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Lawrence Judd  I like coffee, sarcasm and podcasting. You should listen to mine - we talk about fitness, nudity, hot dogs and occasionally something worthwhile.


"Whatcha up to, Judd?"
"Practising surprise sex." #olyliftingisdirtyAF

Masterchef, come the fuck at me.

More silly jumpy flingy stuff.
Aka how to make a buttload of noise with an embarrassingly light weight.
Also @like2lift with what I think is the Starsky and Hutch soundtrack... #liftingthings

@littleun did actual lifting today. I just dicked around and did 1.5 rep split squats which are pretty much the worst exercise ever.

I suck at overhead stuff and also rotation. So, I did these today. It was really fun.
I then did some cleans and fell spectacularly on my arse (which was also hilarious) and then did some front squats.
I sat and did some thinking today about training for "life" would look like, trying to tie together everything I've learned so far. It needs a little refining before I share it properly, but it excites me.

We were pleasantly surprised when we discovered we had tomato plants.
Ever more stunned when they got to this height within about a month.

The pizza chronicles continued.

Here's a sexy AF pic of a pizza I made because all I post are lifting videos.

145 at an actual 8 this time. I've been overshooting squat RPEs like a mofo the past few weeks, so that needed to change.
Left knee still having a party, but this stance width felt okay today which is great.

An unexpected
V. tired paused deadlift PR
This felt pretty good


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