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Bronwyn Filimonova  Like Marie Laveau Model + Vintage Shop assistant Married a the love of my life💍 Artist, Amateur photographer. Orthodox ☦️ Mama to be🤰🏻 12/13/18

St.Nino’s cross, my beloved patron saint.♥️☦️🇬🇪

27 weeks🤰🏻💃🏻
We’re almost in the third and final trimester, feeling every kick, flutter, and movement my little girl makes.

Spent the day with my lovely friend @anabvnks and she took these cute photos 🌹

Time for a positive change✨
A lot has changed in my life, many things are happening and I’m learning how to handle them. I’m also realizing that there some issues I never quite took care of before that I don’t want to burden my family with. So it’s time to work on them.
Naturally, pregnancy has a way of super magnifying things/emotions/insecurities that I could normally just shut off and tell myself I was being silly or unrealistic. That off button is so difficult to access now, so all my fears and insecurities that I never really addressed are seriously weighing me down.
There are things I don’t like about myself, of course, I think everyone has things they want to improve. But it’s changing that from self hate to self improvement that’s the challenge. Self hate is so destructive, and pregnancy has brought to the forefront how much of this I have for my own self, I am literally my biggest bully. Whether it’s shallow physical things or its deeper things, I hate myself for not improving on them or not being at the level I want to be. I realize this needs to stop and that I need to face the fear of the challenge and make those improvements, love myself and understand that I’m the only one who can make me happy.
It’s so not fair to burden your partner, or family with your self loathing and insecurities. I want to be able to be there for them, to uplift them, and always leave them feeling good after having been around me. A light, not a shadow.
So I’m gonna believe in myself (like my husband always tells me to), and make these positive improvements. I spent the night also removing negative people, things that bring me down, and accounts that make me feel horrible so I can focus on the light and inner growth that is totally possible! Not the impossible.
So here’s to the first day of the rest of my life and becoming the woman, wife, and mother I’ve always dreamed of being🥂🥂




Twining 🌹

The lack of pastry in this house is very concerning ......🤰🏻🥧🍪🍰

Working from home today and listening to self improvement/inner confidence podcasts.
I think it’s important to seek motivation and seek to improve yourself often. If you catch yourself acting or feeling ways that bring you down, take note of that and try to do something about it. Listening to motivational speakers is something that’s really helpful for me.
Currently listening to @valerialipovetsky YouTube video on Confidence Myths.👌🏼

Haven’t done my makeup in while on account of always being too busy, too tired, or too sick. Well I was still sick today (felt like garbage) but I had enough in me to get creative and pose with a sleepy little Luchik ♥️✨

He looks like an angel but acts like a badass 🙄😂 No, but in all honesty he is very sassy, bold, and likes to try challenging us. Hisses and growls,trying to be the boss, but he’s no match for my firm hold. After 5 minuets he gives up, sighs, and relaxes realizing he’s not gonna be telling me what to do.🤣

No one could love me like he does♥️
Moments of serenity with my one and only, @gene.fillmore 📸 @meadowlarkstills

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