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Throwing it back to almost 2 years ago (!!!) when we had only just got our little puppy ( @borderjack_letty ) and she was so intrigued to know about all the fuss of what was on my plate. She’s a girl after my own heart, loves her food! She’s mastered the puppy dog eyes and knows no boundaries to personal space when eating 😂 #puppylove

‘Healthy’ food looks different for me every day. Sometimes it’s a huge ass salad or a green smoothie. Sometimes it’s peanut butter & banana on toast, or pancakes. And sometimes it’s a pizza, or a burrito. It’s called balance, and I highly recommend it! 🍎🍟🥑🍕🥦🌯🍌🍫

Lil 📸 from last weekend lunching at my favourite spot in Belfast with my mum 🔥 always love trying their specials... this was a coconut & tamarind sweet potato stew, with fresh rye loaded with black beans, avocado, sweet potato & red cabbage slaw 👅 @kaffeo 💛

A big delicious bowl of pesto pasta from last weekend! The perfect summery lunch or early evening meal in my personal opinion! 🌱 I just use whichever pasta I have in my cupboard at the time (I mix it up between spelt, buckwheat, brown rice & chickpea) and blend up my own easy peasy pesto with just a handful of ingredients (lots of fresh basil, extra Virgin olive oil, pine nuts or walnuts, garlic, lemon juice, black pepper and sea salt) YUUUMM! So flavourful, so fresh and such a delight to look at! The perfect meal to eat Al Fresco! ☀️ note: I also like to mix my pesto pasta into a big bowl of balsamic spiked rocket/arugula salad, with some peeled & chopped cucumber or some garden peas & some extra pine nuts. Nutritional yeast or some freshly grated Parmesan also works a treat! 🔥

Every morning is different for me. Some days I’ll wake up and all I want is a big smoothie for breakfast, other days I’ll want a warming bowl of oats, or maybe some homemade pancakes at the weekend... I like variety and I also like to listen to my body and ask it what it wants at that particular moment rather than forcing the same old thing down every morning out of routine or habit. I also blame the bipolar weather here in NI, considering one day the sun will be shining and the next...? Who knows, it could be pouring rain, thunder storm or snow... and that definitely influences what I crave for breakfast. However, with some recent sunshine-y weather I have definitely been feeling a stronger desire for lighter, more hydrating breakfasts. Such as the above, freshly squeezed (hand squeezed by moi) grapefruit juice, and big creamy creamy coconut chia pudding ☀️ ... today, I’m thinking a smoothie is on the cards 👅 #howtobreakthefast #bodilyintuition #followyourcravings

AND BREATHE... phew 😅 I know it’s been a while, but the past few weeks I’ve been busy finishing up my clinical placement for my Dietetics degree... 6 months completed ✔️ ... now just for my last two written exams before I graduate. Study leave however means I’ll have a little more freedom and flexibility in routine, so hopefully more outdoors, more sleep and more time in the kitchen / enjoying nice relaxed meals. Anyways, here’s a lil snap of a smoothie I enjoyed on my last few busy rushed mornings running out the door ASAP... • banana, frozen blueberries, plant based protein, oat milk, flaxseeds, Brazil nuts, maca powder & cinnamon • 💜 so thick and creamy 👅

Dreaming of summer days with big nourish bowls... when i refer to making a ‘salad’ you best bet I’m not taking about a big old bowl of limp lettuce. I pack mine out with fresh leafy greens, some carbs, protein & healthy fats. This bowl from during the week was mixed leaves dressed in balsamic, tossed with lentils, chopped chestnuts, roasted sweet potato, organic poached eggs, black sesame seeds & a tahini dressing! If it ain’t satisfying you physically and mentally then something has gotta change 💪🏻

Feeling the need for a green boost from your smoothie but want it to be filling, blood sugar stabilising and not taste like grass?... here’s how! Blend a cup of fine leafy greens such as spinach, with some sweet fruit (I use approx. 1/2 a banana and a good handful or two of frozen berries such as strawberries or blueberries), a cup of your favourite plant milk (I like coconut or almond), a scoop of your favourite protein (I like mine plant-based), some healthy fats (I like adding nuts and seeds, such as Brazil nuts/walnuts and hemp seeds/flaxseeds/pumpkin seeds), and any additional smoothie favourites (such as maca, cinnamon, coconut oil/butter) 🌿 a great energising breakfast or late afternoon power snack! You don’t have to ‘eat your greens’, you can drink them too! 👊🏻

Weekend brunch/lunch dates are the best 🔥 ... wishing it was Friday already! Flashback to last weekends brunch @townsquarebelfast: toasted sourdough, poached eggs, baked beans, vine tomatoes & wilted spinach 👅 with an oat milk mocha on the side ☕️ ... weekends; slow starts, coffee shops, social eating, breakfast for lunch... all things good 💛

I, for one, am definitely not feeling as vibrant as this bowl of food today... anybody else struggling real bad with post bank holiday weekend blues???... pulling out a photo from my camera roll from a few weeks ago cause my food definitely ain’t looking anywhere near as pretty or as delicious as this today 😪

When ya just feeling like indulging in a real nice treat... I had some @swedishglace dairy free vanilla ice cream sitting in the freezer since Christmas (I know, what a cardinal sin!!) calling my name to be used in making a delightful treat. So a few nights ago I decided to scoop a heap of it into a cute lil jar and smother it in a homemade chocolate sauce made from raw cacao powder, melted coconut butter, raw honey, vanilla powder & a lil maca powder, && heaps of smooth and creamy @picspeanutbutter... this did not disappoint as I’m sure you can imagine 👅👅👅 #treatyoself


Playing catch-up on some yummy food posts today... hope y’all don’t mind 😅👅 #plantiful #eatrealfood #health

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