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Lawson Bates  New album “What Country Means To Me” out NOW

John Wayne said, “Talk low, talk slow, and don’t say too much.” So that’ll be the end of this caption ;-)

Everybody always wants a bigger voice, a bigger platform, and bigger opportunities... I used to always wonder what I’d say if I could talk to the whole world, but then somebody told me: you’re already saying it- every day, every word, every deed, you’re speaking loud and clear! Wanna change the world? Change yourself.

Some days are better than others ☺️

*inserts inspirational quote about surviving the storm/seeing the rainbow* #ForRealzTho ;-) 🙌🏼 🙏🏼

What 😱 One year ago today the vid for #PastThePast dropped! Big thanks to @cmt for sharing it, but an even bigger thanks to YOU for hangin with me on this crazy 🎶 ride. Everybody knows what a rollercoaster the industry is, but y’all are the #1 reason I get to have so much fun creating 📝 I’ve got some pretty special news comin’ for ya later this month... 🌧 so stay tuned, friends ;-)

Aww shucks! I had the best caption, but they told me it was too corny 🤦🏼‍♂️

💭 Yo law! You just turned anotha year older! Gotta slow down, de-stress, chill more, maybe even play a lil relaxing round of that sport called golf with the pops 🤣🏌️Thanks for the well wishes.
#RllyJustPracticingForMyDramaClasses ;)

Ain’t nothing like gettin er done with the bros 💪🏼 At 8PM or so last Thursday, we heard about a devastating tornado that ripped through a small town in Iowa. Just a few hours later, we were driving through the night with chainsaws, tarps, and equipment to see what we could do to help. From cutting trees on houses, to tarping roofs, clearing streets, and boarding up windows, it was quite an insane weekend! Thankful for the people who joined our team, loaned equipment, or kept us in their prayers... Continued prayers for all working to build Marshalltown back to what it was 🙏🏼

An absolutely devastating tornado ripped through Marshalltown, Iowa yesterday. Today we’re here with a relief team. Keep Marshalltown in your prayers 🙏🏼

Nah, I didn’t make em! This is just a big ole shout out to best homemade cinnamon roll cook in the 🌎 @chad_erinpaine 🤪

90° + 91% Humidity + Dirt...
#WorkHard 💪🏽 #PlayHard 😎

My greatest fear / ➡️

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