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This is how to celebrate a win!!!
Heading to #FDSEA and can’t wait to get back to work 🎤 with @formulad. Thank you @larry_chen_foto @lusciousy 📸 for the #FDATL memories

This derpy doggo = so much happiness ❤️

When your laugh/smile pretty much takes up your entire face, you know you’ve had a damn fine week.
I think that I’m still digesting the last seven days which started with a photo shoot @doffowinery as we scrambled to move two beautiful bikes around the vineyard to catch that glorious sunset hour light.
I then packed it up to head across the country to Syracuse, NY for my first event with @americanflattrack and had an absolute blast getting to know the team and some of the riders as I reported for live event and @fanschoicetv. Thank you @scottiedeubler for your support.
We wrapped up the late night AFT event and I got back to my hotel at 11:30pm, packed up and tried to go to sleep, which is always nearly impossible after an event. Managing an hour and a half nap, my alarm screamed at 3:45am and I was out the door at 4am. For sure I would sleep on the plane heading cross country to Vegas for #EvelLive, right?
My excitement got the best of me and only allowed 30 minutes of shut eye, but once on the ground in Vegas, the adrenaline, nerves and my tremendous crew saw me through meetings and then four hours of live event broadcasting in 112 degree heat for the historic event, honoring Evel Knievel. @travispastrana you are so awesome!
I can’t thank each and every person enough for your hard work, dedication, ambition, support and general awesomeness. I’m so grateful.

Happy Fourth, y’all! 🇺🇸🏁❤️⚪️💙

What a super fun couple of weeks!
From 🎤 emcee’ing the @kc66foundation event at @doffowinery and working with @geoffaaron for his MotoTrials demo, to going to the track myself twice this month and trying to improve from terrible to a little less terrible 😆✊. Plus, I’ve had the honor of photographing some pretty spectacular people: @christy_brosius and Tony’s engagement ❤️💍, to some of the raddest sisters I know in @samantha_doffo and @bdoffo for Modern Moto Magazine. My husband, who is awesome, and my kick-a$$ neighbor Mack, who is always down to help me with a photo project, even when it “rains.”
And lastly, running around Doffo Winery last night with @damian_doffo testing for their next project. So freaken awesome! 📸

I’ll be uploading full albums to @laurettenicollphotography. 🤘

Her fighting spirit is what impressed me the most.
In my two phone interviews with her, @kelseyrowlings was candid and cheerful in answering my questions about her life. Prior to the calls, I had a story angle in mind, but the more I chatted with her, the more I started to see how many obstacles she’s battled against and what it has taken to get her car to the starting line during her driving career. Not once did she offer an excuse or a negative word and hesitated to tell me anything that could be construed as one.
I watched her @formulad Pro 2 battle against @joshrobinson530 in Atlanta and was immediately impressed, so I wanted to find out more about this high-spirited driver. On the phone, she continued to impress me with her gumption, intelligence and positivity and I believe that we, fans of FD, are getting only a glimpse of what this resilient driver will accomplish moving forward.
My latest article is up, check it out! 📸 @fletcher_knox

Today I turn 39 and am beyond grateful to celebrate.
A few weeks ago, I was talking with @kurtnicoll about my upcoming birthday and had a standard, whiny, “39 sounds SO OLD,” and he looked me straight in the face and said, “You’re lucky to celebrate that number.” And he was so right.
There was a time (two times, actually) where we weren’t sure how much time I had left on this planet as I battled ovarian cancer five years ago. Then a year later, had a week long hospital stay which saw my health decline at a rapid rate due to a blocked upper intestine. Both times were terrifying.
I’m grateful for this year. Kurt and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary in March, we travelled to the Champagne region (this video) to celebrate last month. I’m reporting for @formulad and @enduro_cross and I picked up a new and challenging second gig as a content creator with @motodoffocollection. I’m married to the love of my life, my family is awesome, I have the most amazing, solid group of friends around the globe and my health is on point. My plan is to make 39 the most kick-ass year yet. Let’s go! ❤️

I have been laughing for days over this.
For my non-drift friends, here’s the story: We went into round 2 for @formulad, and in his first ever FD interview, rookie @mattvankirk18 held the mic, while I also held the mic (second photo). It was innocent and awkward and then took on a life of its own on another Instagram page called Formula Derp.
Fast forward to round 3, and with a glint in his eye, I am pretty sure sly @raddandrift grabbed the mic and my hand during his interview for fun, which prompted another post on the Derp page. Then, at the same event, @chelseadenofa finished his interview, stared right down the barrel of the camera and grabbed the mic and my hand and I absolutely lost it (last two photos). Which brings me to explain photo #1: @maximumdriftcast challenged fans in Atlanta to come up with their own signs, and in an absolutely creative and hilariously self-deprecating way, @mattvankirk18 totally won at life and held up this masterpiece created by @trmarty and @barnheel. I’m so impressed with his fortitude and excited to see him climb the ranks in FD. Also, thanks to @formuladerp for keeping the #micgrabchallenge lighthearted.
To the drivers, I appreciate you all so much and love that the personalities are shining so bright. You’re some of the raddest athletes I’ve ever worked with, so thank you! 🙏

Just two gingers talking ‘bout that Drift life in Orlando (#tb). We go live in Atlanta for @formulad round 3 at 4:30EST today. Any predictions? 📸 @larry_chen_foto @lusciousy

@jamesdeane130, relaxing in his trailer (with his best friend Piotr) after round two obliged my request to interview him and was incredibly kind and thoughtful after such a long day. He grabbed two, overstuffed bean bag chairs and we sat outside in his pits as his @worthousedrift team worked on the car to repair the damage his S15 sustained going into the wall in the final Orlando battle. Please see the link in my bio for the story.
@maximumdriftcast @formulad 📸@ishotthat

Graceful. Coordinated. 💃🕺
No. No, definitely not.
But we are killing the Champagne game. 🥂

We sure are an expressive group. Most of us seem to talk with our hands quite a bit... I know with me, my mouth goes and then my free hand just starts waving around on its own. I have NO control over it whatsoever. 👋👋🤚🙏 🙌 😆
📸 @larry_chen_foto

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