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Lawrence Judd  I like coffee, sarcasm and podcasting. You should listen to mine - we talk about fitness, nudity, hot dogs and occasionally something worthwhile.

Rushed the set up a bit, but I'm tired AF so I'll let myself off a little. 190kg@8ish, up 20kg from the start of the cycle.
#deadlift #leggingsarebae

Deadlift is coming back verrry quickly this cycle. Paused dead top set has gone up 20kg in 2 weeks, probably because of the volume I'm deadlifting at. Best ever paused deadlift is 180 for a single, could well beat that before I need to deload. 🏋🏻
Repping @squatsandespressoshots
#deadlift #powerlifting

To break the monotony of lifting videos, here's my lunch. I made all of it, except the lettuce. Cooking is gr8 #food

Some progress/a slight performance increase on these, which is cool. 105kgx3@8ish.
#frontsquats #chokemeharder

Slowly creeping back into maybe-kinda-sorta-semi-does-even-lift territory. 180kg@7.5-8ish.

Trying out a stance that mimics my front squat stance as that was super comfy earlier this week. Looks fucking horrible from this camera angle but my legs are actually doing the same thing (my stance is slightly staggered due to hip asymmetries). -
Top single at 142, back offs, then same on bench which I didn't film.
SSB pin squats suck unholy amounts of peen. -
#justrynabelessmediocre #loveyourself #loveyoursquats #allsquatsarebeautiful

Apparently, the fact it's Wednesday means that the booty needs to be trained. Cus, hump day or something. Tbh, all humps deserve love on humpday, but here's my top set of paused deads. Up 10kg at the same RPE compared to last week.

Trying snatch grip stiff legs cus @miketuchscherer said they were good. They suck. The extra ROM is humbling as hell.

When in Ireland...

2 of today's jerks @ 65kg. Felt punchy AF and I made hella noise. Noticed a weird toe thing happening on set 2, which is interesting.

Did some cleaning today. 4x3 of a paused clean + power jerk at 60kg. Felt nice, and looked hilarious in slow mo. This was set 2.

First ever time practising split jerks. Need to work on not scooting my hips under during the "dip" and then a teensy bit of shoulder mobility to improve my OH position but nothing new there. 3x3 @ 60kg was fun.

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