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K. F. O.  Former laxer living life & forgetting how old I am.... I have the coolest little family. I plan, I letter, and I document my life.

"That Glo Tho"
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They're off!

Ducati didn't want to take pictures and had a little anxiety to begin with. But he walked down to the bus stop and waited... and waited. By the time the bus arrived he started panicking. It was hard and sad, but I didn't cry. Instead we waited for the bus to drive back pass by and then went for our traditional parent Starbucks run. ((That's also when Blade does a quick drive passed the school for me so I can see their bus made it safely... I'm one of those parents. 😘))

I'm suppose to be writing Ducati's name inside his backpack and new gym shoes so he's all prepared for the morning.... but instead I'm staring at his baby photos and wondering what happened.

I remember staying up late and watching Carrera bursting with excitement because she was starting school. It was a fun new adventure that she as absolutely 100% ready for and I knew it was where she needed to be.

But my Ducati is different. He is behind developmentally and undiagnosed but definitely on the autism spectrum. I am terrified to let him go. He has massive anxiety about going to school, so I can't let him know I'm worried. Instead I have to plaster a smile on my face and hold back all my tears as the anxiety overwhelms me.

Tomorrow is gonna suck.
But for today he was OK with school, said HI to his teacher and excitedly picked out new shoes at Kohl's. Let's hope tomorrow goes just as smoothly (...and I don't cry myself sick).

I'm not ready for tomorrow.
I could puke and burst into tears at any second.

Also, my family refuses to give me just ONE normal photo.

We resorted to watching the eclipse on the iPad and being silly with our glasses since we are completely covered in thick clouds.
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Well, this stinks.

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Sometimes you tell yourself, "I'm not spending any money today..." and then Goodwill throws it's best deals in your face.



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Playing in the urban jungle today.... #maggiedaleypark

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