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Lauryn Bahen (Ignyte Fitness)  AAA Supps Sponsored Athlete Linebreak Sponsored Athlete Fitness Model QPT & Coach CEO of Ignyte Fitness https://m.facebook.com/Ignyte-Fitness

After 10 days in Bali with having no restrictions with food & drinks I've completed a 1 week mini shred. Was feeling a bit fluffy but have managed to have come in leaner than before my holiday. Still 9 weeks to get this body ready for summer🙌🏻☀️💃

Bali memories.
Collect moments, not things. Moments & memories last a lifetime❤️

Bali nights🙌🏻💞🍹💃☀️🌴

Playing at the beach🌴☀️🍹

Night out in Bali with the girls🙌🏻🍹

The greater the storm, the brighter the rainbow ⛈☀️ Sometimes rock bottom becomes the solid foundation in which we get the chance to rebuild our lives, stronger and better than ever before⛓

You are strong, fierce, powerful & capable. Never underestimate your worth & what you have to offer. Fight & stand up for what you believe in, never compromise your values or who you are for anyone or anything. Stand tall & proud & always believe in yourself. You never know who you are inspiring & you may just be the ripple that creates a tidal wave🌊🌏❤️

So excited to receive my Metabolic Nutritionist certificate today. Now it's time to tackle the ISSN Sports Nutritionist Specialist exam 😆👌🏻

Don't wish for it, if you want it bad enough you have to work for it. Only you can make it happen🏋🏼🌟

We need to acknowledge & feel things even when they hurt deeply. By pushing the pain down & trying to avoid the emotions they manifest & creep back up when you least expect it. Feel it, cry, scream, talk about it, write it down, just get it out. Once you release the pain, give it an outlet you can then let it go. It will no longer hold you hostage, have power over you & you will be free & can start to heal🌱🌷


Sometimes you just need to look at life from a different perspective. When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change🙂🙃🥀🌱🌷

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