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Hui En  ꈍ .̮ ꈍ

it’s more fun in the 20s

last run; thank you for being the best part of uni ❤️✨

please help a browless sister get some hair on her face n b #browhausready o yes

This last one goes out to @xvrlum , a true Capricorn, truer leader and my better half in leading SS.
You never fail to put the interests of others ahead of yours, and are truly deserving of all the love and respect garnered.
Luv u v much pls don’t go *ugly cries*

Next one goes out to all the new dancers (@pinchofpink, @melisalee13, @crystal_yupp , @nahizz , @keanenlee , @kimmytaiji and everyone else along the way throughout these 4 years) & freshies who never fail to inspire with their grit and determination, you guys are one of the top reasons for me wanting to do HOCC over and over again (work so hard no prize how can... GAHAHA). It’s tough as hell to be thrown into a gruelling 2-month-long-prep competition. Thank you for never complaining and for not only pulling through, but shining on stage. I’m always reminded that the mind is the limit, and you can achieve anything as long as you put effort and heart into it. I’m rly sad that I won’t be able to watch you grow more/ continue being inspired by you but there are great things ahead with the positive attitude you guys take towards improving 😭


Wouldn’t have had such a smooth sailing journey without the sheer grit of the dancers who pulled through despite multiple injuries (+ @rai_yearn who always rushes down in the nick of time when someone gets hurt) and being thrown such tough choreography (+ heels...), the consistent support of the @ntuhallxvi JCRC & @strawberrystretch alumni, our helpers Bryan & @singyuanl, sick lighting cues (@ymjovi), and the dancers from every other hall who helped cheer us on throughout our journey. We share the magic of this piece and I couldn’t be more proud! 😭❤️ (more posts to come pls bear with me... last HOCC oki)


🎅🏻🎅🏻🎅🏻🎅🏻🎅🏻 + 👻👻

nobody can fite her except 4 mi

just... doing... less thinking

ZUI AI ❤️❤️❤️

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