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Short & Chic.  Effortlessly awesome. I love my sneakers jeans & shorts.

Loving Saturday night with my gray walls and warm lights.
With Norah’s playlist on the loop, all is good.
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Happy bday to my Wonder Woman. My mama.
A lady of few words but always one with actions.
Through the years, you’ve shouldered so much but you never once lament about life.
Instead, you move on with so much stride and strength, and grace, tiding through the bad times, which I’m glad are so over.
Your genuine heart and grace for others gave me the best lessons I needed in life.
Thank you for showing me the best, how to be a strong and independent lady that is self-sufficient and yet always giving.
Happy bday, Mama. I will work to be the best I can ever be.

And, last of all, Happy international women’s day!

Let’s be the best that we can be. Be who we wanted to be and not who we needed to be.
The best is yet to be.
P.S I just had to post this cause my bro is so fixated on the cake at the last photo 😂
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They say a friend is a brother who was once a bother, so very true.
28th year of yr annoyance and still going on strong. Yet, I wouldn’t trade that for anything in this world.
Thank you for being the older sibling to me and sometimes @studentnurse3030 😂. You are not one who is good with words, but I guess it’s the thoughts that really matters.
And that afternoon talk we had that made me half the person I am today. For that, I’m forever thankful.
We @studentnurse3030 will always have your back, always. 😉
Happy bday Bro!
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Woke up this morning, carted out some books off my list and with a cup of earl grey in hand, I sipped along. My 90s jams are playing in the back, as I recount the blessings I had and still have all this time.

It's been an incredible 11 months to date, and I'm beyond thankful.

Thankful for family and friends that are always there, to provide me with the support and give me space when I need them.

Thankful for like minded colleagues that I have befriended this year to share the joys and pains of being an educator together. You guys really make this journey better.

Thankful for my little ones for the past 5 months, you guys have touched me in so many ways than I could ever imagine.
You guys are the greatest gift I have gotten for this birthday.
And, it will always be.

My heart is full.

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很多时候, 努力不一定就能换来相等的回报。

但是, 至少你们告诉了我, 我所付出的一切并未白费。

更感谢你们提醒了我, 莫忘初心。

谢谢你们, 我的动力!

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谢谢我的宝贝们, 但是可不可以不要帮我改姓啊😅😅😅 老师不姓"场"也不姓"样"耶,但是老师还是很感动! *泪崩*


Thank you my boys for feeding me with these supply of sweet treats! I guess this could last me through the sept holidays lol😂😂😂 #happyteachersday #sweettreats #saintstephen #ilovemykiddos

Carebears for the day!💚💛💜❤💙💖 #happyteachersday #myfirstofficial #saintstephenschool

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