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Balanced Plant-iful Living ☯♒️  🌱 • Vegan | Dietetics Student | Moon Child | Aspiring to inspire • Email : lauren.1996@live.com • Personal account : @lauzo1996 • 🌙

Sensational autumnal combo going on right here 👀 baked sweet potato with cultured vanilla coconut yogurt, almond butter & sliced raw almonds 🍁🍂 ... the perfect cosy weekend brunch with a big cup of coffee ☕️

Sometimes ya just need a good old simple slice of toast SMOTHERED in nut butter, who agrees? 😅 this week has featured lots of almond butter, raw chocolate and homemade hot chocolate, and it's exactly what my soul needed 💜 #soulfood #satisfyingthecravings #healthyfats

Not the prettiest of pictures, but I remember wolfing this bowl of food down me many many weeks ago and enjoying every single bite. A delicious Buddha bowl mix of pan-seared tofu, homemade garlic potatoes, black beans, beets, cucumber & spinach with hot sauce & a turmeric-tahini dressing 👅💥 #throwingitback

Another snap of my cinnamon stewed apples poured all over a big warming bowl of porridge 🍎 perfect autumnal breakfast! #feelingthechill ❄️

Packing in the citrus this weekend to boost my Vitamin C 🌟 feeling the effects of the colder, darker days on my energy levels and wanting to keep my immune system ticking away! 🍊eat vibrant to feel vibrant!

My food is relatively repetitive at the moment whilst settling into a working life sort of routine (I'm currently on placement for my BSc Hons Dietetics). So that pretty much looks like seedy overnight oats with coconut yogurt most days for breakfast (eaten out of a jar in my car) and lunch tends to be homemade hummus or soup with crisp-breads or salad sandwiches + fruits/nuts.... dinner is pretty much anything I can be bothered to throw together when I get home in the evenings, and varies night to night. This was snapped from an evening this week from a quick throw together autumnal meal : roasted squash (I had preprepared in the fridge from the weekend), baby potatoes, beets, puy lentils & fresh parsley with lots of nooch, ACV, black pepper & Himalayan sea salt 🍠🌝

I am really keen on stewed/sautéed cinnamon apples right now that the weather is changing and it's getting chilly... I just chop up apples and chuck them in a pan with some coconut oil & lemon juice, then add some Ceylon cinnamon & a little Himalayan sea salt. Great eaten straight out of the pot (I like to throw in some sliced almonds), or served with porridge, Bircher muesli, yogurt or granola! 🍎

A summer flashback to the delicious Bircher from @generalmerchants361 💛 soaked in almond milk, with ALL the toppings 💥 and an almond milk latte, always! ☕️

From stir-fries to curries; Tofu & veggies are keeping me pretty content right now 💛 always so easy to throw something quick & delicious together 🔥

Lately I've been loving the humble stir-fry, and I am feeling it'll be a great companion for me through the next few tough & busy months of placement routine. Just chucking a whole heap of veggies into a pan with a little sesame oil, sesame seeds, fresh coriander etc, and then adding plant-protein from chickpeas, lentils or tofu... then I simply drizzle it all (heavily) with one of my favourite hot sauces and a little ACV to add flavour & a bit of a kick! Easy, delicious & such a good way to boost your veg intake 🔥

Apologies for lack of time and wifi required to post this week... it was a super busy week of pre-placement prep at Uni and socialising (aka pretending to be a proper student for the week before life gets craaazy and my responsibilities pile up by the minute 🤦🏻‍♀️) ... anywho, here's a quick snap of one of the few meals I was able to prepare for myself this week whilst living away from home // sweet potato with hummus, sesame seeds, chipotle hot sauce & rocket leaves 😅 #studenteats #vegan #hummus4life #trustadietitian #dietitiantobe

How amazing are fresh figs at this time of year though? 😍 I look forward to the beginning of autumn every year so I can eat my weight in these babies 😅 they're a great source of calcium, copper, magnesium, manganese, potassium, fibre, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin K & some B vitamins 🌟

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