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LAVENNZ OOI  Life is like weather and I paint this weather, storm to rainbow, live thru them purposefully. ↡ Available Originals ↡

One of the challenge in painting imagination landscape is reference photo. You have to collage different references into one big picture in mind. Then I came up with this step: create a landscape study, just black and white, for reference and stress reduction because I don't have to challenge my brain to memorized every detail, light and shadow.
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“Happiness always comes from within, and it’s found in the present moment by making peace with the past and looking forward to the future." — Doe Zantamata
'Looking Forward' 30"x40" Oil on Cotton 2016
This large painting is now available on request. If interested to collect this work, please go to this link and submit the purchase inquiry form. If you want learn more about this painting, please don't hesitate to email me at

Going through older photos for inspiration and reference to be use in my recent sketched idea featuring a woman walking on the ice bridge. I notice that staircase and bridge are the hot topic in my latest ideas, like a metaphor of dream, time travel, future, connection and relationship. I can see this is the way I'm digging into in 2017.

The evolution of P1702, the ID of this painting which is yet to title, though I have a few in my mind. (*Correction: the sequence is in clockwise from top left to bottom left*)
Most of my paintings sell unframed via my website and this will be an exceptional. It will be available for sale once I frame her. If you would like view my other available originals, you're welcome to browse around my online shop and website. Link in profile.
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Signing the painting with my favorite tiny brush. The painting is completed but not officially until varnished and titled. Thinking of giving her a floater frame.

Every idea starts with a tiny spark in the mind. This is the image I saw before falling into a good night sleep, not exactly the same though. I can sense that it was inspired by the snow storm we just had, mixing with my own feeling of walking on the path to my dream future. The only powers that can overcome every distractions, obstacle and risk we had on the road of passion are faith and effort in our dreams and life.

Life is beautiful if you look at it with a beautiful heart. Make the most of every moment in life. Observe the surrounding of present moment. Here's the quiet and inspiring wood in a farm we ski on Saturday.

The weather is my mood, feeling relax and cozy in the studio, apron on the lamp stand, brushes in the bottles and snow fairies dancing in the air.

Time to troubleshoot the golden stairs⚜⚒💛🔑

In progress making prints. Just received these proof prints from printer. Which of these two works you most likely will collect?

Couldn't resist to make a major change on this #workinprogress Turning from day to night with aurora on the sky ☺️🌿

In My Studio: My new monitor bought on last November's Black Friday sales, and a jar of Ranunculus. I don't have to zooming or scrolling repeatedly while I have paints on fingers. And the flowers just so refreshing to look at while taking mini pause in painting. On the easel is the current hot priority #workinprogress still in the overpainting phase.