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lawlorffs_pride13  I'm a lawlorff directioner and a belieber!!❤ kian lawley, Justin bieber, Liam Payne are my Idols. I make fanfics to where you are in them.

Lolol Sam @sampotttorff

You guys soon finish the Q&A video. You, kian and Sam decide to go down to the beach and hang out for a while. Sam brings along Mackenzie, and you tend to feel like this may be a double date and you get excited. You've never been on a double date and you kinda excited that another girl is joining you kian and Sam. So you guys go out and sit on the beach and just talk and relax. You and kian just can't keep your eyes off each other. Which makes you to always wanting to kiss him every second you look at him. It starts to get dark soon so you and kian decide to head back to his house and just watch late night movies before you go back to your hotel. You and kian decide on the movie a walk to remember. You get halfway through the movie and then falls asleep right in kians arms. Kian realizes you fell asleep in his arms so he decides to carry you into his room and lays you on his bed as he sleeps on the couch.
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Fanfic: you guys get back to kians house after eating. You greet is mom and sisters and then sneak of into kians bedroom. You guys both lay down on his bed and just sit there and talk about everything possible, you guys end up posting a lot of Instagram photos. A few hours pass by as you guys are sitting there on the bed all of a sudden you hear kians door open and then Sam comes and jumps on the two of you. "Hey kian remember our planes dude? We're supposed to shoot the video today." Sam said "oh shoot yeah dude, lets do it now" kian said. You have a confused look on your face as there talking about a video. Soon you realize it's a Q&A video that your included in.
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Kian why do you have to tease all of us it's not a nice thing to do!!! @kianlawley
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Kian lawley you anew the background on my phone.


Fanfic 6: you woke up the next morning finding kian arms wrapped around your body. You find him still sleeping looking as cute as a baby. "Kian it's 10" you said shaking him. "Mhmmm" kian groaned while smiling at you as he rubs his eyes. You looked on the floor as you find Sam, jered, and Cory laying there. You and kian sneak of and go out and have some breakfast. Realizing that everything that's gone on happened so fast and you only have a week and a half left in San Clemente. Realizing you'll have yo go back to the Bay Area soon and that's 6 hours away. As your thinking about this you find yourself looking at him and his precious smile. Kian asked what's wrong you just give him the statement that your leaving in a couple weeks and don't know what your going to do. As you guys go on and discuss what the future hold for you as you eat. Soon your finished eating and decides to head over kians house.
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Lovely pic aye?? Fanfic coming soon.

Another chapter coming later. And stay a lawlorff.

@shyshylove_13: you get kian. You both will have a fantastic life together grow old in a nice big house right on the side of the beach down in Cali. You will have 3 kids 2 boys 1 girl named Ashleigh, Colton, and Ryan. You will develop new friendships with his best friends. Have a fantastic life as a Lawley!
Comment on a photo from a day ago on my page to see what O2L member you get and how your life would be.

It's all so true.

My oh my kian lawley!!! Comment below if you want to find out what O2L member you would go good with and ill post a pic with your user name! 😊
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