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Because my husband said I couldn't get the big flamingo for the hot tub! πŸ˜‚ #pinkflamingo #pinkflamingo #lauriejoneshome #indianajonestakeonnevavda #hottub

Trader Joe's how I love you! Also I never ever use those ugly plastic things for under my plants. Pretty plates from Goodwill for .49 are way better! See the pretty one for this new plant in my stories. #traderjoes #succulents #green #indianajonestakeonnevavda #lauriejoneshome

Hey stores it's still summer and I still need things for my patio. I mean I'm grateful for these $6.00 lanterns from Target but I'm not done yet and am not ready to see school supplies. Thank you! #lauriejoneshome #indianajonestakeonnevavda #patio #target #bhgoutdoors

After saying what the hell and painting the glass mosaic tile black I realized it was just the jump start I needed. We gave up our weekend and planked and painted the fireplace just in time for my new dressers from West Elm to be delivered. The dressers ended up being way more cost efficient than built ins and provide a ton of storage. The initial design plan went out the window weeks ago and I'm having fun letting things just flow. I'm weird I like the process as much if not more than the final product. Swipe to see the day we moved in & tap for the sources. #indianajonestakeonnevavda #lauriejoneshome #livingroom #westelm #articlefurniture

I bet my backyard is better than your back yard! #horses #wildhorses #indianajonestakeonnevavda #nevada

Sometimes it's about being resourceful and making do and not the final result and appreciating the road to getting there. I've mentioned before having a hard time coming up with a fireplace design and being stuck. This morning I said screw it because I couldn't look at that tacky tile another day. My answer to most everything is paint it white or paint it black. This will do until I come up with a more permanent solution. Swipe to see the before! #lauriejoneshome #indianajonestakeonnevavda #fireplace #fireplacemakeover #blackpaint

You know how woman have super powers when they sense their children are in danger? Well yea I have that power too when it comes to moving furniture. I moved this shelf in the middle of the night. My super power is best at night it seems. Now bringing the groceries in from the car by myself is a whole different story. You know the power comes and goes! πŸ’πŸ» #lauriejoneshome #indianajonestakeonnevavda #shelfie #shelfdecor #worldmarket

Little by little our house is coming together. I'd be lying if I said moving so far away has been easy. Nesting in our smaller (to us)home is helping me adjust. Trying to get a new drivers license in Nevada is not helping. Seriously DMV why do you suck everywhere? #lauriejoneshome #indianajonestakeonnevavda #foyer

When you can't come up with a design for your ugly fireplace you focus on the little things right? First world problems I know but dang our fireplace is ugly. Our house isn't a planked style fireplace kinda house and stacked stone is so over done in Nevada. Never thought I'd wish we didn't have a fireplace. #firstworldproblems #lauriejoneshome #indianajonestakeonnevavda #livingroom #fireplace

Slow Sunday's are best!!! Tap for sources. #sundays #lauriejoneshome #indianajonestakeonnevavda #livingroom

Missing @sloan_jones and the one day we actually got to spend having some fun just the 2 of us while I was back home! #myhappyplace #chicago #chicagogram #lakemichigan

Happy Birthday America!! πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έβ€πŸ’™ #forthofjuly #happybirthdayamerica #lauriejoneshome

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