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Sometimes you just need to look at life from a different perspective. When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change🙂🙃🥀🌱🌷

A strong woman accepts both compliments & constructive criticism graciously as she knows that it takes both sunshine & rain for a flower to grow🌱🌷

The cave that you fear to enter usually holds the treasure you've been seeking✨
If there is a slight chance of something making you happy, it's worth the risk 💞

Exciting to see both myself & my client/ friend Abbey featured in this months issue of Oxygen Magazine. Congratulations Abbey McCulloch, so proud of all of your hard work, commitment & dedication in achieving your goals, dreams do come true. Proud coach moment🙌🏻💞
Thank you Oxygen Magazine❤

I am better than I was & I will be better than I am🌱You are allowed to be both a masterpiece & work in progress simultaneously. So acknowledge all that you have achieved as you continue to grow & evolve🐛🦋💞

Love a big morning cook up. Home made hash browns, scrambled egg whites with nutritional yeast (gives it a cheesy flavour), fried tomatoes with Italian herbs, steamed spinach & kale & mushrooms. Nothing better than fresh whole foods to fuel your day😍❤

Grow through what you go through🌱🌷
Some of our experiences can either make us bitter or better and only we can decide whether we let things tear us down or allow ourselves to learn, grow & evolve. Life is only 10% what happens to us & 90% how react to it🌿

It is not how many times we stumble & fall that determines our strength or who we are. It is the amount of times we are able to rise up, dust ourselves off & keep moving forward🌱🌷

❤Be kind always, you never know who is suffering & how a kind gesture can turn someone else's day around☀️

Sometimes it feels like the fire inside of you that drives you, motivates you & gives you hope can go out but what I've found is there is always a stubborn little spark, flicker of light that waits for you to give it just a little bit oxygen so it can reignite the flames within 🔥🔥🔥

If you can afford to spend money on hair, make up, nails, nice designer clothes, shoes & hand bags then surely you can afford to be investing in your health & wellbeing. It's just a matter of priorities!! The make up, nice clothes, hair colour & style etc.. is not going to matter at the end of the day if you are ill, unhealthy & are not feeling confident in your own skin. Your body will be around a lot longer than that expensive pair of shoes & handbag. Invest wisely💞

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