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Law Smith  SMB Consultant, Digital Strategist + Comedian | President of @TocoWorks | @CigarCityComedy member | podcast host: Sweat Equity + Triple Option

Gotta get work done on the weekends, bring The Sweat Fox 🦊💧in and put Moana on TV

Alexa, play Luniz, I Got 5 On It #trippadelphia

The Sweat Fox 🦊💧loves his swing #trippadelphia

Our lil interview show, Sweat Equity Podcast, about realistic business advice (plus immature jokes from me) was hit up by an ad agency to flop some sponsors in there. 🎉🎉🎉

4 hours on a Saturday w/ @mrcreativefreedom developing a deck, proposal packages, landing page, video ad creatives, and online ad campaigns. A @208monkeys + @tocoworks collab offering for car dealerships that are waaaaay behind the times.

A cut from @sweatequitypodcast (audio is up on iTunes and @laughable app) when I didn't know I had the flu talking with power attorney Brett Metcalf of @hillsboroughdefense

Tripp's favorite actor? You guessed it! 1996's Man Of The Year, Frank Stallone

The Sweat Fox 🦊

If my boo wants Miyeok Guk / Beef Seaweed Soup to help her stomach, then my boo gets my dad bod ass going into the Korean grocery store like an emu asking for seaweed. And then my dad bod ass watching the same YouTube tutorial 40 times because all I know how to cook is Bagel Bites, bruh

Documentary interview about girth

Oh, we're partying today! Sealing bathroom #2 while listening to a @freakonomicsradio podcast about feet and how shoes fuck us up! #DadBod

Excited for his 9 month check up a month late? Nope. He loves seeing himself on video. Tripp is the Terrell Owens of babies I LOVE ME SOME ME

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