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L A V E N D A  Be well, be kind. Family First. 👩🏽‍💻 Fashion & Lifestyle blogger. ✝️ Christian. 👀 Seen in Cosmo, ManRepeller & 🏡 Portland / LA

🖤 PART ll- READ the POST two posts back. (IG cut me off) 😜
As self employed business owners, bloggers take full liability without any sort of health benefits, unions or guilds. We have to continually educate ourselves on the ever-fluctuating platforms that reflect our very livelihood.
As a group, I’d have to say that professional bloggers are some of the most educated, grounded and business-savvy people you’ll come across. We are passionate, creative and driven. We are the ones who stand out from the crowd by working longer hours, sacrificing more resources, pushing ourselves to our very own limits. In fact, Many pro-bloggers I’ve met have backgrounds in business, law or other professionally recognized industries that have given them strong insight and work ethic toward their business growth.
And the TRUTH is, I’m proud to be amongst such a wonderful group of humans. I’m proud to call myself a blogger. We may curate a beautiful feed that leads you to believe all we do is “play hard” but believe me- we did not skip over the hard work. And I believe our rewards are well earned. :)

This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine. 🎶 There’s something so wonderfully inspiring and joyous about children and their hopeful perspective on life.

I hope we always rise to the task & honor of keeping the little torches in our life lit. ✨ Happy Holidays!

Work hard, play hard. #DontSkipTheWork
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Hard work has become something like a myth in popular culture. While we glorify overnight sensations, YouTube stars and personalities who depict wealth and lives of leisure, suicide rates continue to rise and a generation of under qualified, over entitled humans are flooding the workforce.
The TRUTH remains the same- Hard work pays off. For most of us who’ve reached any kind of financial security, public recognition or “fame”, it’s been diligence, hard work and dedication that has paved the way. We may make it look easy, but the truth is- when I first started blogging, I was working 60-70 hour work weeks minimum on the regular. I had to pay my bills AND work my blog into a full-fledged business for years before I even broke even. Late night, hours and hours of reading articles, social media stats, learning all the Wordpress updates, widgets, new camera interfaces, photo editing apps and software... I remember setting up tripods and taking my own street style shots. I built my first website with a friend, made cold calls (aka DMs on IG and facebook) hoping to stand out amongst 1000’s of other bloggers- to brands I wanted to work with. I poured money into clothes, events, trips and equipment that I had to work my day job in order to pay off. It was overwhelming hard work for a while there. And continues to be hard work for most of us. -
We may be envied for not having to have a “real job” and given very little credit for the creativity and perseverance required in our line of work and as a matter of fact- most bloggers I know experience this really interesting double edged sword, where people dismiss any actual talent or business skills while also assuming that our lives are a cake walk. People often comment about all the money and free stuff we must have pouring in left and right.

The TRUTH is rarely anything near that for years...

MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY HOLIDAYS 🎄🎁✨ Love celebrating so many beautiful blessings that have poured into my life this year. What a wonderful chapter I get to journey through right now... do you ever wish you could pause time? It may seem greedy, but I just want to extend these precious moments with my sweet Ella and Luke before I blink and we’re just a bunch of raisins. 😜
Counting my blessings or “Practicing gratefulness” has been a life saving habit of mine time and time again, because no matter what obstacles I’ve faced (and trust me- there’s been some hefty ones) the silver lining always seems to shine through. I’m grateful to God for that and grateful that he loves us SO very much that he showers us with blessings in this life. It may be fleeting and only a shadow of Gods love, but experiencing the love of such a beautiful soul like this man here, can only come straight from heaven. 🧀-but true 💋 #LukeAndLavenda
Wishing everyone lots of love and the ability to sift through any possible burdens to find at least one beautiful blessing to be grateful for this season. Love you babes! #Love
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Sweet kisses and loads of laughter. It’s always soul food with this wonder.
Just bought a BRAND NEW CAR today! Anyone want to take a guess what the make and model are? #LukeAndLavenda

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I still tell her she’s my tiny baby as her curls brush my shoulder and she furrows her brow. 🙎🏽‍♀️ (her nose scrunches up when she does this and it’s adorable 😜). She is careful not to seem “too childish”, but I catch a slight upward turn of her mouth.
My Ella. 🐥✨ I’ll always remember the way your five tiny fingers curled around just one of mine days after we brought you home. I remember how your face lit up and your baby breathe made sweet melodies as you slept in my arms. When I look at you I see years of love manifested into those perfectly delicate features, confident mannerisms and eyes of wonder... I will always see you, pursue you, find you right wherever life may lead. Because when I look at you my love, I see through every independent gesture, I see past the guarded scowls. I see through all of that into who you are, where you’ve been and where your heart is heading. I dream for you and right along with you, as you grow up and discover passion, love and purpose of your own.
I’ll always be right here, little one. You are my heart, sweet girl. Mama loves you.

Just another Manic Monday. 🐉✨ Sometimes we have to go the extra mile to protect our mind space from life’s curve balls. 🤾🏽‍♀️🤸🏽‍♀️✨It’s especially difficult to navigate toxic relationships that you just can’t shake (family, co-parents, coworkers etc). I like to create a lot of space in between MY RESPONSE and external circumstances or negative interactions, so that I’m in a good space to respond reasonably. At other times, I have a complete breakdown, totally skip this step and FREAK THE F🦆 OUT. 😜

Hey, it’s all about progress, not perfection right? What do you do maintain a healthy mind-space? #WellnessJourney #WellnessBlogger #WellnessMatters

I’m a fan of classes like @barrysbootcamp because they help switch things up a bit and before you know it, you’ve wrapped up a great workout. ❤️✨ What inspires you to stay fit? #LavendasCloset #FitforLife

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Ella and I recently watched The Nutcracker and the Four Realms and fell in love with the magical, modern take on this holiday classic. We were excited to see that @OPI just launched “Nutcracker”, a nail polish collection inspired by the same Disney movie. You can check out the entire color ensemble here: #sponsored
We wanted to share our love for all things magical and bright by wearing our favorite colors to dessert this week. I'm wearing the color #BerryFairyFun and you can see Ella wearing #DreamsNeedClarafication on her thumb and middle finger, #MarchInUniform on her pinky and #CandiedKingdom on her last two nails.
SWIPE to see more of our Mommy Daughter Dessert date + close ups of our favorite colors and be sure to pick up your favorite #OPIandNutcracker shades today or ask for OPI GelColor in your local salon!

“Hey shorty.” It’s a rare occasion that I wear sneakers with a skirt, but when I do you know they have to have a platform. 😜

I’ve switched almost all of my makeup products to clean, natural lines. I’m still on the look out for some great lip colors and a water proof eyeliner though. Any suggestions?

Seen here wearing @janeiredale Glow Time foundation and pressed powder with @gloskinbeauty contour powder. Lip is by @revlon Ultra HD Matte lipcolor in color #Flirtation and Beauty Magic liner by @marcbeauty 💕

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