survived and we will keep trying, but on another day.
And hopefully with less tears in the future.
Overall, I am just so proud of him. It was a long day and he accomplished his goal.

Well, this should be fun to drive home in.

Full Retail $165.94
Paid $16.54
This is why clearance hunting is my favorite hobby. 🤣
#targetclearance #allthingstarget #neverpayretail #clearancehunter

Went Target hunting even though it’s super slim pickings....
90% off Essie and Goodfellow socks. And FULL PRICE (bull crap) EOS.
#targetclearance #allthingstarget

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