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Lawrence  I’m sweet and sticky. Mantra is be yourself and fuck everyone (not a metaphor). If I’m an ‘influencer’ the 🌎 needs Jesus. Twitter @lawrencelondonX

Comment “oink” if you’re also a pig 🐷

The local people call me ปีศาจสีขาว or ‘white demon’ which offends me as I’ve been working on my tan.
N.B. if you enjoyed watching me ride a dirt track then you should check out my onlyfans page.

I’m like a flamingo because I’m delicate, colorful, and I often stand on one leg due to a planter’s wart. #TBT

I love rocking. And being rocked. I haven’t been rocked hard in long time actually. I want someone to rock me all night long in every position imaginable. And then rock off before morning.

Celebrating 100 posts on onlyfans by making a total spectacle of myself 😍🔞❤️

God Bless America - birthplace of Crisco and J-LUBE ❤️

I’ve only ever had one real boyfriend. “The Love of my life”. We were going to stay together forever.
Then after 6 years he changed his mind and dumped me. Ruthlessly.
I was destroyed, and I spent the subsequent 3 years suffering immensely. Grieving deeply and profoundly.
And then last year something changed. I had a fantastic year - free of heartache! Seemingly out of nowhere the darkness turned to light.
Empowered by this shift I felt the strength and the courage to make contact and see how he is after all this time. A risky gamble, but one that has paid off and has given me closure.
Now we txt from time to time and all of my emotion for him and the situation is gone. It’s bizarre. I feel nothing but good vibes.
In fact, I can’t even remember what it was that I loved so much. He’s changed. And so have I.
Time really is a magnificent healer.
All of the fears that I had about him moving on and leaving me in the dust in the competition of life have dissipated completely. And unexpectedly I feel like I’ve come out on top!
So now I’m in a place where I’m not in love with anyone. I’m not heartbroken about anyone. I’m not pining for anyone. I’m not missing anyone. It’s just me. And I’m happy.
So, now what?
Finally invest some love into myself?
Or fall in love with a cute guy again and screw up the next decade of my life?
In any case, Love is a many splendored thing!
And vile. It’s fucking VILE.
The end.

I am temporarily closed for spiritual and emotional maintenance (not my ass though, that’s still open for business).

Wowww. Thanks @tomtaylorillustrated I LOVE it 😍 Do you think if I actually looked like this I might find a bf...? Oh no, wait, I forgot about the bad attitude, aggressive nature and sociopathic tendencies (and let’s not even mention the all consuming narcissism!). Never mind! 😘

“Pink Flamingo” - A sexual position in which the bottom is bent over forwards supported on only one leg leaving the top to hold the other leg suspended while fucking the bottom from behind. The top can then pull the bottoms hair, choke him in a headlock or slap and punch him. Depending on how into it the bottom is he may or may not flap his arms like wings and squark like a majestic pink flamingo. (The uncensored version of this image was removed - go to twitter @lawrencelondonX to see much more)

I have a confession to make - I’m transfish.

God I wish I looked like this in real life. More jockstrap fantasy moments on my onlyfans. #gaymuscle #bööty #gayboy #singlegay #desperategay #thirstygay #gotomyonlyfans

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